Botsuraku 140

The inauguration ceremony for becoming the leader of a self-governing state was decided to be held within Helan territory.

After three weeks, prince Arch will make his way here as the royal family’s representative to grant me the silver crown, which would act as proof of leadership.

I don’t really have any plans to drastically change the situation of the land just because it has become a self-governing state now.

I plan on doing such things gradually, with an eye out for long-term benefits. First, I need to prepare for the ceremony properly.


The first thing that is needed.

A flag for the state. Kudan kingdom has a flag and a profound history of noble families who have family crests. These flags and crests are known throughout the world. Our Helan family has always been this faux noble family and so it’s somewhat lacking in these matters. We do not have any particular family crest. I mean, we probably have those crests which had been mass produced to distinguish noble families. However, I can’t possibly turn that into the self-governing state’s flag design. It’s only normal not to. To not have any duplicates, I must create something completely unique.

I have no designing skills and Eli would just incorporate some weird animal into the flag if I were to entrust it to her. And so, we are not even on the candidate list. And even though we’re not on the list, Eli came applying from the public advertisement post. What is the source of your tenacity……?


We got around ten thousand flag designs thanks to the public advertisement. Of course, if one gets selected, they would not only be rewarded handsomely for it, they could also prosper as a designer as long as Helan self-governing state runs. It’s only obvious that there was a flood of applications.

In-between my busy work schedule, I thoroughly looked through all the applications. None quite caught my attention that much and time only passed by.

Exactly how many of them did I look through? Just when I was getting tired of looking at them, I stumbled upon one with letters instead of a design.


“Poobe will apply!”


It seems Eli listed it and Poobe was the one who actually applied. So this is what she secretly enlisted, eh? Poobe probably asked her to do so.

I took a break and called out to Poobe, who was pleasantly floating on top of the mansion, basking in the sunlight.

He can’t hear me so the right way of calling him is to wave at him with fruits.

Poobe skillfully flapped his wings to gradually descend his big body from the sky and landed whirling in a circle.


[What? It’s a bit early for dinner.]


Poobe communicated with me with the telepathy thing that only works with me, which I have decided to call ‘dragon-waves’ recently.


“Well, this application. What’s this about?”


[Ah, that. I asked Eli about it.]


“You could just directly ask me instead of her. Also, you didn’t have to publicly apply either.”


[I mean, it said the chosen designer would be rewarded. I thought I would try earning myself for once.]


Oh my, he grew up to be quite the responsible lad, huh? His body isn’t the only thing that grew!

Putting that aside, that’s some confidence.


“You do have a chance but can you even draw a design?”


[There’s no need for such difficult stuff. Here, look at my chest. There’s something cool right here.]


As I was told, I looked at his chest.

A shield-like crest had emerged on his chest. I knew there was some kind of a mark slightly visible there but to think it would turn out to be such a cool one.




Well? ………It’s super cool. I wanna use it right away.

I went to all the trouble of publicly advertising it while having a creature with the greatest design in my family! What’s this, being winners from birth?






[Come on, how is it? Say it.]


“Well, it is…”


[What are you being embarrassed about? Come on, say it. You will feel better.]


“Co… coo……”




“It’s cooooool!!!”


And as such, I ended up using his design in the end.

What do I do about this? I made a public advertisement and used a design from my family like this… It will make the society angry. The state’s starting image would suddenly be mixed with dirt!


Such troublesome worries of mine were also cleared up the very next day.

Poobe went and flew around the territory with a placard hanging on his neck which said “The design on my chest has been decided to be used for the flag!”. My people’s reaction was mostly identical to mine, being admiration for the design and I received no criticism for adopting the design. In fact, since Poobe’s popularity is immense, there were many people who were happier due to the symbol on his chest being adopted.

And right after returning from the day’s propaganda activities, Poobe came and floated right by the window of my study and looked in.


“What is it……”


Poobe came to report on his work today and about the people’s reaction.


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