“That doesn’t sound bad. It doesn’t sound bad but, it isn’t exactly an attractive offer either. Being almost stabbed by a noble family’s daughter has its own thrill and it’s not so bad. And besides, even if I am hated by other doctors, it isn’t like my skills are growing dull. It isn’t a big problem, you see.”


As expected, he’s quite resolute. Certainly, if his heart were to be exhausted by such things, he wouldn’t be able to go on such rough doctor journeys. It’s as they say, there’s nothing stronger than a man free of avarice.


“But, you see, Rail, I have more factors which could draw you in.”


“Hoho? And what might they be?”


“Just think about it. A virtuoso doctor who goes around the Kudan kingdom, providing medicine and healthcare at a cheap rate. His face and personality are both great. The Kudan kingdom is extremely lucky, having such a wonder worker. However, this luck would only befall on the Kudan kingdom. Even though there are sick people in other countries as well……”




“I had thought that the path chosen by the man named Rail Rain was one which granted everyone the opportunity to get healthcare, equally. I had believed that he isn’t some small man who would be satisfied being huddled up in just one country. However, with your current status, can you really wander around other countries freely? To be frank, it’s quite impossible. Everywhere you go, you will be restrained by injustice and be left to deal with the same unpleasant distrust, inevitably resulting in tasting your own helplessness.”


“Fufu, that might in turn ignite my heart and make me work even harder, you know?”


“There is that possibility. However, it doesn’t change the fact that the efficiency would be bad. Besides, if you have the title of ambassador, I can introduce you to doctors from other countries with my power. Are you satisfied with the knowledge you gained as a doctor in the Kudan kingdom? Do you not have any unclarified issues? Do you not think that it would be better to increase your skills further? And would it be more efficient doing so alone rather than looking at things from different perspectives? The answer is obvious, Rail.”




“Besides, more than anything else……”


“More than anything else?”


“More than anything else, I want to borrow your strength, Rail. Even I am anxious about being the leader of the state. Having an old friend help me out…… you don’t know how reassuring that is.”


“Oh, come on, Kururi. You could have just started with that, you know? Seriously, what should I do with you…… Alright, alright, ambassador? Rail Rain shall undertake that post.”


“Alright! Got the second person! Poobe, we’re going back!”


“Hm? Aren’t you a bit too fast on the uptake?! What happened to the gloomy mood you had just a while ago?! Hey!”


“Gotcha, gotcha!! So persuasion by tears was the most effective for Rail, eh?”


“Can you not say those things right in front of me?!”


And like so, I was able to get an ambassador without any hiccups.

I wanted to take him along with me right then but since he had some work to finish up there, I decided to return to the Helan territory a step ahead with Poobe.


Now then, I was safely able to acquire two people for the aforementioned jobs but I really stressed and stressed over the final one, the post for the presiding judge. I worried over it and came to the conclusion that Helan territory doesn’t have anyone befitting that post.

And so, what can I do? I have no choice but to invite someone over from outside Helan, but selecting someone is quite difficult when you know that they get to be the watchman for the law. If I make a bad choice, Helan territory might decay from corruption from the inside. Unlike the past two selections which went well, it seems the final voyage will be a stormy one.


And at such a time, I got a notification saying that Neko-sensei had come to Helan territory. It seems that she was my mentor for magic in the Magic Academy before I lost my memories. A neko (cat) who is a teacher as well… And I heard that she is also quite old. Exactly what kind of a person is she? I even got my expectations up, thinking she might fit right into the last post, presiding judge.

Either way, things won’t progress unless I meet her. It seems she also came to Helan to meet with me. It seems she’s loitering on the way by staying at a famous hot-spring hotel but she will probably come along if I wait.

After a while I realized I had been taking this Neko-sensei’s personality lightly.

Even though she had come all the way here to meet me, she didn’t come to the mansion, at all.

Being left with no choice, I had to go visit her at the hotel she was staying at myself.

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