I looked down at the dishes he had broken. Two plates. That’s fine. However, the mug had fallen to the ground and was completely shattered. This one…

“Prince Lamb. You’re finished.”


The door to the drawing-room opened.

While I was with visitors, there was only one person that would open that door. A transcender and an elite.

Eli had come because she heard the sounds of the dishes breaking.

Prince Lamb looked at Eli as she rushed into the room, but he quickly lost interest and looked back at me. But Prince Lamb was very wrong. He was thinking that Eli was a cleaning maid who had rushed in to clean his mess. Poor thing.

Yes, it was near a month ago now. Eli had suddenly declared that she was going to get into pottery. It was during dinner, and Eli had talked about so many things, yet only said a few words about it. As there was so much to think about, I had merely nodded and told her I thought it was a good idea.

However, that was the beginning of the tragedy. While Eli seemed like she could do anything skillfully, pottery alone seemed to exceed her ability. When very capable people encounter something they are not good at, it tends to create an obsession within them. Eli began to ignore her household duties in favor of doing pottery. It was only the other day that she finally finished the mug. She had seemed so very happy when she handed it to me as a gift.

Her smile on that day was like a bright kaleidoscope. But I could feel the murderous rage emanating from her now.

I quickly pointed at Prince Lamb. Even Mister Lotson hurried pointed at the prince.

And then Eli unleashed her most powerful jump kick.

Prince Lamb’s small frame flew in the air as shocking amounts of drool flowed from his mouth. He slammed against the wall and fell very limp and very unconscious. His guards immediately unsheathed their swords and tried to attack Eli, and so I had Spunky Diamond arrest them.

And like that, after hurting the prince who had come to request that a magic train be built, we captured his guards. It was the worst possible way for negotiations to end. However, Eli’s anger had not yet subsided, which made matters worse.


“Really, what is wrong with you!!”

The next day, I was subjected to a very angry lecture by Rahsa in the drawing-room. As there was nothing that I could say to defend myself, I kept silent and waited for the storm to pass. There were two mugs on the table. Eli had calmed down and then made me a new one and also made one for Rahsa.

“Why would you perform a jump kick on a foreign prince who was just requesting the construction of a train? And then you arrested his men! This is a great diplomatic issue!”

“It was Eli who did the jump kick.”

“I don’t want to hear any excuses. As if Miss Eli would ever do such a thing! Brother, you need to learn to understand your position a little more. The nobles of the royal capital are all focusing on you now. You are their most hated person. Do you know how many of them wish that you were gone?”

“What!? How many?”

“I don’t know! The exact numbers do not matter! In the capital, they think that the Helan territories have too much power. Every day the number of soldiers increases. Helan has more watering machines than the capital. Do you know that they say that you are obsessed with weapons!?”

“It’s a lie…!”

No, it was probably true.

“And now you willfully invited some prince from another county and started to negotiate. They will start saying you are trying to subvert the state. In fact, they are spreading such rumors already.”

“It was Prince Lamb who came of his own accord. I’m the one who said he should go through the capital.”

“It’s Prince Love! Regardless of the truth, that is what the nobles who want to get in your way will say.”

“That’s no good!”

“Of course, it isn’t. And so for this time alone, special measures will be taken. The matter of him coming to the Helan territories and the matter of the jump kick will be erased from the records.”

“Thank you. That’s why you’re such a help, Rahsa.”

“Oh, it’s really not that much.”

Rahsa looked a little embarrassed and was suddenly in a good mood. Good. Now he would deactivate his lecture mode.

“It will be erased by force within the country. But outside is a different matter. You must do everything you can to placate Prince Love before he returns to his country. I will offer what help I can.”


And so, our warm reception of Prince Lamb began.

He was still very angry, but had apparently enjoyed the hotspring more than he was expecting, and so he was at least willing to listen.

And while he rejected offers to sightsee and to taste our fancy food, when I suggested we could ride the magic train, he suddenly seemed very enthusiastic.

“Very well. I always wanted to ride the magic train.”

The magic train had been improved so many times. Currently, the shaking was minimal and it was incredibly comfortable. The prince stuck his head out of the window by his seat and seemed to enjoy feeling the outside wind. Rahsa and I saw this and sighed with relief. Surely he would not say too many horrible things once he returned to his country now. So it was a success. And after that, we had dinner with Prince Lamb.


Rahsa, I and Prince Lamb sat at the table. Prince Lamb was eating the mutton we had prepared for him. So you do enjoy it. I thought, but kept it to myself.

“Hmm. Hmm. Your inns, bathhouses, and service are not terrible. The food is quite good and the view is fine. But more than anything, I liked the magic train. Hmm. Hmm. So this is the Helan territory that even causes flying dragons to fall. I see.”

Huh. He seemed to like it quite a lot. Everything would be fine now.

“However, I know why you are doing this. You’re scared about it becoming a diplomatic issue, aren’t you? Is this an apology for what happened earlier? It suggests to me that you are scared for your reputation. I can see it now. One word from Prince Love and Kururi Helan’s position will become very shaky.”

Ugh, how did he know…

“Yes. But I don’t mind forgiving you.”


Prince Lamb smirked and looked straight at me. Damn it. I took the bait too easily.

“However, there are two requirements. The first, is the magic train. It was more wonderful than I could have imagined. It doesn’t have to be a new one. Why, I saw ten of them at the station today. I want one of them. That will make things quite simple for me.”

Agh. What a horrible person. So he had a look around then. How could I turn him down?

“Well, magic trains are very heavy. Uh, and what is the other requirement?”

“The other one? That is, you must hand over the girl who jump kicked me the other day. Yes, yes. That violent nature. Thinking back on it, it is starting to seem very appealing. So, it’s just those two things. It’s a good deal, don’t you agree?”

He enjoyed Eli’s violent nature? Well, he had good tastes, I’ll give him that. To think I would meet someone like me here!

“Hehehehehe! What will you do? There is not much time left.”


There was suddenly a loud shout. Before I knew it, Rahsa had slammed his sheathed sword into Prince Lamb’s stomach.

Spit came out of Prince Lamb’s mouth like a fountain as he lost consciousness.

“What are you doing!? Rahsa.”

“Ah, uh, he just really got on my nerves… This is bad, isn’t it?”

“It’s bad. It’s very bad. But I feel refreshed.”

“So do I. Now I understand why you jump kicked him.”

And like that, negotiations fell apart. And Prince Lamb was sent away in the worst possible circumstances. We could only hope that the extra gifts we sent with him would do their work.



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