153 Part 2

“It is a new way of communicating with birds. Instead of deep conversations in letters, simple messages like ’Where are you heading to?’ and ‘How are you feeling?’ will be sent using them. The idea is to pre-assign specific messages to each bird species and then let them fly to send the messages over long distances. Please loan me some money for the rearing of new birds and advertising for customers.”


Yes, that’s the end. It seems like there will be demand for it. I want to have one in my mansion and use it to call Mr. Lotson.


I lent one golden bar.


Eliza lent one spirit egg.


It is a promising talk, but both my pessimistic self and mysterious Eliza gave surprisingly low appraisal. Well, the person in charge looked happy so I guess that’s fine.


A mysterious young lady Kathy. One golden bar and one spirit egg- that’s our loan!



Well, well, next up!


“Shao. I want to do something for the sake of humanity. It would be good if I could improve myself in that process. It is not that I seek for the respect of others. I don’t mind being low profile. I just want to do something that can change the world. Please loan me money so that I can use it to widen my connections. As long as I have gratitude in my heart, I think I will be able to resolve any problem.”




I lent the thickest book in the room.


Eliza lent a travel ticket to the Ammirare country.


Seems like we are trying to pass to this self-conscious lad an unknown book and a ticket to an unknown world.


Self-conscious young man, Shao. A thick book and an overseas travel ticket- that’s our loan!



Well then, it seems like the loaning is completed. Well then, this time round we are seriously going to squander away our wealth!


It is the long-awaited Helan autonomous territory huge bingo competition!!


Specially designed magic-imbued bingo cards were distributed to each and every civilian, and we have a huge bingo competition.


“First of all, please press Kururi Helan’s face in the middle.”


That was written on the bingo card form, and the game starts from there. I too pressed the center of my bingo card.


Well then, since it is a huge bingo competition, the scale is fairly large. Furthermore, only one drawing is pressed and flipped over once a day.


On the first day, Poobe flew up into the sky with a huge hanging banner draped around him. Eliza’s drawing was painted on the hanging banner. That’s right, Eliza’s drawing will be flipped over today.


And on my bingo card… there’s no drawing of Eliza!! No way, I thought I’d flip over a drawing today. But I couldn’t!


Well, there are still chances for bingo, and it’s the second day of the huge bingo competition!


Poobe flew up high in the sky and once again, there is a hanging banner draped over his body.


Right there, is a drawing of Neko-sensei.


Neko-sensei will be flipped over on the second day! On my bingo card…… please don’t tell me it’s a miss again!?


It is a six icon by six icon bingo card with a total of 36 icons. The fast ones would have already lined up three icons already! What should I do!? Will I be able to make a comeback here!?


The third day!


On the hanging banner draped over Poobe’s body… Arch Kudan! The royalty is also in it!? There are royalty faces on the bingo icons!? And on my bingo card… of course he’s not there! I give up already! D.a.mn you Prince Arch, I’ll get my revenge for this!


The fourth day! Poobe flew up into the sky and draped over him was… Eyan Deauville!! What a nice guy with a smart face! Eliza’s papa! The fast ones would have achieved ‘reach’!


The fifth day! It is the important day where there might be a bingo! I wonder if those who achieved ‘reach’ could sleep last night!?


Well then, the drawing draped over Poobe was… the old lady of the Helan inn!! Who is that!? I don’t know her! Even strangers are on it. I wonder if there is anyone who has achieved bingo.


……, there is! In the afternoon, a young girl came over to the mansion with her bingo card.


“I-It’s a bingo!”


The adorable girl announced her bingo in a timid way.


“What do you want?”


“Mama wants the most expensive thing……”


Yes, of course that’s good. I searched around the underground gold vault and found a pig made of pure gold. It is quite bulky and takes up space, so this would be good. I carried it over to the young girl.


“Congratulations on your bingo!”


“Thank you, feudal lord!”


It doesn’t seem like she can carry it back so I prepared a horse wagon. I’m sure that girl earlier will like bingo for the rest of her life. There was only that girl on the fifth day!



On the sixth day! It is finally an important day where an outburst of bingos is likely to occur!


Well then, the drawing draped over Poobe was…… radish!


To think that it will be a magical creature! Those who don’t know about it will be completely clueless! People who know it, like me, know it too well! Don’t add it to this bingo game!


…… someone came over having reached bingo with the radish.


It was a radish.




It won.


They shouldn’t have joined the game. I gave him fertilizer. He went back looking extremely happy.


Actually, this is the end and there weren’t any other bingos. As expected it seems like there were too many trivial drawings. The young girl, who brought her mother’s desire with her, and the radish, were the only winners and that marks the end of the first huge bingo competition.


Even though spaces were freed up in the underground gold vault, there wasn’t much of a difference. Furthermore, the repayments for the investments and loans arrived one after another afterwards, and it returned back to its original state.


“I might have been a little too stingy.“


“That’s right. Let’s add in one more game to the second round.”


“What should I do if I end up being stingy again?”


“In that case, hold a third round.”


Let’s do that.




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