“Uuuu, darn it, uguguguu, ahhhh!!”


It felt like he would start crying if I kept going so I stopped there.



“Well? Why were you thrown into the prison? Doesn’t the Dartanel family hold a significant amount of power in the capital? You fell to ruin too hard, man.”


“Are you saying that?”


He clenched his teeth and leered at me. Even if you leer at me like that, it will only just decrease my defense, you know–you’re not doing any damage. Keep that in mind.


“The royal family came accusing our family for having an illegal deal with the Salman family of Ammira kingdom. In front of that sneaky Rahsa’s surprise attack, our family couldn’t do anything and collapsed. Although my father was able to escape, I was captured and thrown into prison. Hmph, laugh all you want.”


“Iyahhahaha, wait, really, you guys fell into ruin too hard!”


His glare intensified so much that it felt like it would turn into a beam so I thought I would stop the laughter for now. But, it’s somewhat really funny. Nobles falling into ruin is frequent but seeing such a big noble fall into ruin really does make me laugh. Really, you should have learnt a skill for times like this…


I had a sudden feeling. Like my old memories were going to come back to life just now.

Learn a skill… fall into ruin… blacksmith…

Ah, no good. This is like that sneeze–you feel like it’s coming but it’s not. I felt I would just be welcoming my demise with a weird feeling so I stopped trying to remember.


“Don’t be that depressed. If you fell into ruin, you could just start over.”


“Is the person who did all this saying that? Because of you, my life’s a whole mess.”


“It wasn’t too good to begin with, was it? And besides, not because of me, right? The royal family came accusing you. Blame the royalties.”


“Nope, it was you. Do you have any idea how much money the Spunky Diamonds stole from our house these past few years? And that Gap company’s head is your friend too. Do you have any clue how much they took from us? And that night Rahsa attacked us at night, leaving all of us shivering for life–he used the sword YOU made. It was ALL you. EVERYTHING of it is related to YOU in some way.”


“I mean, even if you say that… Ah, right, why don’t we have lunch for the time being?”


“You!! How much of a fool would you make me?!”


And he kept cursing after that as well but soon dug into the food Eli came with.


“Hmm? But you will still have food properly?”


I decided to go near him as he was left out.


“Shut up! Go away!”


“What weapon will you try using afterwards? You don’t have any of that training even though you’re a noble, huh?”


“Don’t come making fun of me with a completely normal expression! I am actually pretty strong! More than anyone else!”


“No, no, that can’t be, you’re weak. Enough of that, don’t you have anything you can do? If you do, you can also live here in the Helan territory, you know?”


“Ha? What are you, an idiot?! This Freigen Dartanel, live here in this horse dung-smelling countryside village? Sleep talk after you go to sleep!”


“It’s not good to reply to sleep talk, you know.”


“I don’t!”


“Even though you say that, do you even have a place to return to? You were thrown into prison because the royal family punished you, right? It hasn’t reached these parts yet but I will probably be hearing about the demolition of the Dartanel family soon too. When that happens, you won’t be the Freigen Dartanel anymore–you would just be a penniless Freigen. You have this precious chance of getting a job and you will discard it? What a waste.”


“There’s no way you can understand my feelings!! My feelings!! I am Freigen Dartanel, the no. 1 noble in the capital! Now! In the past! And in the future as well!”


After saying that strongly, Freigen started bawling.


“Now, now, don’t cry. Who cares about past ties and those stuff?”


I mean, I don’t remember any of it, for one.


“I care about it! I hate you! Magic train was Dartanel family’s project! You just straight up went with it by yourself!”


“Ah, yeah, it was, wasn’t it? But we not only had the project, we also had the will and power for it. And that’s why it’s going to succeed soon.”


“Damn it!! Damn, damn!! Besides, Eliza was supposed to be my wife! But she was stolen by a shitty countryside’s shitty noble like you!!”


“Hey now, that’s completely up to Eli’s own feelings. You have no right to complain about that one.”


“You stole every single thing from me!!”


“Alright, alright, it was my fault. Okay? I’ll give ya my rolled omelette so forgive me.”


“There’s no way I can forgive you with just an omelette! An omelette!”


He didn’t take my omelette and kept whining loudly after that as well but suddenly died down and went to sleep at night.

He would surely feel a bit refreshed after whining that much.


Most of the members except Freigen were able to find a weapon suited for them.

The army corps was well on its way to completion.

I will decide what to do with Freigen later.



“Oii, everyone, gather up.”


I gathered everyone except Freigen, who was sleeping.


“I will have you lot fight for me as my private army from now on. It will probably be a tough road, will you still walk on it?”




“Alright, then I will give a name to you guys. From now on, you guys will name yourselves as the Iron Heat corps. Helan territory’s private army corps–tough like iron and with a heated spirit like the hot springs. Listen well, act accordingly so as to not embarrass that name.”




Like this, I was able to strengthen another portion of Helan territory’s foundation.


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