151 Part 1


Volume 8 Episode 15

For the next few days after the autonomous feudal lord inauguration, many nobles, big merchants, and even famous adventurers, came from far lands to visit the Helan feudal lord mansion to congratulate me. Among them, there was one young man. It was Riot, who I took in as my swordsman disciple during the time when Eli and I were manning a swords store.


“Master, it has been a while!”


He is a son of a noble and his mother has pretty keen eyes towards the products; that left an impression on me. Young Riot does not lose to his knowledgeable mother, as he’s extremely well-informed about things. There were various people who came to visit me after the autonomous feudal lord inauguration, but this visit really made me happy. It seems like he continued practicing with his sword diligently even after I was not around; his physique has changed, he’s different from the previous Young Riot.


“It has been a while. I am sorry that I left the street all of a sudden.”


First of all, I apologized for not seeing through his sword practice.


“Please stop apologizing, autonomous feudal lord. It is already an honor to be able to call you my Master.”


“There is no need to be formal. It will make me happy if you can treat me as you did back in the days when I was manning the swords store.”


“Really? I am glad. I was worried if Master has changed and become like those nobles from the capital.”


The nobles from the capital still have pretty bad reputation. I guess it must be true, given how the rumors have reached to even the youngsters. I will continue to watch myself daily so that I won’t end up like that.


“Eli is in the mansion, ya know? She is now called Eliza Helan though.”


“Ah, I know about your marriage. I came here to congratulate you on that too.”


Oh is that so. As expected, you have already gotten wind of the marriage news.


“I’m really happy I met Master. Mother told me to be mindful not to be rude, but now that I’ve met with Master directly, you’ve not changed at all and I don’t really have to care about mother’s warning.”


“That’s right. That’s right. Like the time when I manned the swords store, I’m still that earnest and serious big brother.”


“Big brother? Ah, yes that’s right!”


What is with that moment of doubt? I am not your big brother!? Are you trying to say I am your uncle or something? I interrogated and chased Riot for that. It seems like he is guilty of it as he desperately tried to run away. He desperately tried to run away but I finally cornered him to the mansion’s door.


“Well then, Riot. Let’s talk about that moment of doubt earlier.”


“Master!! Please leave me alone! Of course, at my age, everyone just looks like uncles to me!”


Yes, you have finally admitted it huh! The punishment for this sinful young man who has just called the autonomous feudal lord uncle-!! Sha!!


I leaped and Young Riot was already prepared for death. But, right at that moment I let him go. That’s because it seems like there’s a visitor as a knock came from the door. I’ll make him reflect by punishing him during his practice.


“Riot, it seems like there is another visitor. It is probably a noble who came to congratulate me on the matters of the autonomous feudal lord inauguration. Will you do the receptions and let the person in for me?”


“Yes! Leave it to me.”


I left the door matters to Riot and returned to the mansion to prepare for the visitor. Right then, an unexpected situation occurred.


A frightened shriek came from the door.


The shriek sounded like one has just encountered a giant who eats human in one mouthful. The owner of the voice is undoubtedly Riot. I immediately held onto my sword and dashed to the door.


Riot has lost strength in his legs and collapsed onto the ground.


Right behind him, was big stature man with his face hidden by the door frame.


“Gyaaaa, I-I-I will be killed, roasted, and eaten!!!”


“No…… young man. Calm down. I won’t do such thing……”


“Could it be, you will tear off my skin and suck my blood while I’m still alive, to the point there’s only bones left!!”


“Like I said…… I won’t do such thing……”




I immediately dropped the sword at the spot.


I know him. I know this person very well.


He gives off a clumsy feel with his gigantic body and his face being hidden by the door, he the owner of a slightly hurt heart …… Vain is here!!





I did not even have to confirm his face and shouted my friend’s name at the top of my lungs.


The owner of that gigantic body crouched slightly and looked inside through the door. There was smile on that clumsy face.


“It has been long, Kururi!! No, Helan autonomous feudal lord”


“Stop that. I don’t want Vain to call me that. Call me like you always did when we were in school like friends.”


“Is that so, Kururi. You might have gotten a little bigger, but you haven’t changed.”


“You too. You have not changed a bit and continue to intimidate children.”


“Intimidate…… This is unintentional……”


Ahahahaha, I couldn’t help but laugh.


Vain also appeared to have grown in size and his face has matured but his clumsiness is still the same; it makes me nostalgic.


“Hold on a minute, if Vain is here, that means……”


Right when I finished saying that, Vain shifted his body, revealing behind him a lady who is surrounded by bodyguards.


She dashed towards me despite her seemingly-hard-to-walk-in shoes, and after passing through the door, she leaped into my chest with a great force.


I caught that force.






“Ahh, to be able to meet Vain and even Crossy, God is rewarding me well today.”


“Master! I wonder how long has it been! I thought you would come to visit me!”


“Sorry! But we are able to reunite after all, so forgive me!”


Catching Crossy’s forceful body, we continued to spin around repeatedly. After a while, I noticed the painful stares from the bodyguards and let go of Crossy. That’s right. She is now a queen of a country. I shouldn’t touch her thoughtlessly. Crossy seems to have noticed that too and tidied up her dress.


Even so, Crossy has not changed much too. She has become much more beautiful and feminine but her atmosphere is the same as the time when she would train her body with Vain in my room. Just like that time, she continues to possess an earnest and kind atmosphere.


“The two of you should come into the mansion! How long will you be here? It is fine if you guys intend to stay forever.”

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