“Well, what do you want?”

Poobe’s demands were extremely simple.

It was to pay him the amount of the reward for the design and the work he accomplished today. By the way, it seems payment by installment is also an option. I even got an explanation of how the total charge would increase because of the commission fee and the interests if I chose that. Where did this dragon even learn these things from………

I paid him in full.

Having received the money, Poobe diligently rose to the sky and flew away after sending a dragon-wave to me, saying, “I’ll be back after drinking.”

“Don’t go drinking too much to the point you can’t have Eli’s dinner, alright?”

[Only an amateur would make such a mistake.]

Amateur?! What is he at this point, a pro at this game?

And like this, we were safely able to take a step forward towards the establishment of the self-governing state.

The second thing that is needed.

A facility for law.

Upon establishing the self-governing state, this is something that I can’t postpone for later. We could just use the Kudan kingdom’s laws for the most part but there would be unfavorable situations if that’s all we did.

Up till now, all the criminals were judged at the capital but from now on, we will have to start judging criminals here, as well. There’s a need to establish an institution for trials.

Other than that, I also feel the need to properly assign an official position for professional duties that have been ambiguous until now.

After pondering on this for a while, I have decided to be at the top as the state leader and have 3 people right below me. An internal administration chief who would mainly handle the state’s development. An ambassador who would handle relationships with the neighboring countries including the Kudan kingdom. And last, but not least, a presiding judge who would handle crime prevention and the law system.

I had a candidate in mind for the internal administration chief from the start so I called him in immediately. And that person came in like usual and listened to me calmly like always.

“And so, I would like to appoint you to be the internal administration chief, Mr. Lotson. Is that alright?”

“I gladly accept.”

And like this, Mr. Lotson was appointed to the most important post without any problems. While I did assume he would accept it as his work  is mostly the same and only the title would be changing, when I received his reply, I was honestly relieved.

Next, the ambassador. I was troubled about this one. Someone who is very able socially and has the drive and intellect to protect the state…


At a certain town, in a certain house……

While carefully observing the patient, the person lends an ear to the conversation. Rail Rain, who had restarted his journey as a doctor, was there. It seems his abilities as a doctor had increased quite a bit since last time and so did his popularity.

I didn’t let go of the timing when his examinations were over and he left the house.

I took a hold of his arm, placed him on Poobe’s back and took off to the sky at once. I will be hogging the popular doctor to myself for a while.


“What?! What?! What?!! What is this?!!”

Looking at my face, Rail was visibly troubled as we kept going higher and higher up in the sky.

“Sorry for being rough. I have some important things to talk to you about.”

“Is this a confession?”

“No, no it’s not. There’s a job I would like to ask you to do.”

“Something lewd?”

“No, no it’s not. Have you heard that Helan territory will become a self-governing state?”

“Ah, that. I did. It became quite a trending topic in the country. I have heard about it numerous times during my travels.”

“That makes things easier. I have an empty ambassador post, are you willing to take it?”

“Ah, nope. I like my job as a doctor and I also take pride in it.”


Of course, I thought he would decline. I knew he loved his job and there’s no need to make him quit forcibly.


“It’s not such a bad deal. Travelling alone as a doctor is quite dangerous, right? I heard that you were almost stabbed with a kitchen knife the other day when you declined a marriage proposal from a noble family?”

“Uhh, how do you know that?”

“I will be the leader of a state; I need to have good ears. Besides, I have heard about that as well. You are hated by the other doctors quite a bit, huh? I also hear that you are on the receiving end of pestering and harmful rumors as well.”

“Uwah, you know about that as well?”

“I do. If you come and be my ambassador, I will not let any of this pass. I shall remove anyone obstructing Rail Rain’s path as a doctor with my power as the Helan territory leader.”

“I see, you’re saying you’ll purposefully let me continue my job.”

“Exactly. What I will ask of you is that you let me decide your itinerary and stay in the places you visit for a few days for diplomatic jobs. Besides that, I don’t mind you continuing your job as a doctor and I will also be guaranteeing your safety. I will assign an assistant to you and prepare a system such that your tools and medicines are always stocked up and in good condition.”

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