149 Part 1


Volume 8, Episode 13


While waiting for Prince Arch’s visit, an unexpected guest returned.


It is Neko-sensei, who left after striking us with the lightning balls during the paid course to recover our memories. She was in the form of a beautiful lady. I have seen that brown hair before.


Speaking of which, Neko-sensei said that she will bring along a person who’s suitable for the post of the presiding judge, I wonder what happened with that. As far as I can see she’s alone.



“Neko-sensei! You’re finally back. Good job on the hard long journey.”


“That’s not the case, meow. As long as I use this form, stupid men will treat me nicely, meow. The journey was also easy, meow.”


Neko-sensei said that as she stuck out her prided bust with self-confidence.


Of course they will be tricked by these. Those men have committed no sin. Even I, who ought to have already become well-acquainted with Neko-sensei, cannot look straight at her when she is in her beautiful lady form.


“About the presiding judge case…”


“There’s no problem about that, meow. I brought that person properly, meow. That person wanted to look good for it, so it seems that that person will be coming later, meow.”


“Well, such a polite person. Neko-sensei. Thank you very much for recovering my memories. Leave the river fishes to me. I will prepare an abundant amount for you.”


“That will help a lot, meow. I can catch them by myself but I don’t like how my fur will be damaged by the water, meow. It’s the dilemma of a young woman, meow.”


I wonder if she returns back to her cat form when it comes to hunting. I’m sure that’s the case. She probably hunts for fish with shiny sharp eyes.


Even so, I wonder who the person Neko-sensei brought along is. I’m extremely curious. I hope it’s not a bipedal dog!? One person is enough for something like that.


After waiting for a while like that, right when Neko-sensei finished all the food supplies in the mansion, there was a visitor to the mansion. In order to not be rude, I directly went out to meet the person. Right there, stood a surprising person. It’s a person whom I have wanted to meet and did not expect to meet…


“…Old Moran!”


“Master, it has been long. I’m pleased that you look well.”


“Old Moran, you too! You have not changed at all! You looked the same the last time I saw you and you’re still lively!”


“Master you have grown a little larger, both physically and your inner-self wise.”


I’m surprised! I’m really surprised! I hugged him without thinking, carried him up, and spun him around, expressing my delights.


“Hah- It’s a greeting that’s hard on an old body.”


“S-Sorry. I ended up being too excited.”


It is a reunion after several years after all. I could not suppress my happiness.


“Why is Old Moran here? Or rather, why didn’t you come back all this while?”


“First of all, to answer your question as to why, it was because I was called by Neko-sensei.”


“By Neko-sensei?”


Ah, could it be Old Moran is the person who she said is suitable for the post of the presiding judge? Rather, are they acquaintances to begin with?


“That’s right. I have been taught a lot by Neko-sensei. Before realizing it, she became a trusted existence to me.”


I didn’t expect such a relationship.


Feeling the presence of someone approaching behind me, I turned around and it was Neko-sensei in her cat form.


“Moran, you have come here, meow. This is my student, Kururi-kiddo, who entrusted the task to me. And, here’s Moran-kiddo whom I wanted to introduce to you.”


Neko-sensei introduced us to each other once again. Mister Moran was called a “kiddo”, I wonder how long Neko-sensei has lived.


“Neko-sensei, I know Old Moran. Furthermore, our relationship goes all the way back.”


“Is that so, meow? That’s such a coincidence, meow. I hope you accept the job quick, meow. Moran-kiddo is perfect for this job, meow.”


It was as Neko-sensei said. With deep knowledge and void of greed, Old Moran is indeed the right person for this job. I cannot think of a better candidate. As expected of Neko-sensei.


“While I came here with the intention to accept the job, I brought along a person whom I wanted to pass this job to, last-minute.”


Old Moran came here with the intention to accept the job but to think that there is a last-minute change? There’s another person in question?


“Hey, will you please come out? Why are you hiding?”


I thought Old Moran was alone but it seems that he brought company. I heard some noises near the fences of the mansion, I wonder if the person was hiding there.


Seems like I was right, the person who was hurried out by someone else, and he was someone whom I have seen before too. Furthermore, the person who hurried him was also another person I know of.


“Mister Petal! Furthermore, you are…Eyan Deauville!?”


It’s not surprising that Old Moran’s travelling partner is Mister Petal. I can imagine the two close people spending their remaining years together leisurely with fun. However, the other person they brought along was Eyan Deauville!? He was the former prime minister and probably a depressed person after losing that position. Furthermore, he’s THE father of Eliza. I wonder why he is standing here right now.


“It has been long nari. Have you finished your greetings with Moran nari? You looked a little bigger compared to the last time I saw you nari. You remind me of that person with your red hair nari.”


Mister Petal stared at me with deep emotions. I hugged Mister Petal tightly too and expressed my joy at the reunion.


This is great enough. This is a great reunion so far, but what kind of feelings should I express towards the last person? I am sure it is not a mutual happiness when it comes to that reunion.


As both Eyan Deauville and I remained silent and did not seem to be opening our mouths, Old Moran introduced him to me.


“Eyan Deauville. He’s the former prime minister. Even though he possesses enviable talent, he wasted it on trivial things so I picked him up. I made sure to train him during the journey. Our relationship was like that.”


“Could it be that, the person you want to ultimately entrust the work to… could it be…”


“That’s right. While he might not be a completely upright person now, he has some good in him. I’m sure he will become a strong foundation capable of supporting the autonomous Helan state one day. Petal and I will work hard, but we will not be able to support for a very long time so…”


Please don’t say that, I want to be supported by you guys forever, but I understand that would not happen in reality. However, to think that the person who came in place of them is Eyan Deauville…

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