bots 152 Part 3


“You don’t like it if our friendship is the reason?”


“I don’t like that! I want a fair negotiation!”


She is quite obstinate. I wonder if this stubbornness came from having sat on the throne for numerous years. She probably needed to be this dominating in order to continue her reign.


Crossy looked at me as though she is not going to compromise. It is an offer that should have made her happy but it seems that she really wanted to pay what is deserved. This is the first time I have such a negotiation. I have no idea how I should deal with this.


At that moment, the door opened and Eliza came in to exchange the cooled tea.


Crossy and I remained silent as she changed the tea.


Right there, Eliza opened her mouth.


“Autonomous feudal lord and queen of Ammirare, is it okay if I say something?”




“Yes, of course.”


“I don’t mind too.”


Having confirmed our permission, Eliza sat down. She then expressed her opinion.


“Do you find the suggestion made by Kururi Helan, the Helan autonomous feudal lord and also my husband, unfair?”


“……Yes, that’s right. My country is benefitting from it too much. National affairs should not be influenced by friendship whatsoever. I think it is the job of the autonomous feudal lord to ensure maximum benefit, and doing otherwise would be a betrayal to the territory civilians.”


Crossy chose her words carefully but she was trying to indicate something to me. Eliza listened to her. This time around, I expressed my thoughts.


“I don’t think that is the case. When it comes to management, emotions will definitely come into place. Even if I try to select the choice with the maximum benefit, that could end up to be a wrong choice. Conversely, there are many cases of benefits arising from trivial contracts. I think emotions are a wonderful indicator for judgment.”


“……However, even so, the benefits for the Helan autonomous feudal lord are way too little.”


“There are many tasty benefits. Queen of Ammirare, how did you come to the Helan autonomous territory? I can imagine that you have ridden a horse wagon or dragon towards the capital of Kudan country, and then transferred to the magic train to cross over the country to reach this land, isn’t that the case? Since you have bodyguards with you, I am sure it was a pretty tough journey with lots of difficulties, right? Do you have to go that far to meet your friend? If you are able to come here directly by magic train, it will be much easier.”


“Mrs. Eliza? W-What are you talking about?”


“If the magic train directly connects us, you can easily come over to the Helan autonomous territory. I will envy my husband, who can meet his friend year after year. This tasty benefit, is it not enough?”


“It is enough!”


I immediately support Eliza’s proposal.


Crossy let out a smile without realizing.


“Sigh, Master you are just like you, and Mrs., you are just like you too.”


Crossy cannot help but laugh non-stop.


“Well then, shall we do this? Let’s add in the condition that I, the queen of Ammirare and Vain, the head of bodyguard, are required to visit the Helan autonomous territory every year. That concludes the condition on the Ammirare side.”


“You have summarized it well. Queen of Ammirare, I permit you to continue with the magic train construction plan under the name of Helan autonomous feudal lord Kururi Helan.”


Crossy and I exchanged a firm handshake.


“Thanks to Eliza, the talk came into conclusion, and to think that Crossy and Vain will come here every year, as expected of Eliza!! I shall abbreviate it to ExpectedEli.”



Delivering thoughts of gratitude to my wife, another thought came into my mind. It seems like it is the dragon telepathy wave.


‘This is bad, this is bad! I cannot stop! This person is training me to fly in a weird way-!!!’


Poobe’s shouts flew into my head via the dragon telepathy wave. What on earth is happening?


I tried to ask Poobe about his situation via dragon telepathy wave, but I only got screams in reply.


Right then, the mansion’s window suddenly opened, and a dragon and a large man flew in.






Vain is covered with blood from the glass shards, and Poobe was so exhausted he collapsed onto the ground. What on earth is happening, it is so chaotic that I can do nothing but laugh.


Crossy panicked a bit as she punched Vain’s head.


“Hey! What have you done to Master’s mansion?!”


“It’s fine. I will take the responsibility and fix it tomorrow.”


“That’s not the issue! Tsk, we were having a talk that bears the country’s fate!”


“It’s fine. If that talk fell apart, I will try to make a request again.”


“Argh! You are!!”


At this moment, I realized the difficulties Crossy has been facing normally. The two of them will probably continue their relationship like this. Somehow, that was really funny and I laughed.


The two of them left the Helan autonomous territory three days later.


Vain has indeed fixed the mansion. He is unexpectedly skilled and displayed an unexpected talent.


I wonder when their next visit will be. I look forward to it.




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