154 Part 1


Volume 8 Episode 18


Time has passed since the establishment of Helan autonomous territory.



My workload has settled down quite a lot, so I decided to take a look at the changes of the territory; to do that I used transformation magic to conceal myself and survey around the territory. I took on the appearance of a refreshing blonde young man. It kinds of resemble Prince Arch’s appearance. Of course, I chose to wear civilian clothing. With this appearance, I will probably be able to see things that I wouldn’t be able to in the form of a feudal lord. And in case something goes wrong, Prince Arch will take the reputational damage, so I am killing two birds with one stone in this transformation!



I quickly went to the streets and was handed over some suspicious samples at the bustling pathway.  When I opened the cover, there was one white pill. According to the instructions, it is just a vitamin supplement but some roots of evilness might be concealed here. I bit onto the pill to taste and swallowed it. From the knowledge I have acquired from the years of developing medicinal plants with Toto… this is indeed just a vitamin supplement. How peaceful……



After walking on the path further, the view of the lively market came into sight. The girls I passed by all glanced at me. Hmm, I guess my pretty boy façade is too much. Next time I will make myself look slightly uglier. While thinking about that, a certain madam grabbed onto my arms. Who knew such persistent type exists? I guess I really have to make myself look slightly uglier.


I thought it was a pickup technique by a woman but it seems like that wasn’t the intention of the madam’s invitation.


“Handsome guy. Since you are just loitering around, I wonder if you are free.”


“What is it?”


“Please do not put on airs. I am going to a boring and awful place but I don’t have a companion. It will help if you, handsome guy, will come with me.”


It seems like she was heading towards a party where influential people gather. I guess it will be boring without a companion. Since I am taking a look at the territory’s situation, this might be a wonderful chance since I get to infiltrate into the party of the influential people.


“That is fine with me!”


Madam winked at me and agreed to allow me as a companion.


“Oh, that’s wonderful.”



Madam told me that the dress code is quite strict to attend the party. To prepare proper clothes for me, we headed to the dress store. I had the clothes fitted, and the civilian clothing I have taken the effort to prepare has turned back into formal clothing. The Madam paid for all the fees here. Since we happened to be shopping in the store, I decided to prompt about the store’s business. It seems like business has been thriving.


“Is this alright? Madam. You have gone this far for me and will even treat me to a meal…”


“It is fine. It will relieve a lot of stress to have a person to talk to in such a boring setting.”


Apparently, that was the reason. After riding the horse wagon, we reached a high class restaurant that is rare even in the Helan territory.


People entering the restaurant will have their names checked, and the interior was extremely clean and splendid. Everyone inside were donning tidy clothes and they exude a high-class air that is up on par with that of the capital royalty.


Madam and I sat at the allocated long rectangular table. After which, other invited guests have arrived, filling up the seats at the table.


“I don’t think the party is that boring, though?”


“It will happen from now, the boring part.”


Madam shivered on purpose as if to show the terror.


When the seats were all filled up, the party started. Other than Madam, everyone looked like they were having fun. I thought that it will be a waste not to eat the food that was specially prepared so I gobbled them up.


“Everybody, let’s end our meal and start talking about the important issues.”


“See, it’s here.”


Madam muttered quietly after the man seated at the corner of the table made the announcement.


“It is about the issue of how we, the chosen civilians, are receiving the same treatments as the ordinary civilians.”


Hmm. Sounds like a pretty interesting talk is about to occur.


The man continued and talked about what is currently happening in the Helan territory.


Everyone can easily start up businesses, and people who were poor in the yesteryears can suddenly become rich today. As the number of those people increases, there are more interaction between them and the people of higher social status-


“That is just too unpleasant! Noble are nobles. No matter what, we have different statuses compared to the common civilians. That is something that the Helan territory feudal lord does not understand.”


The current Helan territory does not prioritize the nobles at all, and is treating them equally with the commoners. That was something that this man could not accept. Also, all the gentlemen and ladies who have gathered here, agreed with him- with the exception of the Madam. This was probably the reason why she said it’s boring. Well, well, isn’t it really interesting?


“I agree with that view!”


I announced with a loud voice.


Ohhh- cheers arose. I noticed that everyone’s looking over here at me.


“We, the nobles, are treated equally with the ordinary commoners. It is indeed an alarming situation.”


“That’s right! It’s as you’ve said. This Helan territory is making a mistake with that.”


“Yes, that’s right. I wonder what the Helan feudal lord is thinking about. He ought to treat us nobles better but he does not even change the tax amount and we do not receive any sort of privileges.”


That’s right, that’s right! Sounds of agreement reverberated from the area. Madam looked at me with a confused look. Well, the young man she brought to relieve the boredom of the troublesome gathering has become the leader after all; it is natural for her to be troubled.


“Well then. Let’s do this, alright? Everyone”


After confirming that the surroundings have become calmer, I continued to talk about my proposal.


“Shall we head towards the Helan feudal lord mansion right now? And then, we will make known to him these intense feelings. Tell him that ‘You are wrong, so you ought to change the policy to prioritize us!’”


“What!? That is……”


“What is that? We are right so why should we be afraid?”


“That’s true but…… To intrude into the feudal lord mansion just like that……”


The man who fired up the topic has become quite timid now.


“There’s nothing to be scared about! That’s because we are right. I will lead the way. Everyone can just follow me. Let’s go and make a claim for our rights!”


……No one agreed with me. Where did the enthusiasm, everyone showed earlier, go to? They don’t even try to make eye contact with me. There isn’t a single person who will take action.


Right here, I decided to reveal my true identity. Not as Kururi Helan, but as the young man who was walking around the street earlier.


I took off the formal outerwear and took my favorite apple from the platters of fruits lined up on the table. Without peeling the skin off, I bite into it. Upon looking at me, the woman nearby gasped softly.


“I’m sorry. I’m actually a plain ordinary commoner. I just wanted to tease everyone for a bit.”


“You’re really an ordinary commoner?”


“Yes. While I am wearing proper-looking clothes, I am actually someone who sleeps under the eaves. It must be kind of fate for me to be able to eat with everyone like this. I don’t mind if you complain about the feudal lord. I also don’t mind if you complain about the system. However, if you don’t have the courage to speak about it, it is better to stop such parties. If you end up scheming something bad in the middle of such parties, you will risk losing your precious noble status.”

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