152 Part 1


Volume 8 Episode 16

The two important people of Ammirare country stayed overnight at the Helan mansion.


Vain, as usual, woke up early in the morning. Having nothing to do since Crossy and the others are still asleep, he decided to entertain himself by visiting Poobe. It seems like he has taken a liking to Poobe and kept observing his body intently, ignoring Poobe’s visible discomfort.


“There is no such specimen in the Ammirare country. It is rare so I suppose it is quite strong? This dragon”


“It is rare but I am not sure if it is strong. I have never made him fight before.”


Vain widened his eyes.


I guess it is a rarity to not make dragons fight…


“No, that’s fine. The methods of raising dragons are different depending on the country. Still, that’s a pity. I think he will become the mightiest dragon and leave a mark in history, if you train him. As expected, even the dragon of Kururi is gifted…”


If you want him so much, should I give him to you?


‘Wait a minute! I don’t want to follow such a person!?’


Poobe objected using dragon telepathy waves. It was a joke. If I were to let you go randomly, Eliza would strike me down with lightning.


He shook his short tail as though to intimidate, but Vain just kept staring at the details of his body persistently. He noticed the mark on the chest and took a second look at the autonomous Helan territory flag for comparison.


“Could it be that the flag design is derived from this mark?”


“You noticed that? Yes, that’s right.”


“Ammirare country’s flag is also taken from the mark of a dragon, one which was once known to be the mightiest in history.”


“Is that so? That is quite an intriguing story.”


“It is indeed intriguing. There is only one dragon with a mark on its chest, that mightiest one, ever known in history. If Poobe also has a mark then…”


‘Stop it stop it! This person definitely desires me! Of course I am going to live with Eliza instead!’


Poobe desperately tried to convey his discomfort through dragon telepathy waves. Unfortunately it seems that his thoughts have not reached Vain.


Vain kept chasing after the escaping Poobe. This continued until Eliza brought Poobe his breakfast.


Vain continued his observation while Poobe was eating. He’s rattling off about whether the meal nutrition balance was good or not. When Poobe avoided food he disliked, Vain looked over with sharp eyes.


“You can’t do that! To build a strong body, eat up those beans! Don’t you want to be the strongest?!”


‘I don’t want to be one!’


“It seems like he wants to become one.”


“As expected! In that case, eat your beans! Eat THE beans!”


It is not good to have likes and dislikes in food so I purposely mistranslated Poobe’s dragon telepathy waves. Having been fiercely cornered by Vain, Poobe had no choice but to finish the beans.


“All right, that’s good. Kururi, during the time we are here, will you lend me this guy? I have never seen a dragon that has this much potential for training!”


“Sure, please do.”


‘Wait! I don’t want to be involved with this person as much as possible though!?’


Vain straddled onto Poobe and urged it to fly high. Poobe was reluctant but he eventually conceded. Vain looked impressed once again by how Poobe sucked in as much air as he could and flew high up to the sky.


“The Ammirare country’s strongest dragon also flies differently from other dragons! This dragon must be an incarnation of it!”


I sent them off while thinking that they are sure energetic since the early hours. Poobe has recently gotten a little chubby too, so I’m glad there is someone who is going to train him. I don’t even mind paying if necessary.



After the boisterous duos were gone, I went back to the mansion.


Crossy just woke up and was about to eat breakfast with Riot. She seems to be chatting with Eliza in a friendly manner and that relieved me.


“Ah, Master. Mrs. Eliza’s homemade breakfast is extremely delicious!”


“That’s right. Eliza is very good at cooking.”


Riot did not say anything and gobbled up the breakfast. Using the nobles’ etiquette of expressing gratitude, Eliza thanked the Ammirare queen for the praise.


Crossy found that extremely funny and burst into laughter for a while. I felt like the relationship between the two has deepened even further.


Vain and the others do not seem to be returning so I spent time with Crossy and Riot after breakfast. I listened to stories of the Ammirare country and also told stories of the Helan territory.


“Master, we are talking with each other like friends now, but after Vain is back, I want to have a conversation between us as Ammirare’s queen and Helan’s autonomous feudal lord, would you be kind enough to spare us time?”


“Of course, that is fine. I don’t think there is a difference between the two but you are not going to talk about it as friends?”


“Yes. Even though I am like this, I am after all someone who bears the country on her back, so I have to talk seriously. There are many requests I would like to make to the powerful Helan autonomous feudal lord.”


Even though important conversations are waiting ahead of us, Vain does not seem to be returning anytime soon. I used dragon telepathy waves to contact Poobe but there wasn’t any reply. It seems like they have gone somewhere distant.

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