145 Part 3


I had always performed this magic on weeds which created radish-like creatures. However, because I poured my mana into a big tree this time, the transformation would be a bit different than usual.


A dark-colored face with the characteristics of the radish-like creature had appeared on the tree trunk. I was so astonished and almost let out a cry.


I attempted to give the big radish tree an instruction with a closed mouth.


It would be really bad to converse here. My intricate infiltration mission would be ruined.


Using a similar method as the dragon wave to interact with Poobe, I used my mana on the big radish tree and tried to communicate.



“Can you hear me?  If you can hear me, answer me using the same method.”


“U~i, u~ii!”


The size might change considerably, but the communication method with these “guys” seemed to be the same. The Ui language wasn’t too complicated for me since I already comprehended their communication.


“I want to quietly get rid of the person standing on your head, any good suggestions?”




“Hmm, hmm. Sorry, can you please say it again a bit more slowly?”


I thought I had mastered the Ui language, but when dialects were mixed in, the translation became difficult after all. There was still room for improvement to study the Ui language, yeah.


“Uii~, ui~ui~, ui~~ui~.”


I see, the big tree is now a part of my body, so I can control it freely.


“If that’s the case, can you restrain him by yourself?”


“Ui~ui~, ui~~uii~ui~ui~.”


It would be an easy victory. Now, you could marry out right away ….


“Hey, don’t joke around! What’s with this talk about marriage?!”




I was saying ‘carry out’ the plan, not ‘marry out’. Such short temper wouldn’t do, I’ll go home, it said?!


Grrr, as expected of a cheeky radish. Your pronunciation was bad in the first place. I had always been able to communicate just fine with the little guys.


The little guys were a bunch of stubborn and annoying creatures, even if this guy was in the form of a hunk of tree, it was still the radish familiar that was impossible to be on good terms with after all.



“Fine. Well, then do it.”




What? Say it more politely?! What inexhaustible cheekiness. I’m your master, you are a familiar, which part of that don’t you understand?!”


“… Would you please kindly execute the plan?”




It dared me to execute the plan myself from the beginning if capable …. This guy’s fate is decided. Don’t think you can return to your hometown in one piece.



The big radish tree commenced the operation. It took me by surprise when branches suddenly had broken out of the trunk and attacked the watchman lurking above the tree. The watchman let out a brief scream but was drowned by the amplified voices of Iris and the criminal chief.




It was a communication report confirming that the mission was accomplished. While staying alert, I climbed to the top of the big radish tree.




… So noisy. Go home already. I didn’t even feel like translating. I’m done with you!


Above my head, the watchman that had lost consciousness was wrapped into a bundle by the branches. His mouth was also covered, so I peeled them off.


Aha, so this is how your face looks. Well then, let me borrow that face for a while.


I casted the transformation magic. My charming face slowly transformed into an ugly and bearded face. What a cruel magic …. This is a serious crime! You kidnappers!



The attacked watchman was taken back to the land of the radish creatures. I said that I wouldn’t let the big radish tree go back to its homeland in one piece. But I let that go because the creature took the unconscious watchman back with it. It only came to that because I asked for suggestions on what to do with the watchman in Ui language, and it suggested bringing him back to its homeland. For some reason, the creature wanted the body, which seemed to be of use to them somehow. I certainly was troubled with how to dispose of the body, but since there would be no loss on my part, I let the creature have it.




Apparently, the creature was waiving the reward this time.


Reward?! This time?! You bastards don’t have human rights, of course, there would be no rewards. You should bear in mind this is the first and the last reward! My wanting to protest was reduced to an internal grumble, to prevent the creatures from holding a grudge against me, since they carried out the plan after all.


The face of the big radish tree flowed into the ground and disappeared. Once the unconscious watchman’s body was thrown on the ground, it was sucked into the earth with no trace. The homeland of the radish creatures seemed to be underground. A piece of information I didn’t want to know.


Right then, the annoying yet useful familiar had disappeared. Now it’s showtime.

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