Bots 139

I came to the capital. I could have used the magic train but I decided to take the long route for Poobe, since I felt like he wasn’t getting sufficient exercise.


[Hey, gimme some money. I wanna go drink.]




I hung a wallet for Poobe’s use on his neck and off he went.

……Where does he drink? Is there even a place where he can drink?

Watching Poobe fly off into the horizon, I turned to face the royal castle’s gate. Since Kururi Helan has arrived, a guide soon came from inside the castle. It seemed like everyone in the castle was in a hurry or something. I wasn’t treated like this the last time I came here. Now, it feels like everyone is somewhat scared of me. The air in the waiting room I was passed into was filled with this odd tension. The attendant who brought the drinks dropped the cup 3 whole times and was visibly pale. I thought I would tell her to relax but realizing that that might make her feel even more tense, I stopped. And finally, on the fourth cup, she stumbled just in front of me and courteously poured the coffee right on top of my head.


“Awawawawaa. I-if my whole clan is killed, it would be my fault now…”


She blurted out such an outrageous comment right after. Although the coffee was hot and my clothes are all ruined, I won’t do that. Or rather, I can’t do that. I’ve been thinking this for a while now but… this atmosphere inside the castle, I feel like some misinformation about me might have spread here.


“Don’t worry about it. Just, I don’t need coffee anymore, alright?”


I tried being as considerate as I could as I told her that with a smile.


“Awaawwa, I can see the fierce anger behind his smile…. This is the end for me.”


I felt like it would do no good if I were to say anything at this point so I had her fall back. I told her to fall back and just saying that in itself would probably make things worse but it can’t be helped.

After changing my clothes, I waited for the king’s call for a while.

The guide came back and informed me of it after some time.


And so I was passed into the audience hall.

The throne was at the very back of this wide hall, where the king was sitting alone. There were no guards, let alone Rahsa or prince Arch. The guide also left immediately, leaving us alone. We were the only ones in the hall. I walked towards the king, all the while being bothered by my resounding footsteps.


“Good job coming here, Kururi Helan.”


“It’s an honor.”


“Drop the formalities. We are buddies who played around naked in the bath hall, aren’t we?”


I have no clue what you are talking about!! And it’s not because I don’t have my memories of the past. I’m sure I am not such an absurd person. Playing around with the king in the bath hall? No way I could pull off such a stunt unless I go crazy.


“I see. I’ve heard that you lost your memories. So you’ve forgotten that fun time as well, huh?”


The king was considerate enough to quickly realize that I have no memories from the silence.


“I am sorry. I can’t really recall much.”


“Well, it’s fine. We could just make more fun memories later. Besides, I didn’t call you all the way here for that today.”


The king stood up from his throne and started walking around the audience hall. He urged me to follow along with his gaze and so I did. He touched a wall and it made a rustling sound, after which a hidden door opened up in the wall.


“Come with me.”


Saying that to me, the king proceeded inside the door. I did a half run to catch up to him. After I passed through the door, it slowly closed off.

The king and I slowly made our way through the dark passage.

There were a few forked paths and at each time, the king stopped to think for a while before proceeding.

After progressing for a while, he suddenly stopped. I ended up firmly bumping into him, the whole place being dark and what not. I felt an intense pain on my forehead. I could also see the king fainting in agony right in front of me, holding the back of his head…..

I ended up headbutting the king–!!! A fierce one, on top of that!


“It hurts, Kururi. Haven’t received such an attack in quite a while, it makes me happy.”


And for some reason he’s happy about it?!!



Although we faced some trouble along the way, we were able to make our way through the dark passage. And what awaited us at the end of it was a small room lit up dimly with magic stones. A sword was pierced into the floor at the middle of the room, emitting a significant presence.


“Here, here. I wanted to bring you here, Kururi.”




To be honest, I am quite perplexed at the moment. What exactly is this place? Judging from how hidden it is, it must be something really big, right? I am just a bit scared to ask.


“Do you know of the secret story of the secret room of the Kudan royal castle?”


“No, I do not.”


“I guess that’s obvious. I would have snapped your neck if you did without my guidance.”


Eh? Then why’d you ask? If I said I did… The situation might have made a turn for the worse.


“This sword, you see, has been stuck here since the founding of the kingdom. It seemed to have been quite a famous sword, as no one could draw it. However, the Kudan family’s ancestor was able to draw it. It seems only the ones with the qualities of a king can draw this sword. And like that, the first generation of Kudan family’s leaders drew this sword and built a castle here. By the way, I can also draw it. What about you?”

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