151 Part 2


“To think that you will ask us how long we will be here when we have just arrived, Master…… the autonomous feudal lord of Helan is impatient, hm.”


Crossy changed her way of calling me after being conscious of the bodyguards’ stares. Somehow, with the bodyguards around, I wasn’t able to enjoy the reunion as much.


And with that, I decided to forbid the bodyguards from entering the mansion.


I only permitted Vain, the head of the bodyguards in, and had Mister Lotson make arrangements for the other annoying ones to go on a hot spring tour.


I told the bodyguards that I have important political matters to discuss with Crossy, and they had no choice but to oblige quietly.


I showed Crossy around as it is the first time she has been in the Helan feudal lord mansion and she looked impressed. Vain has been here before but he realized the differences with the previous mansion and also looked impressed. This is a mansion built by Helan territory’s prided craftsman so I hope that they feel relaxed in it.



“What a wonderful building. Master’s wonderful human nature was built up here, hm?”


Even if you praise me that much, I will only give you a part of the treasures located in the basement!


I had Crossy and Vain sit down and brought the light snacks out first. There are many things I want to talk about. Eliza carried in the handmade tea and snacks. Like before, she is the only person doing the household chores here. I am really grateful towards her.


Eliza was not that close to Crossy and Vain so she did the minimal necessary greetings and left the room.


The remaining two people looked kind of dumbfounded.


“Is there anything wrong? Both of you are making incredible faces.”


“No, I am not sure if I can say this…”


Crossy words were stuck in her throat. Vain have already decided to leave the talking to Crossy and had no intention to do so.


“Of course you can say anything. There is no need for hesitation between us.”


“……In that case I will say it. I totally thought that Master was together with Iris and so I was kind of shocked when I saw Miss Eliza. Right, Vain?”


“……I agree.”


Ah, I see. Indeed I have a good relationship with Iris. Iris was also close to the both of them. However, in the end the one I chose was Eliza. After all……


“Eliza may seem like that but she has many cute sides to her. She may seem aloof but sometimes she acts differently and that is wonderful!”


“I-Is that so? That’s good. If Master is happy, there is nothing we will say.”


Yes, I’m happy!


“Master, are you still making swords as a blacksmith? I often remember Master blacksmithing while reminiscing on our school days.”


I haven’t been making swords recently. However, that does not mean I’m quitting it. I was just busy. Right when I was going to answer that, there was a sound from the corner of the room.


“…Master is my…”


When we turned our vision to the source of the sound, there was Riot, hiding in the shadows.


Oh that’s right. I was so shocked by the reunion with the two that I totally forgot about his existence. Riot continued his words.


“Master is my master! The woman over there, you kept called him Master repeatedly but with whose permission are you calling him!”


Vain stood up.


“She is not ‘the woman over there’, this is the queen of the Ammirare country, Miss Crossy Ammirare. You cannot be a noble without manners.”


Vain unsheathed his prided large sword.


Riot showed a greater shock to the bulky man unsheathing the large sword rather than Crossy’s identity.


His legs once again lost strength and he collapsed on to the ground.


Vain slowly walked towards him, lifted his large sword and then swung it downwards!


Riot had his eyes closed but the sword didn’t touch him.


Of course, the sword stopped a few inches before touching him. This is just Vain’s incomprehensible joke. Even though Crossy and I were aware of that, Riot did not have time to be acquainted with Vain so he probably thought that he is going to be killed.


After the successful prank, Vain looked happy by himself and gave a high-pitched laugh before returning to his seat. He looked so happy and it was probably a revenge for being screamed at earlier in front of the door. I am sure that was it.


Crossy approached Riot, who had lost the strength in his legs and could not stand up. She gently supported him up and asked him.


“What is your name?”


“R-Riot. I am the eldest son of the Norris family, and also the disciple of the Helan autonomous territory feudal lord!”


Riot mustered his willpower and said that with force.


“You must have heard earlier but I am the queen of Ammirare country and also the first disciple of Helan territory feudal lord! Fufu!”


“Wha-!? That can’t be true! I am Master’s first disciple!”


“Naïve, too naïve. It has been years since I was accepted in as his disciple. I am far above you in seniority, given that it has been barely one year since you became his disciple.”


“That cannot be true! But to think that he took in disciple from another country, what on earth happened?”


“The country does not matter. Master is not that small-minded. Seeing how you still do not get that, it really reveals the shortness of your disciple years.”


Riot has completely been defeated and froze in shock.


As there were no hindrances today, Crossy talked to Riot about how the three of us spent time in the past and what kind of relationship we have. Each time she did that, Riot looked frustrated and gave a defeated look. There is no need to be frustrated by that. There is not much honor to being my disciple.


Even so, while it was fun to listen to stories about our school days from the two, Crossy has totally exaggerated her stories.


She said that I was the strongest in the school, with no one who could rival me in terms of barehanded fights and magic skills. That I have charmed both men and women, and got to hug anyone I’d like to. That I ultimately get everything I want by force and had the whole school under my control. And that I’m a powerful guy, but that was totally fabrication.


If Crossy’s words were all true, I must be a truly incorrigible bastard. Getting to hug anyone I’d like to, both men and women!? Please stop it. It is a slander. Or at least please take back the word ‘men’. It will cause a huge misunderstanding.


That’s why I butted into the two’s stories and rattled off. That Crossy is always training in someone else’s room. That Vain prepared the raw lamb and forcibly fed me with it. These stories were supposed to disgust people but somehow Riot has developed a liking to the both of them. Seriously!? Don’t look at them with shiny eyes. Crossy is going to force you to train with her! Vain is going to forcefully feed you raw lamb! Come back before you get drawn in by them! Riot!!




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