Bots 152 Part 2

I think Vain is aware that there are important conversations but he is probably too enthusiastic about finding a worthy dragon to train. Vain is still the same as before. I really like that side of him and even though Crossy looked a little fed up with it, I’m sure she doesn’t dislike it.



“Queen Crossy, head of the bodyguards Vain does not seem to be coming back anytime soon, so why don’t we proceed with the conversation?”


“I’m embarrassed about that, autonomous feudal lord.”


“No no, I think it is great that the head of the bodyguards Vain is doing that. He is looking after our fat dragon and I’m thankful for that.”


“Tsk, once he is back I am going to punish him so please forgive us.”


“Be lenient please”



Negotiations between the queen and the autonomous feudal lord, not friends, have begun.


“I mentioned that I have a request, and I think you have already received much of such requests, but it is pertaining to the magic train.”


“Well, I figured so.”


“I want our country to start running the magic train, as soon as possible, to increase our resources. Unlike the Helan autonomous feudal lord, I do not have much power and unfortunately cannot drive away the difficult oppositions. The Lord Saluman is still holding power in the southern part of our country and he is a threat to the country. Therefore, I would like to increase the disparity, in terms of trading, between the north and south, through running the magic train in the north. I plan to gain power through that and bury Lord Saluman once and for all.”


“Hmm hmm. I see.”


I have already known about the majority of this issue. There was a war fought with the Lord Saluman and I also know that he still possesses power now. He has also worked with the Dartanel family in cahoots to threaten the Kudan country. This is not a talk completely unrelated to me.


“Helan autonomous feudal lord has probably already received many requests about building the magic train. However, I would like you to prioritize the Ammirare country. Of course, the cost for construction of rails etc will be shouldered by our side, so I think it will also benefit the Helan autonomous feudal lord.”


“It is not a bad offer.”


However, it is also true that there are many other similar requests, and there are also other better offers.


“Well, that was probably a common offer you have received, right? Well, the Ammirare country plans to pay more than that.”


Oh!? Crossy seems to be emanating a totally different atmosphere from before. The pressure of an extremely powerful existence- Speaking of which, she has ruled from the throne for quite a long while. She was able to bear the country on her back so it shouldn’t be a surprise that she has grown so much beyond imagination.  It seems that she is also expecting victory in this negotiation.


“If you allow us to progress on with the construction of the magic train, we will allow the exports of dragons which were brought up in the Ammirare country, to the autonomous Helan territory, as a national policy. Every year, we will export a steady number of dragons at special prices. I think that wouldn’t be a bad offer to the Helan autonomous feudal lord who needs military strength.”


Sigh, she has totally made the negotiation attractive compared to the others with this offer. However, I did not expect such an inviting offer to be made by my old friend, who just came here to congratulate me for the inauguration of the Helan autonomous feudal lord.


“Queen of Ammirare, here is my reply…”


“Wait a minute please. Before replying, I would like to say something. In the event that the southern Lord Saluman was driven out, I will give half of that territory to the Helan autonomous feudal lord. This is not just a decision I made on my own, I have discussed it with my underlings and we came to an agreement. This is what I, the queen of Ammirare, can offer. Please go ahead and reply.”


It seems like she has come here with quite a conviction.


The queen and the head of bodyguards crossed over the country to the western-most Helan territory. Their underlings might not have accepted that if it was just for a reunion between old friends, I guess……



“Queen of Ammirare, my reply has remained unchanged and here it is. I do not need the half of land acquired, in the event that Lord Saluman is driven out. The Ammirare country is too far away and it would be hard to control it.”


“……Is that so?”


“Also, I do not need any national policy for rebates on the dragons brought up in the country. If necessary, please sell them at their established prices.”


“……I got it. It is extremely disappointing but it is also true that this is an unreasonable request. I will stop here already-”


“However, I would like to accept the construction of the magic train.”




“Of course the fees will be paid by your side. Please continue with the construction such that it will benefit my territory too.”


“It will just be too normal then! I am pretty sure you have received a lot of such offers. There is no reason to prioritize my country!”


“Reason? There is a reason.”


“Please don’t tell me it’s because we are friends!? If it’s for that reason, I will not agree to it!”


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