153 Part 1


Volume 8 Episode 17

It is time to squander some of the overflowing wealth.


The vault underground has already been filled to the brim since before, but adding on the gifts Prince Arch brought over during the earlier autonomous feudal lord inauguration ceremony and those from nobles who visited me day and night for the next few days, my mansion is finally about to burst.


Eliza has expressed discontent at how the mansion has become disorganized too, so I have decided to start the meeting where we will squander away the wealth we have gathered since the advent of the Helan territory.



First of all, it is time for the investment department. Eh? We are not squandering the money away? Well, let’s put that aside first.


It is finally time for the youths who gathered to present their ideas. Please work hard.


Well then, the first person, go ahead please!


“Wappa. A puppet maker. When it comes to making puppets, I have self-confidence that there’s no one who can rival me. I am especially good at making exquisite women faces. Here is a work I made of Mrs. Eliza.”


The young man took out a huggable life-sized puppet with both hands. Like the young man’s assertions, the face exactly resembles that of the beautiful Eliza, even the hair color was replicated closely.


“I also have Mr. Kururi’s puppet. It is as good as Mrs. Eliza’s one. I would like to pass down the story of Mr. Kururi, the legend of the Helan territory, down to the next generations through puppet shows. For that sake, a puppet theatre is required and I would like to seek funding for it.”


All right, that’s the end. I invested three rubies. Eliza invested one emerald. Her own face was replicated in a real way to the point it disturbs her instead; it backfired and she seems to be a little strict in her funding.


Young man Wappa. In addition to three rubies, one emerald- that’s our investment.



Well then, next up please!


“Lutsuru. Pianist. I came to Helan territory from the rural area.”


I guess it is the era where people head to Helan territory from the rural areas… Times sure have changed.


“This is my latest piece I composed. Please listen to ‘The Awakening of Eliza’.”


She played her self-composed song on an old piano. Not only were her skills good, the song itself is wonderful. It started off a gentle tempo that seems to be gently stroking our ears, and right at the very end, all of the high keys bounced off in a chain. It was the highlight.


“I aim to become the world’s number one pianist. To expose the children to music, I would like to travel around the Helan territory. For that sake, I would like to purchase a moveable horse wagon stage.”


Yes, that is the end. What a wonderful goal!


I funded her with a legendary piano, where it’s said that there are only three of them in this world.


Eliza funded her with five paintings, eight vases and three diamonds.


Since it felt like her dreams might be difficult to pursue, I invested with just a piano. Eliza’s appraisal was remarkably high and she made a huge funding. The title of the piece might have been a good idea.


A simple lady Lutsuru. One piano, five paintings, eight vases, and three diamonds- that’s our investment.



Well then, next up please!


“Gantzu. A horse trainer. I want to train good horses. The magic trains and dragons have become the talk of the town lately, and that makes me want to treat horses preciously all the more. Also, I want to train a horse to be the fastest in the world. My goal is to train a horse that exceeds a magic train!”


I see, that is a pretty interesting viewpoint. A horse that exceeds a magic car- hmm there is indeed romance in it.


“One of the horses I have trained has been bought over by Prince Arch this year. I think that tells a lot about my skills. I want to create the best horse ranch which highlights the beautiful nature of Helan territory. Please fund me.”


Yes, that’s the end. That’s the spirit! That romance.


I funded him with a deed to the land and two hundred silver bars.


Eliza funded nothing.


The difference between a man who understands the romance in training the fastest horse, and the woman who understands nothing- it seems like Eliza prefers an obedient horse instead.


The freckled young man Gantzu. A deed to the land and two hundred silver bars. That’s our investment.



Well then, the gold underground has started to free up some spaces in a nice way. The space in the mansion has been freed up too.


It is the loaning division next! Eh? You mean this isn’t squandering? Well, we are lending but we will not be receiving interest for that.


Well then, to those of you entrepreneurs who want to expand your business, it is time for you to make an appeal!!



Let’s start off with the first person!


“Polmat. A bean farmer. Recently Helan territory has some worries about self-sufficiency in food. Currently we produce sixty percent of our food and import the other forty percent. I would like to change this proportion to eighty-twenty. To support the increasing Helan civilians, I think eighty percent of self-production is the most ideal figure. Also, I want the Helan civilians to know once again about the wonderful nutritional benefits of beans. Please loan me some money for production expansion and advertisements.”


Yes, that’s the end. Brilliant, extremely brilliant.


I lent three golden bars.


Eliza lent three golden bars.


He is so brilliant that both Eliza and I gave high appraisals. He said he will send us beans as gratitude. I guess we will be having bean snacks tonight.


A slightly well-fleshed middle-aged Polmat. Six golden bars– that’s our loan.



Next, come on please!


“Kathy. A bird-lover. I am good at communicating with birds, and before realizing it, I have started keeping over dozens of birds of various breeds. I want to make this a business opportunity, so I came here.”


Hmm, so she has not set up a business yet. She wants to start from the scratch huh, that’s interesting.


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