144 Part 1

Chapter 8, Episode 8




Iris’ scream echoed throughout the mansion. After emptying the air from her lungs, she took another deep breath.




Why did you scream twice?


“Iris, what’s going on? You’re unusually hyped up.”


“It’s kind of romantic, so I couldn’t help myself.”


“Romantic?! It’s the complete opposite! It’s a tragedy – a pure tragedy that doesn’t include any other elements!!”


“After you get over that ….”


“There’s no future with her! I let Eliza Deauville go home, so peace can once more return to Helan territory.”


“We came here regarding the autonomous feudal lord inauguration of this territory, but somehow it turns into a pain in the neck.”


Unlike Iris who got hyped up, Rahsa was more concerned about the hassle of the situation at hand.


“There are so many things we need to prepare before the king officially sends my brother here!!  That’s why Iris and I came here to help. Yet, this trouble …. Go reconcile with her this instant!”


“Reconcile?! Eli no longer exists …. Eliza Deauville has killed Eli.”


“What are you saying so philosophically? I don’t care if it’s Eli or Eliza, please hurry and go fetch her!”


“Rahsa, be quiet!!”


Iris’ commanding voice echoed throughout the mansion.


“This is a problem between the two of them!”


What’s with her?! Has she been this passionate of a person?


“For a long time now, I’ve always thought both of them need this kind of ordeal. After all, during the years in the academy, didn’t they become close before we know it? There was no room for other people to come between them. I think this is fine. When they lost their memories, they were having fun looking for ways to solve the problem together. Even though I was worried sick. It’s almost better to work even harder!”


Iris looked relieved after letting out steam.


But still, what she said shouldn’t be dismissed so easily. During the academy years, Eliza Deauville and I became close just like that?!


No way!! That’s impossible. I believe Eli and Eliza Deauville are two different people.


“Well, Kururi. Go chase after Eliza!”


“I strongly refuse! Eli no longer exists!”


“So stubborn! The Kururi I know was a man of higher caliber!”


“Nonetheless, I can’t handle that monster called Eliza Deauville! If she were a table, she would be a piece of junk that needs to be scrapped.”


“Even if the table needs to be scrapped, if the plates were intact, the food would still be delicious!”


“The cooking wasn’t even on the plates to begin with! They were already sprawled all over the table and the floor!”


“Like I said, someone who can eat them without a fuss is called a man!”


“What are you talking about?!”


Rahsa restrained both Iris and I that got heated up. Observing the bickering that continued to intensify, Rahsa shifted the topic at hand.


“By the way, are your memories of Iris and I returning?”


… Yes, they are returning. But, I don’t feel like telling.


“You have an awful expression. What is it? Did you remember something strange?”


“Uhm ….”


I got found out.


“Let’s hear it. It could be a false memory, you know.”


He’s right. There’s that possibility.


“There’s a possibility that I was thinking of killing you upon our first encounter, Rahsa.”




“I was concealing a sword in my chest pocket. So I thought maybe I was trying to kill you.”


“Oh, that. You gave me that sword as a present. I still take good care of it.”


“Eh, really?! So it was a present, huh? I see. Hahaha, I was wondering if I was trying to assassinate the royal family.”


“Did you remember anything else?”


“I feel like I was terrified of Iris.”


“What’s with that?! I was the one terrified of you! It was so awkward for a noble to approach and talk to me so casually. I was frightened, you know!”


“I wonder what this memory is about ….”


“Anything else? Is there anything else?”


“Er, I feel like I was greatly looked down upon by Prince Arc.”


“Ah, he still does.”


“I see. I understand.”


It’s kind of fun being able to keep the memories consistent by talking about old times. Time progressed unexpectedly fast, especially when reminiscing. Had Mister Lotson not interrupted the circle, we would have continued chattering non-stop.


“It’s time for the magic train to depart.”


Mister Lotson whispered in my ear. I see. It’s time for the magic train to depart for the royal capital. Eliza Deauville should be sitting somewhere in the first class.


“Ahh!! We were so engrossed in reminiscing! What are we going to do about Eliza?!”


Iris interrupted.


“Of course I’ll let her go. She’s the one who wanted to leave.”


“No, you can’t! You definitely can’t let her leave! You can’t let her leave no matter what! I’ll go and stop the magic train!”


“Iris, please calm down!”


Rahsa desperately tried to hold Iris back, who was about to storm off. The time of trouble had finally come. The magic train had just departed, and taken Eliza Deauville with it.


“Oh no …, is she really gone?”


Iris became depressed more than anyone at the scene. Rahsa apologized for some reason. Although this is a problem between Eliza and me, I have needlessly made Iris and Rahsa worry. I’m sorry. We were engulfed in silence for a while. Feeling disheartened, none of us knew what to say.


“By the way ….”


Rahsa broke the silence.


“Currently, the Deauvilles aren’t living in the royal capital, right?”


“Ah …!”


Iris met Rahsa’s gaze with an epiphanic expression.


“Brother, you may not remember this, but Eliza’s father, Eyan Deauville conspired with the Dartanels. He is currently hiding his whereabouts. Her mother, Ms. Tsukushi, had returned to her homeland. But upon receiving a letter saying that Eliza had been found, she headed this way, or so I heard. The Deauvilles don’t live in the mansion Eliza thought of as her home anymore, because her family has fallen apart.”


Is that true?


Speaking of Eliza Deauville, she was living in the royal capital mansion, which is where the famous prime minister’s family is living now, right? Then it’s no longer her home, is it? I feel that Eliza Deauville would certainly feel hurt if she found out about that. … But it has nothing to do with me.


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