148 Part 2

After waiting for a while, the groups of civilians parted way for the kidnappers, who were bounded and carried along by the Iron Heat corps. Their mental and physical exhaustion were apparent. There were even people who seem to be so tired that they could barely stand.


The trial has started.


Lotson read out the charges this time. The sins they have committed were specified, and each of their names were announced with their charges. All of the kidnappers were sentenced to 10 years of hard labor in the Helan underground prison (the country of the radishes). It included contents like how work in Helan territory will be granted to those who have completed their sentences earnestly. There were no representative lawyers and they could only defend themselves, but there wasn’t anyone who objected to the charges.


Those who have their charges confirmed left the place, and the remaining one man was the mastermind, who pretended to be a hostage and stabbed me from behind in the previous kidnapping case.


He was a previously reputable noble and still had the spirit of a noble just the other day. However, now he has fallen to become a criminal and is only left waiting for his judgment.


His charges were also read out by Lotson. Kidnapping, attempted murder, destruction of the magic train, etc were some of the crimes he has committed. As punishment, he was sentenced to 30 years of hard labor in the Helan underground prison. Of course, it also included contents like how work in Helan territory will be granted to him after the sentence, should he have completed it earnestly.


“Is there any objection?”


“Rather than that, Mr. Kururi Helan. It is okay for you to be out in the public so soon? I am sure your wounds have not healed yet.”


Despite his fatigued face, he tried to exert most of his strength to stare and grin at me.


“It’s fine. I have completely healed.”


“Don’t say nonsense. It wasn’t such a shallow wound. I’m sure it must hurt just by sitting down.”


“No, see, I have completely healed.”


I flipped over the cloth where the wound was and showed it to him. My healthy and smooth skin was all that was left.


“Ah… gah! How could that be!?”


“That is possible. You’ve picked the wrong opponent this time round.”


He could not close his mouth and continued looking at me. I don’t intend to wait for him to regain his sanity and asked once again.


“I’ll ask once again but do you have any objections?”


As there were no answers, I instructed the Iron Hot corps to force him out of the place.


It’s finally the end this time.


“…Objection!? I do, of course I do.”


He tried to stop the Iron Hot corps who has started moving.


“Let me hear about it if you have objection.”


“A self-made kid like you is going to judge me!? My family is well-known for its talents who have worked for the royalty for generations after generations. Even the Dartanel family is a level below mine. That’s right I’m not one to be judged by a landlord of such an area!”


“It is not about who is greater or whatever. You have committed a crime and I just happened to have the rights to judge you, and that was that. What does your family’s fame from the past have to do with your crimes?”


“There is a relationship. Mr. Rahsa, please don’t keep quiet, instead say something, please. Give a talking to this rude fellow!”


Rahsa was bending forward and listening to us, and he finally raised his head and spoke some stern words to him.


“You are the rude fellow here. Please apologize to the autonomous feudal lord.”


“What…Why! Even though my family has worked for generations for the royal family! For the country! For the sake of the royal family!! Even then!! Arggh!!”


Rahsa made a pained expression and internalized the words. I don’t think there’s a need to deal with him so seriously though. That’s why I said this.


“If only it is not all words, the results might have been different if you have acted in accordance with your words. You were unable to stand up on your own feet because you kept on sticking onto others like this. Think about that carefully in the country of radishes… the Helan underground prison.”


He has finally screamed in rage and that turned into an eerie laughter.


“The prosperous must meet their fall… huh? My family had so much of the honor and even that has reduced to this…”


“That’s pitiful.”


“Hmph, you can laugh all you want. Kururi Helan. But, you will be next. Do you intend to climb to the top? Thinking that the day when you will become old and lose your position will not arrive? That’s stupid. I can say it now. Everyone can end up like me! Even you, Kururi Helan.”


“That’s obvious.”


Those words no longer bothered me. I have always been troubled by that worry since before.


“You mean you know that? Or are you not even going to try to understand it? You probably have never imagined the arrival of your suffering days. There are going to be more nobles who will fall into the ruins. Those people will look at you with envy, jealousy and finally hatred! It is not just the Dartanel family and my family, there will be endless people who will come after you till the day you fall into the ruins.”


“Go ahead and come after me. It does seem like the country of radishes is lacking some manpower.”


“Fuhahahaha!! I can’t wait to see your face when you fall into the ruins! The higher you climb, the greater you are going to fall. That is going to be the best! I’m going to observe from the prison!”


He shouted and shouted. And finally he cannot stop laughing as though something pleasant happened.


“That’s why you are second-rate.”




He listened to my words and stopped laughing for a moment. After that, he started staring at me with great hatred again.


“How can one become a noble without being afraid of falling into the ruins?”


“…What do you mean?”


“Since I expected to fall in the ruins, I aimed to become a blacksmith. The fact that you guys never thought of things like that is why you guys can never do it. Strive to be independent rather than depending on your own authority! To not forget how to live with your feet firmly stuck to the ground. That’s it! You’re going to be sentenced to 30 years of hard labor in the country of radishes. If possible, work hard and try to learn a trade there! Dismissal!”


I struck the gavel to indicate the end of the trial so that everyone who gathered can hear it. The dried piece of wood resounded soothingly.




All of the kidnappers were brought away.


They are going to go into the grounds afterwards and work hard labor.


I hope they don’t end up quarreling with the radishes. I’m going to summon the radishes frequently for reports and check if they have been working properly.


With a new direction, Helan territory has advanced again once more.


The expected ruin does not seem to coming anytime soon. A peaceful breeze blew over the Helan territory.


Maybe I’m not going into the ruins after all. However, I’m still going to brush up my skills as a blacksmith. That is because I think of it as my foundation. No, it’s not just opinion. It is definitely my foundation!!



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