143 Part 1

Chapter 8 Episode 7


The next morning, I brought Poobe his breakfast. Poobe was startled at the sight of my brightly swollen face.

“Putting together that face and Kururi bringing me breakfast… did you have an argument with Eli?”

“I wish.”

“Eh?! That serious, huh?!”

“Our Eli probably won’t return anymore. She may have been snatched away by the detestable Eliza Deauville.”

“What?! Then, go get her back!”

“Meh, there are things in this world that are better left forgotten.”

“How timid! You know what, I’m going with Eli if you guys break up!”

Hey!! You’re my dragon!! How dare you say that!

In the end, Poobe and I had a minor argument, too. What an awful morning.


Despite resting all night, only insignificant memories had resurfaced so far. I couldn’t recall the reason why Eli and I woke up from the cocoon together. However, I remembered the fact that I was a chubby kid, which was irrelevant. I also remembered my father’s accident in the forest. I could care less!


I returned to the mansion where the worst atmosphere was brewed in the first place. Ordinarily, the living room would greet me with overflowing happiness, where Eli would be busily moving around preparing a warm meal. It had been reduced to this stiff quietness.

Eliza Deauville had been in a belligerent state, shutting herself in the room on the second floor.

While I was anxiously pondering about how to deal with matters at hand, Toto visited the mansion with good timing.


“What a nasty atmosphere! Don’t tell me… did Poobe die?!”

“No, he didn’t die!!”

From afar, Poobe answered Toto’s conjecture with a dragon cry. Dragons have exceptional hearing after all.

“Poobe is lively today too, gliding above the mansion as usual. What’s most appalling is Eliza Deauville.”

“Eh? Don’t you mean Miss Eli? Did you two argue? Ah, that explains the bruise. You guys get along well.”

No, we’re don’t!! We definitely do not get along!!

“An argument would’ve been better. But that wasn’t the case. Both Eli and I had Neko-sensei performed magic to regain our memories.”

“Really?! And then, how did it go?”

“Some memories are surely coming back. But the memories had only returned partially. I have all Kururi Helan’s memories after he lost them. But the memories before, around when I attended the academy, are fragmented. I don’t remember why I became a blacksmith, or why Eliza Deauville and I woke up from the cocoon together. I had no recollection at all regarding that matter.”

“You mean, your memories haven’t returned completely yet?”

“Neko-sensei said that I probably will gain back all my memories.”

“Then it’s okay.”

“I don’t think so. Eliza Deauville gave me this bruise. She’s not Eli. She has become a different person since Eliza Deauville’s personality took over. I can imagine having a good relationship with Eli, but with Eliza Deauville, it’s utterly inconceivable.”

“Are you saying you can’t remember why you became close with Miss Eliza?”

“Did I really become close with Eliza Deauville? That thought eludes me.”

“I don’t know the details either. At the beginning of the academy life, Miss Eliza gave out a nasty aura. But somehow I felt like she gradually transformed into a more Miss Eli esque aura.”

“Does that mean there was a turning point during the academy life?”


That would be nice, but seeing the current Eliza Deauville, it’s utterly inconceivable.

“Isn’t Miss Eli also in the same condition? Even if you didn’t get along well back then, the two of you lived here happily together. Can’t you keep at it so to get along better that way?”

“The evil image of Eliza Deauville in me is preventing me to think that way. Moreover, the past Kururi Helan in Eli’s memory seemed to be more evil in some instances, where I wasn’t considered the same person.”

“…Woah, that’s dreadful. Shall I bring medicinal herbs to calm the mind?”

“Nah, I don’t think Eliza Deauville would drink it. Why bother.”

Curse that detestable woman who took all Eli’s good elements and only left a crude disposition. I’d like medicinal herbs that could punish her if possible.

“By the way, do you remember your memories with me?”

“…I made you drink the water from the hot spring of Helan territory and gave you diarrhea.”

“That’s right, I had almost forgotten. Something like that did happen. I had pretty bad diarrhea, you know.”

I’m sorry!!

“Oh, didn’t you and Iris grow giant vegetables?”

“That’s right!”

“Yes, bingo!”

I wonder what this pleasant sensation I’m feeling.

Afterward, I continued chatting with Toto to verify the accuracy of the information that resurfaced and sort out the fragments of my memories. Even though Toto had a different intention in visiting this mansion, we only talked about our memories. We were chatting merrily, but the fun didn’t last long. The evil on the second floor was descending.

She slammed the door open. A cold aura oozed out from the sleep-deprived and discontent Eliza Deauville that had appeared before us.

She walked closer uncompromisingly while glaring sharply at Toto. Reading the atmosphere, Toto jumped out of his seat and was ready to escape the room. I immediately grabbed his hand and gave him a pleading gaze to stay.

Eliza Deauville sat, where Toto was sitting before, facing me as if getting ready to have a serious conversation. Toto watched over us while standing next to me.


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