145 Part 2


Mr. Lotson was assisting her as well, so both of them could tirelessly negotiate the terms. They would have a much more decent discussion ability than the hot-headed me. I wanted them to get Eliza back somehow. Of course, the other passengers as well.


Rahsa and I would be tackling from another side. Worst case, we would have to comply with their demands. Undoubtedly, that would be the last resort.


“Shall I kill everyone, after all?!”


“Calm down, you!!”


Even though I was worried, I could not find a fundamental solution strategy to the one-sided demands. Time marched on. The negotiation terms seemed to have been settled, Iris and Mr. Lotson were reassembling here to confirm. Basically, if the amount of the demand was reduced, the number of hostages being released would also be reduced.


I issued an authorization, entrusting the course of negotiation to the friendly Iris. Iris would ride on a dragon and execute the negotiation from the sky above.


A sudden headache struck while I was observing the procedure. I recognized this headache. This would be the harbinger of the returning memories that were about to burst out. Soon after this, the unsorted information would undoubtedly flood my head. I lied down briefly for a short break.



Is Eliza experiencing the same headache too, I wonder? Then, maybe her memories would come flooding in as well.


I shut my eyes, and fell asleep momentarily. With a gentle voice, Iris was still negotiating with the criminal group from midair.


“Scattered memories were coming back.”


I informed Rahsa, who was standing by next to me, regarding my current condition. Furthermore, a piece of very important information had just resurfaced.


“I just remembered a perfect magic for the current situation.”


“What is it?”


“There’s a magic called Transform that I learned from Master Neko. It’s a bit tricky, but pretty simple once learned. I’m glad I can remember this handy magic.”


Don’t look at me with that face as if I had remembered something weird ….


I would try to properly apply it for good use.


“I want to infiltrate the criminal group. Once nightfall, I will ambush one of them then take his place.”


“Yes, that sounds good. But what are you going to do once you’re in?”


“I want to confirm Eliza’s condition. Moreover, there could be valuable information I can use to annihilate the group.”


“Please don’t overdo it. After all, you are the one who’s going to be the autonomous lord of Helan territory.”


“I’ll bear that in mind.”



The information regarding this plan might leak if widely communicated, so it was only disclosed to Rahsa and Mr. Lotson. Informing Iris, who was still in midair persisting to persuade, would draw attention, so we kept her in the dark on purpose.


At sunset, I chose to execute the plan right when Iris was taking off again to carry on the negotiation.


Under the cover of night, I approached the group of kidnappers. I brought along the Spunky Diamonds to the scene, thinking their skills would come in handy. But at this stage, the priority was infiltration instead of battle.


Jumping along the tree lines, I approached the hill where the criminal group was barricading themselves. I could hear the amplified voices of Iris and the criminal chief in the course of negotiation.


I hopped from one tree to another, stealthily closing my distance.


To acquire a perfect hiding place for an ambush, I predicted the possible positions of the watchmen to a certain extent. There was a tall tree from which a watchman showed his existence vividly and was focusing on the lookout.


He was yet to notice me. Stealthily, I jumped down from the tree and lied flat on the ground to conceal myself, waiting for a perfect time to strike.


You were all mine so long as I knew your location. Unfortunately for you, disabling opponents from such a long distance had been my specialty. I simulated the scenario with some magic I could remember to disable the watchman. Yes, whichever magic would work.


I chose one that I thought was the most suitable simulation.



Pour mana into the ground. Massive amount of mana.


The purpose of pouring a large amount of mana into the ground was to conceal my presence from the watchman.


Because it was such a big tree, the amount of mana being absorbed was extraordinary. However, it seemed like I possessed extraordinary mana as well. After a while, I succeeded in supplying enough mana to satisfy the condition for the magic activation.


Not to exaggerate, but the time had finally come to create that “guy” with my superb magic. It was a familiar purification. I would normally use this magic only on weeds, but the largest “guy” would be born today.


The big tree shed some leaves after absorbing my mana, then pulsed for an instant. It took the watchman by surprise, but he was at ease after scanning around noticing nothing out of the ordinary.


However, that was a mistake. The transformation was certainly occurring. The “guy” had awakened. You can’t see it from on top of the tree, can you? You are stepping on the “guy” after all.

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