143 Part 2


“I can remember living with you. I did chores, took care of a dragon named Poobe, supported your feudal work, and helped at the smithy as a shop assistant as well.”

“Yes… I remember. It was a lot of fun.”

“Apparently, I have an illusion that it was fun as well.”

Oh?! No way…

“However! An illusion is an illusion! I’m the daughter of a prime minister. The only man worthy of becoming my husband is one from the royal family. Although you have risen to be the feudal lord of your territory, you’re still only a feudal lord of an outskirt territory. We have a different lineage. You better fix it!”

“…You’re pissing me off!”

“What did you say?!”

“…I hate you!”

“Hmph, an outskirt territory lord won’t understand my nobility, after all!”

“…How ugly. Eli never wore such heavy makeup.”

Next to me, I could hear Toto saying ‘calm down!’ But I had something to say, too.

Eli always stylishly dressed in such a way that wouldn’t hinder her daily work. Her beauty was natural. Eli was naturally beautiful, in the first place. Her elegant hair arranged in an updo looked refreshing. Eli would undo her hair after work to truly relax. I felt like I had been healed just by looking at her.

In contrast, what is this woman in front of me?

She’s wearing makeup ten times thicker than Eli. Her hair is curled into disconcerting waves, giving a sense of oversized head volume. It wouldn’t be surprising to not be able to move around freely with that appearance. Same thing with clothes, Eli always dressed smartly so she would be able to move freely. Her excellent sense of style would always choose the best clothes that suit each occasion. Nevertheless, this woman in front of me is wearing a dress that was plucked out of a festival. In it, she descended downstairs to the living room. Is there a festival somewhere today?! Please tell me if there is!


“D-did you say I’m ugly?!”

“Yes, you’re ugly.”

Whack! Slap! …, just like Eli, her hands were quick. Be that as it may, it hurt so much. My cheek was throbbing and burning.

“I never thought I would be ridiculed by a hick! Servant! Take me to the royal capital at once.”

Having been called a servant, Toto turned to me with bewilderment.

Go right ahead if you want to go home, but leave Eli here.

“Toto isn’t a servant. I’ll arrange transport if you really want to go back to the royal capital. Just wait for a moment.”

“Hmph, even though I really want to leave this back-country, I suppose I can wait for just a bit.”

“Wow, the abductor said something remarkable.”

“What was that?!”

“You abductor! Return Eli!”

“What an idiot. It was nothing but an illusion. That personality has disappeared completely!”

What a detestable woman!

I furiously glared at Eliza Deauville. She unyieldingly glared back at me.

Our fierce glaring competition continued to blaze through each other, penetrating through Toto, who was standing between us, as if he were transparent.


I had someone summon Lotson. With various thoughts swirling through his head, Lotson came into the mansion in a hurry, only to find a hellish atmosphere inside.

“Mister Lotson. This woman is not Eli. She is Eliza Deauville. She wants to go back to the royal capital. Please take her there.”

“Master Kururi? …Understood. I’ll make the travel arrangement right away.”

“Aren’t you glad you get to go back to your beloved royal capital?!”

“Indeed. I can’t stand this stinky back-country. I’d like a first-class seat on the magic train. I can’t stand the grilled sweet potato engine they have on their menu… Sweet potatoes are lowly food!!”


Everyone was listening: me, Toto, Lotson, and the youth who summoned Lotson. What the hell was she saying… ‘can’t stand it’. That was the menu Eli created, not a menu for you!

“Don’t you like sweet potatoes? I’ll have it served to you for free.”

“Don’t mock me! I’ll have a piece of chiffon cake and red tea.”

“Stubborn woman!”

“What a tactless man.”

This time, we glared at each other through Lotson, who was standing between us. Our smoldering eyes are burning each other even stronger than before.


Lotson, who was aware of the situation, later arranged an inn and a seat on the magic train for Eliza Deauville gracefully.

The employees of the inn gave a warm welcome, expecting Eli who was staying. They looked astonished by Eliza Deauville’s arrogant attitude, which was the complete opposite of Eli’s. To protect Eli’s reputation, I wrote a letter to the inn explaining that the woman was a different person. Since she seemed to be enjoying the inn and the hot spring, I let her be for the time being, as to not cause more problems.

Two more days until the day of departure.

I didn’t mind for that noisy woman to leave. However, Eli exists somewhere in there. …If that woman left, it’s a fact that Eli would be leaving with her too.

A mixture of hatred and sadness overwhelmed me.

So complicated.

It was nostalgic to remember Eli’s face and made me want to meet her. Remembering Eliza Deauville’s face made me angry and wanted to chase her out. Were they really the same person?

Neko-sensei, don’t tell me the magic to regain our memories failed!


Finally, the day for Eliza Deauville to return to the royal capital had arrived.

It seemed Lotson had acquired the best seat on the magic train. I heard the report from my mansion.

Was it about time for the train to depart?

While thinking about that, two dragons descended from the sky and touched down at the mansion. They were Rahsa and Iris.

“Brother, we’re here!”

“Kururi and Eli!”

Lotson welcomed the two and saw them in. Feeling the hellish atmosphere inside the mansion, both of them looked around uneasily.



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