It was because my impoliteness towards the nobles got a bit more serious that I did all that. Not to forget the fact that I ended up sending back prince Ram the other day in the worst way possible. Thinking that my reputation couldn’t get any worse than this, I made a complete transformation and was as brazen as I could… I am slowly starting to embrace the mentality of letting people say what they want about me. Rahsa might come scolding me again but I guess I will have to skillfully deal with that as well. Now then, I suppose it would be fine to assume that all the influential nobles are now my enemy. “Is that landlord an ally, I wonder? What about that one?” — I won’t have to ponder on such matters and be at ease.


I just can’t help but want to hammer the nails which stick out. They also probably want to hammer me. Considering my manners the other day, I was kind of looking forward to how they would come retaliating next but they didn’t do anything of the sort. I only came to know of the reason behind this on a morning one week after the meeting. It was printed on the Shouji newspaper, which had started doing business in Helan territory as well, a newspaper company with readers all over the Kudan kingdom.


“Rich, influential, big-shot vile nobles gather in great number to scheme against one young man but have the tables turned on them all too quick”


Such was the big headline in the newspaper. I continued reading.

The contents of the newspaper described the Kudan Kingdom Noble Society meeting in detail which was held the other day. Names of many of the nobles who had attended the meeting were also listed there; Of course, mine was as well.

Moreover, not only was everything that happened there written elaborately, even their planning stages and what they were about to demand of me were also clearly listed.


“The futile dream of these little ones has fallen apart. They had greatly misjudged their prey.”


The article was closed with that.

Beneath that was the author’s name and the crucial intel provider’s name.

It was the person whose mansion was used as the meeting place, Mr. Matsukuto.

Although he was opposing me on that day, he probably has his reasons for doing so. By changing his take on this and providing the details of that day to the media, he has become my ally as a result.

And the Matsukuto family has gotten back on their feet with the help of the magic train so they really have no reason to hate me. I was surprised when I heard they were holding the place for the meeting but to think it would come down to this….

Can it be that Mr. Matsukuto planned to do this from the start? If so, then he’s some incredible actor for sure. After disappointing at first, he brings the best results. Best in terms of my image. That’s a type of genius right there. Although all this is just my assumption, I think I need to rethink his value.


After this shocking article from Shouji newspaper was published, many other media companies also started publishing articles about the matter quoting Shouji’s article. Let alone the whole of Kudan kingdom, the news spread to the surrounding countries, as well.


“A band of fat cats mistakenly touched upon the anger of a red lion.”


“What shall one forge, nobles of the old age or the sword?”


Such titles which held the Helan territory in high regard were published one after the other – complimenting me and criticizing the noble society. Among them, there were also a few newspaper companies which wrote about how the noble side sent them money to support them. The Kudan kingdom’s information media acquired the impression of being commendable and full of vigor.


One tip-off from Mr. Matsukuto is gradually moving the whole country.

At first, the support from the common people was enormous. I heard from a peddler that not a day passes by where my name is not spoken of, even in other territories. It seems they’re calling me the noble who is bringing upon a new age. Thank you, I will accept these compliments. Although it is a bit embarrassing.

However, once the news articles slowly died down and I was thinking that people really hate these nobles, Mr. Matsukuto came to my mansion in the Helan territory with a great number of other nobles.


A huge number of renowned big-shot nobles. It seems a part of these families’ heirlooms were carried in the carriages. Even Shouji newspaper’s people were on standby at the end of the line.

After a light greeting, they lined up horizontally in front of the mansion without coming in and Mr. Matsukuto came forward and took a pose.

With their palms on their hearts, they started making a pledge.


“All of the nobles gathered here pledge eternal loyalty to the Kudan kingdom and at the same time, pledge eternal friendship with Mr. Kururi Helan.”


After Mr. Matsukuto finished talking, all the nobles behind him also repeated the same.


Hmmm, to think it would turn out like this….

The newspaper company’s magic image recorder was pointed at me.

While being aware of that, I extended my hand to Mr. Matsukuto. Seeing which, he made a visibly bright expression and shook my hand. Both of us were clearly aware of the Shouji newspaper shooting this as we smiled. Afterwards, each of them handed one of their heirlooms over to me one by one. It seemed each one of these had a story behind it, so I decided to listen to all of them. There was also a sword forged by Kururi Helan among them. It felt a bit weird but I did accept it. Eli courteously put all those away one by one. At the end, Mr. Matsukuto handed over his heirloom and told me the story behind it. I also took that and had Eli keep it. Just when I thought the friendship ceremony had ended, it seemed Mr. Matsukuto’s present wasn’t just his heirloom. A beautiful lady wearing a gorgeous snow-colored dress came down from the carriage. It was his daughter, who seems to be quite popular that she gets numerous proposals every year. And her father, Mr. Matsukuto, after rejecting all of them, has finally found someone worth sending his daughter to. And that was me. As the final present for this ceremony, he waited for the perfect timing to tell her to come out.

Eli, who had been courteously putting away all the heirlooms I received, had become silent for a moment seeing Mr. Matsukuto’s daughter. However, there’s no way it would just end with that silence. And so, after being kicked back by Eli, the friendship ceremony had finally closed its curtain this time. The article spread throughout the world once again. And like this, I had been befriended by the big-shot nobles and had gained the support of the commoners. It probably won’t be an exaggeration to say that I have leaped to the top of the noble world. After all, nobles who have expressed their allegiance to me have increased a lot recently.

Maybe the day I claim myself to be the strongest noble in both name and substance is quite close.


It was on a night when I was laughing out loud while gazing at the full moon, that an emergency delivery came to me — a summons from the king himself.

……Kururi Helan’s supremacy might be shorter than expected, I thought.


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