When I appeared in the car, the passengers and Brau gazed at me all at once.

Brau was surprised and momentarily loosened his grip on the magic stone.

I acted quickly and to close the space between us.


“Huhahah, I didn’t think you were on board. Saves me from having to get you.”

“It’s convenient for me too. I can defeat a grave sinner who tried to overthrow our nation. I’ll surely receive a nice reward.”

“You brat! I’m not going to let you get away with messing with me! The moment I put magic into this stone, it’ll blow this train to pieces. You and the passengers will all die. ”

“Along with you.”

As if affected by the statement, Brau shook with anger and thick blood vessels rose on his face.


“Please, release all the passengers. I don’t have the heart to risk all these people. I’ll give you your life and the money to escape. Someone who planned a suicide bombing wouldn’t try to escape and survive, right? So please, relax.”

“Don’t underestimate me! Brat!”

Still, Brau did nothing. He couldn’t do anything.


“Well, he’s got quite the temper. He might just set off the stone by accident. In case of that, I want everyone to hold onto their seats. Trust me, it’ll help.”

“Punk, you think this magic stone is that tiny? If you try anything, it’ll blow up everything from the rear to the cab. Just clinging to a seat won’t do shit. ”

“Is that so? Alright everyone, hold on tight. I’m going to take this treat down. ”

There was still a considerable amount of distance between me and Brau. It was a long way to go.

But that was perfect. Brau probably assumed that nothing could be done.


“Brau Dartanal. No, it’s just Brau now. Allow me to state that you’ll be defeated 10 seconds from now?”


I began counting.


The passengers were ready.

Brau seemed cautious at first.


I looked around at the passengers, but they were all clinging firmly.

They would be fine then.

I poured magic energy into the magic stone hidden in the back of my hand. The magic was further amplified by the magic stone and traveled to the magic stone in the coach through the circuit. Enormous magical power was poured into the engine of the magic train.


Immediately after, the watering engine ignited with unprecedented power and the train dramatically accelerated.

I, who had predicted this, and the passengers who were prepared, endured the shock.

Brau alone couldn’t stand it.


His body was thrown into the air, breaking through the door of the second carriage into the third.

His magic stone rolled around and arrived at my feet.

I picked it up and called out to the passengers.


“I’ve exterminated the bear, so please enjoy the rest of your journey of the magic train.”

Playing with the two magic stones, I moved towards the third-class car.

By the time I got there, Brau was up.

He seemed to have collided quite hard. He was shaking. Wiping his lips, he glared at me with all his might.


“Guess it didn’t even take ten seconds.”

“Clever brat.”

After being scowling at me, Brau ran to the back of the car.

If he opened the car door, there was nothing beyond that.

Only the rail the magic train ran on.

The train wasn’t moving at a safe speed to jump off either. Did he think that there was another carriage on the train?

No, Brau’s face was deeply determined.

He wanted to escape at any cost.


“Stop it. If you do something careless, you’ll die.”

“I won’t stop. Remember this brat. Someday I’ll show up again before you. ”

His eyes looked determined. He didn’t look like a man whose plans had just been foiled. I knew he was determined.


This was bad, he was really going to jump.

It would be frustrating if he managed to escape here. I didn’t want to let him go, but it seemed I was out of luck.


“Hey, Brau”

“I’m not talking anymore. Goodbye…”

“Your son is crying.”

Brau stopped just before jumping. The topic seemed to be the right one.


“My son? That stupid son? He’s crying? Well, he has to spend his whole life in a prison so he would be sad, wouldn’t he?”

“That’s not true actually. I think Freigen is quite happy now. Recently, he sent me some homemade sour milk. ”

“… What’re you on about?”

I paused and leaned on a seat to explain.


“When the Dartanal family fell, your son was caught and sent to prison. You were still at large, on the run as a traitor. However, you were also the real mastermind who aimed at overthrowing the nation. Freigen was a small-time villain. He couldn’t do anything after we took your families assets. The prince pardoned such men. Freigen is now allowed to live in Helan. ”

“Keep your lies believable”


“It’s not a lie. He was good for nothing, but he found a place and a purpose on the ranch. Right now, he’s probably cleaning the bird coup with the ranch girl. The sour milk there is good. ”

“So, what… It’s obviously a lie. The entire Dartanal family was punished. ”

“Compare him to the others all you like, but Freigen is doing well in Helan. Past mistakes have been forgiven. Work was also given. He got himself a cute girlfriend. Yep, we move on and heal, in Helan at least. ”

“Stop going on about this”

Good grief.


“How long are you going to run away? Freigen isn’t not running away anymore.”


As if these words worked, the will to escape gradually vanished from Brau’s eyes.

Then, he obediently went into custody.

The man guilty of the greatest crimes in Kudan thus came to the end of his career.


Unlike Freigen, he would have no pardon. It was obvious that he would face a harsh punishment. The Dartanalles goal of overthrowing the government was thus put to rest.


Despite the situation, the train continued running smoothly.

A gentle wind blew through the open windows of the third-class car.

One era ended, and the breeze of a new era began blowing.

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