Expecting to Fall into Ruin, I Aim to Become a Blacksmith 137



As I was going through the mountain of documents that I was supposed to look at, there was a knock on my study door…

This was a room that Eli had prepared for me inside of the mansion for when I wanted to work alone. There was a window behind the desk so that I could work under natural light, which I was very thankful for. There was also a shelf full of my favorite books, along with useful material for reference. This had also been acquired by Eli from the craftsman district, and fit perfectly in the room. It was very calming to look at. As for the floor, there was a beautiful carpet with flower patterns on it. It was very comfortable to walk on. I was thankful for how considerate she was. Next to the door where the knock had just come from, there was a bronze statue of a tiger that stood up on its hind legs. One of my swords was sheathed at its waist, and it was looking towards my desk. …This was clearly Eli’s doing. I suppose it was supposed to watch over me as I worked… Isn’t it fancy? She had said. It made me feel like I was being monitored. Besides, I had to get close to it whenever I went to the door. Still, I didn’t complain. After all, it was true. It did help me concentrate on my work. And so I couldn’t say anything about this odd scheme of hers.

It was always the same person who came to knock on my study door. Eli would come to tell me the meal had been prepared, or that she was bored, or she would have some vague reason for coming. Though, there were some times that Lotson would come for some emergency job.

When I opened the door, Lotson was standing there with his usual, calm expression. Apparently, it was emergency work this time. But I still had a mountain of documents to get through… If I asked Eli to wait, as I was too busy, there was at least a ten percent chance that she would withdraw. But it was usually very serious with Lotson, and so I had to invite him inside and listen.

“Please, come in.”

“You seem to be very busy.”

Lotson muttered as he looked around the room.

“Do you want me to send someone? You can make them do the low priority stuff.”

“No, things are fine as they are. Being just a little bit busy is good.”

Considering the current situation in the Helan territories, a little degradation would lead to eternal degradation. That’s how precarious things are right now…


“So, why are you here today? Surely another foreign messenger didn’t arrive without warning?”

“But that’s exactly it. A messenger came from a country to the east. Not only that, but someone of the royal family has come directly as well.”

“Oh, are you certain?”

“Yes, it is true.”


I sighed, and followed Lotson out of the study.


Well, then! Allow me to explain the current situation in the Helan territories.

We succeeded in developing the magic train, built tracks in the kingdom of Kudan, and obtained authority over most of it. Things were going very well. Our momentum was so strong we could knock Poobe out of the sky!

The Gap company moved its production center for herbs to the Helan territories, and as if being lured along, other companies followed suit. The products that were first made in the craftsman district started to improve and become a notable brand, which meant they were always sold out. Day and night, cargo trains that were full of products went in and out of the station. The population increased, as did the number of stores. Soon, there was not enough land, and so more land had to be developed.

Within the Kudan kingdom, the west was for the royal capital, and the east was for the Helan territories. That was how established it was now.

The vault that had been prepared under the mansion was already filled with silver and gold. There were also color jewels that could not fit inside, and so they were to be given to the citizens through bingo tournaments in the future.

“And because of that!! We are not so bored as to be able to host the people of your country for a single diamond!!”

I shouted while grabbing the prince who had visited us. Lotson had to frantically pull me away.

Ooops. That’s not good. I was getting too hot.

I fixed the Prince’s disheveled collar and then took in a deep breath before sitting down on the sofa.

To be honest, it was all this prince’s fault.

Not only was he very presumptuous to come here, but then he made his country’s demands without a proper greeting. He had then popped out the diamond as if it would pay for everything.

He was the fifth prince of a moderately grand country to the east. Yes, it would have been best to treat him nicely, but since he was rude, I was going to be rude in return.

“Yo-you are terribly rude, aren’t you!? I am the fifth prince! Prince Love!!”

The prince said as he moved his small body energetically in protest. I could sense anger in the guards around him as well.

“I’m sorry. I sometimes get very passionate when I see a diamond. I have never seen a diamond this big before. It is the size of my thumbnail.”

“But you just said you weren’t impressed with a single diamond?”

“No, I didn’t. By the way, Prince Lamb. We’re very grateful for the diamond, however, trust is very important for us here in the Helan territories. And so we cannot prioritize your country when building trains. We are currently in talks about a railway to cut across Kudan, and many other countries have sent us requests.”

“It’s not Lamb! Who said anything about mutton! It’s Prince Love! It is such a lovable name, so do not make me sad!”

“But I am often told that my face is full of love when I eat lamb.”

“I don’t care! What are you even talking about! I must accomplish this task if I am to become the future king!”

Who cares! That has nothing to do with me!

“I cannot help you there. Now, please take your leave.”

“And I’m telling you, I will not leave. I even brought this huge diamond with me! Are you still unsatisfied!?”

“Yes. Next time, bring some potatoes along with the diamond.”

“Don’t mock me!”

The prince slammed his hand onto the table. That was very rude, considering I had given him some serious advice. I didn’t think there was any point in negotiating anymore.

“Mister Lotson, please escort the prince out. But since he came from so far away, reserve a room at the finest inn and bathhouse and prepare some gifts from the craftsman’s district…”

Smash! The sound of pottery cracking could be heard.

When I turned to look, Prince Lamb had a very red face. He had thrown something onto the table. Coffee was pouring onto the floor and the food was spilled everywhere.

“Don’t you dare think you can get away with mocking me.”

…Hmph. A lot of people like this have appeared ever since the Helan territories started to prosper. If they were only polite, I would have been polite in return. And yet it seemed that there were so few people who could do that. Not only that, but this one did the thing that was the worst thing you could do.

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