Chapter 144 Part 2


“What shall we do, Brother …?”


“What do you mean ‘what shall we do’? She left on her own accord. For the time being, I’ll arrange somewhere with a roof for her to stay in when she gets there. The rest is all up to her.”


“I’ll also arrange so that she can meet with Ms. Tsukushi. However, doesn’t that mean Eliza would return to her mother’s homeland? It’s a country far away that takes a few months by ship. There’s a possibility we will never meet her again.”


“If that happens, so be it. I have a new job as the autonomous feudal lord of this territory anyway. If I concentrate on that, surely the peaceful daily life will return.”


“I don’t want Eli to go. Even Poobe is so attached to her.”


I wouldn’t complain if Eli wanted to stay either. However, Eli has been buried by Eliza Deauville’s intense personality. Moreover, she’s now traveling on the fastest magic train in this country. No one can catch up to her anymore. It’s already too late.


Even though I think Poobe would be sad, I’ll hire a new good caretaker. In time, his sadness would disappear.

“Come on! Let’s pull ourselves together and go to Gapp Company! I’m planning to invent new medicinal herbs with Toto. You two have never been to Gapp Company, have you? You definitely should check it out. It would be a good experience.”


Since both of them didn’t refuse my invitation, the three of us headed for Gapp Company. In order to uplift the disheartening mood, I chattered intently. Although both of them laughed, somehow I couldn’t wipe off the awkward atmosphere.

Gapp Company made a bold change by establishing their production base in Helan territory as their first turning point. They later moved their headquarters to this territory as well. There are indeed excess vacant lands in this territory. However, since the huge Gapp Company building was established here, markets had been flourishing around it. Homes of their employees had also gathered here, turning it into a city. There are several big cities in Helan territory. However, with Gapp Company in its heart, the growth rate of this city would eventually surpass all other cities and could become one of the greatest cities of Helan territory.


Toto’s right-hand man, Tristana, came to welcome the three of us. He gave us the utmost courtesy and guided us to where Toto was. Toto was confronting medicinal herbs, as always. He was so absorbed in his work that he didn’t notice our arrival..


“Oh, you’re here! Even Prince Rahsa and Iris!”


The three of them were delighted with the reunion after a long time and moderately engaged in conversation about work.


“There have been medicinal herbs we developed in collaboration with Helan territory. However, it’s going to be a big job this time. It involves the magic train, after all!”


“Sounds like it’s going to be a big job.”


“The magic train has been operating across this country for a while now. Recently, it has been confirmed that there’s a tiny health effect on the passengers. Many of the passengers complained of dizziness and nausea. It can be assumed that the longer the train ride, the more damage the passengers suffer.”


“I think it’s something like motion sickness.”


“Motion sickness?”


I suddenly remembered something. I certainly had that knowledge from a distant memory somewhere, but I managed to recall that fact only just now.


“It’s a symptom that occurs when your sense of balance is lost due to the inability to cope with the vibration of the magic train.”


“That’s accurate. To a certain extent, the remedy should be similar for people on-board a sailing ship, who are affected by the symptoms.”


“Well then, let’s cut to the chase.”


“Basically, it’s hard to move around inside the magic train. This makes all available remedies hard to be administered. Therefore, I’m trying to create a medicinal herb that can restore affected passengers to their normal conditions. In fact, I have tested the herb on sailors. I also had my employee try it and ride the magic train.”


“Wow, you work fast, too!”


“As a result, I discovered the most effective medicinal herb is the one capable of inducing a large amount of saliva production and supplying nutrition after a single bite. This medicinal herb is cultivated near the hot spring, and I have been working on it since long ago. It borrows a part of the nutrition that flows into the spring water. This herb turns out to be an excellent remedy for motion sickness.”


“If you know up to that extent, the rest would be simple. Let me arrange a suitable plot of land immediately.”


“Yes, that helps. Would it be fine to have Tristana and Lotson work out the details of the profits, as always?”




Toto and I shook hands upon reaching an agreement. Business negotiation was executed this way. For the rest of the time, I took Iris and Rahsa for a tour of the Gapp Company production site. There was a floor full of red medicinal herb as far as the eye can see, and a field where a large quantity of seeds was being sown. Since I have never seen every corner of the site, I truly felt the sight was magnificent. After being served lunch, the three of us returned to my mansion feeling content.

“All right, playtime is over. Iris and I came here to help prepare for the autonomous feudal lord inauguration ceremony!”


“That’s right. Let’s forget everything else for the moment, and get to work!”


Both of them forced themselves to act in such a way as to not aggravate the already gloomy atmosphere. Even so, it can’t be helped if the atmosphere becomes gloomy. For a brief moment, let’s put aside this matter about Eli and Eliza Deauville. Perhaps it would somehow be better. It is now time to get the job at hand completed. Well, let’s get to work! When I tried to concentrate the next morning, Mister Lotson came rushing into the mansion.


“The magic train! The magic train that Miss Eliza is riding has been attacked, and all passengers have been taken hostage!”


“What?! That’s trouble!”


They tightened security due to the case regarding Blaeu Dartanel. However, it was unexpected for someone to stop the magic train. Apparently, the rail was blown up to stop the magic train. How audacious! Even though the criminals reported that all passengers are safe, how can we believe it? Their demand seems to be purely cash. It means, after receiving the ransom, all passengers would be set free. As the lord of Helan territory that manages the magic train, I should be responsible for the solution.

At any rate, does that mean even Eliza Deauville was caught? Damn, although I don’t care about that woman, why am I so worried?


“Poobe!! Let’s go!!”


“I’ll go anywhere to save Eli!”

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