Botsuraku Youtei

Volume 4 Chapter 11

The prince had been visiting my room quite a lot recently but, rarely enough, this time he brought something good with him.


“Here, this is for you.”


He said while handing over a letter from Rahsa.

Rahsa, the second prince, is a lovely younger brother, unlike his impudent, elder brother.

He yearns to be like me. Ah, how sweet.

I eagerly opened the letter while recalling my memories of him.


It was not a letter for some particularly urgent need.

As we had not met for quite a while, he wrote his greetings and asked about how things were going.

Letters are originally like that so it was actually wrong on my part to think otherwise.


However, there were still three points I was curious about.

‘We have not met for a long time so I feel kinda lonely’ was the number one point.

Too cute!

Too lovely!

I doubt there are other young kids like him who are this pure-hearted.

Rahsa is probably the only one who thinks of me this much.

I am so profoundly attached to him that I think he is probably the only one who thinks of me this much.

I should also send my thought, that I miss him too. Pipippipiii! ……. I wonder if it reached him.


And the second point was ‘Aniki, the swords you made became really popular in the royal castle.’

This, this is probably because of that.

The one I made for Jeremy-senpai.


Since Jeremy-senpai praised it that much, I had known that it was valued quite highly.

After that, 11 additional requests of production came through Jeremy-senpai, which have already been delivered by this time. It seems like those swords are receiving a lot of love from their users.

To the point of being really popular in the royal castle.


Ah, reading this makes me feel proud.

Moreover, it gives me the confidence that I can really keep on going on this path.


It also seems like my name is getting a little more well-known, so at this rate, in a few years….. fufufuffu.

Stopping my tanuki-like over-optimistic calculations, I shifted my attention towards the final point.


‘Aniki, if it’s okay, won’t you come over to the royal capital during the winter break? You could stay at our house while you’re here.’ this final line.


At a glance, it looks like a pretty frank invitation like ‘Let’s hangout at our house!’.

However, that house, your house, are you aware that it is the royal castle, Prince Rahsa?!

No one goes to the capital with ‘I guess I will stay over at the royal castle.’ in mind!


I have been to the royal capital a few times before.

Needless to say, it is quite a nice place.


There is a different charm to it than Helan, where nature is beautiful.

The royal capital, where old, long buildings are lined up.

That has its own beauty of what the humans have built up till now.

Still, I have not been inside the royal castle once.


My father has gone a few times before and I heard about his impressions of it.

‘Nnn, the castle was huge, and there were a lot of knights, and my stomach was hurting a lot.’

It was like a impression a pre-schooler would have.


The royal castle is, in other words, a place majestic enough for the royal family to live in. Moreover, there would be a ton of sturdy-looking soldiers protecting the royal family.

Yep, really does not feel like one could relax at a place like that.

Worst-case scenario, I might also end up with an aching stomach and live to speak of the same impression.


Nevertheless, it is still an invitation from Rahsa.

How would it look like if I just flat out reject?

Rahsa came to the Helan territory before, didn’t he?

And yet me not going to the royal castle at all won’t be good.

And I also do want to meet Rahsa.


Mm, and so, I decided to go!


But, there is still time left till the winter break.

When winter break ends, we will also be second years.

At the end of school year, there is also that test which will affect which class we fall into.

I would be quite busy during that time.

So I decided to prepare for my trip to the capital after I am done with all that.


They say snow piles up quite a bit in the royal capital so we could also play with the snow.

There are also a lot of large shops so shopping there would be fun as well.

There will be many pretty women too so there’s no doubt it will be a treat for the eyes.

Before I realized, I was going wild with my imaginations of fully enjoying the royal capital.

What- Could it be that I was actually looking quite forward to it?


Similar to the summer vacation, I was curious about what that person was planning to do.

So I caught her during the class break.


“Iris, do you have something planned for winter vacation?”


“I have not yet decided but I was invited to a place so…”


“Don’t tell me, from the prince?”


“He was asking me if I wanted to go to the capital. I did plan on refusing but he is being kinda stubborn.” Iris said with a bitter smile.


She is probably trying to properly decline him without hurting his feelings. I can feel her hardships.


“Actually, about that, will you reconsider? I was also thinking of going to the royal capital.”


“Is that so?! But still, I think I will pass. I had fun in Helan during summer but for a bumpkin like me to go to the capital..”


“But, you know, prince Rahsa also wants to meet. And besides, I am a bumpkin as well.”


“But there’s a world of difference between a commoner like me and a noble like you. Even though we are both from the countryside, you’re like the leading edge of the countryside, you know?”


Leading edge?!

What is with that really mysteriously cool title?!


“There are no levels of being from the countryside. And also, this might be a good opportunity to get rid of our bumpkin-ness. You have been officially invited by the prince too, so there will be no problem. Let’s go!”


“Ahh, if you invite me like that, so full of spirit, it is hard for me to refuse. It would be easier if I was called as a worker or something like the time in Helan territory.”


“Ah, I see.”


That is true. That way, it might be more comfortable for Iris.

To work in the long-awaited vacation, it feels absurd to me.


“Then, let’s try discussing with the prince. Or we could also ask Rahsa.”


“Hmm, if it’s like that then I will consider it.”


“I will go catch the prince. Wait for the result.”


And so I went to persuade the prince.




“Prince! Give me a job!”


“What is this, out of the blue?”

I caught the prince while he was having his lunch, looking somewhat unhappy.

And beside him sat Rail, with a refreshing face in contrast with the prince’s.


“Prince, it seems you have invited Iris to the capital for winter vacation.”


“Fuunn, did you come to laugh at me?”


“No, not at all. I came to give you some advice.”


“Advice? You can’t be trusted. Don’t you also think so, Rail?”


“I think at least listening to him would not be bad. In fact, he did get Iris to go over to Helan during summer vacation.”





Rail precisely hits the prince where it hurts.

Which reminds me, the prince was rejected in summer too.


“Prince, Iris feels a huge burden when you invite her as a guest.”




“As I was saying, you could just invite her as a helping hand in the castle. Leaving the miscellaneous matters to her would be best. She can do those perfectly.”


“Nope. I should prepare a job worthy of Iris. I can’t make her do chores.”


“What would that job be?”


“Hmmm, I guess I will prepare a post in the government or something…”


You blockhead!!

Give that job to me!!


“Nn, ahem, that’s out of the question. Even inviting her as a guest would be better than that. Right, Rail?”


“You’re asking me? Well, I do roughly agree.”


“Impossible! You fools.. you want me to make Iris do the cleaning of the castle or something?!”


“Yes. Iris wishes for it so that would be pretty good.”


“….. impossible!”


“And besides, stationing Iris near the King’s room might bring about an unforeseen chemical reaction like-

Hmm? Who is that beautiful young lady over there?’

‘Ah, that’s the temporary cleaning person here just for the winter.’

‘I see. Hoh hoh hoh, she is working so hard being so young. Now that I look closely, her face is very beautiful as well. Ah, I know! I should make her marry my son!’

‘Ohh, that is a wonder idea! I will prepare for it immediately!’

And like that, there might be a conversation between the king and some mysterious, old man.”


“My father does not talk like that. And also, not some mysterious, old man. There is an old man. As if it would go so smoothly!”


Even though he says that, he is probably having quite the delusion now. It is written all over his face.

Even though he is quite smart, he becomes an idiot and takes things pretty seriously when it comes to love.

Just like they say, love is blind.


“Even still, I do agree with you a little there.”


No, no, no, no, I do not! Even though I was the one who said it but, there is no way a miracle like that is happening!


“I see, hmm, I see, I see. If that’s so then I guess I will make the arrangements. Then it’s that – it’s settled. Let’s do that. I will hire Iris as the temporary cleaner! Kururi, pass it onto her!”


Agree with me a little?

It sure feels like you wholeheartedly agree with me though.


The prince left the dining hall, laughing in a lively mood.

He is the type of person who would always laugh while leaving when they are in a good mood.


“Will you be going to the capital for winter break as well, Kururi-kun?”


“Ah, yes. I was invited by Rahsa.”


“I see. It looks like winter vacation won’t be so boring then.”


After saying something suggestively meaningful, Rail followed the prince ouf of the dining hall.

Well, most of the time when Rail says something meaningful, it actually does not mean anything.


Anyway, with this, I feel like I could bring Iris to the capital.

Besides that, I guess I will also invite Toto.

Although he probably won’t go.


I found Toto riding around the field on the dog, Gorou.

Gorou being a large-breed dog and Toto having a small build, it somehow works out.

Leaving that aside, it looked like they were getting along well.


“Toto, it looks like you’re having quite fun.”


“Yep, I don’t know if he got a hunch that Iris will be gone for a while or not but, he came snuggling up to me.”


Clever! You’re too clever, Gorou!


“Well, when he comes up to snuggle like this, he feels surprisingly cute too.”


Skilled! You’re too skilled at making up to people, Gorou!


“Well, winter break is coming up, right? So, I will be going to the capital. Would you like to come along?”


“Ah, no. I will pass. And besides, Gorou is like this as well. He will probably start chasing me around after Iris comes back so I was thinking of passing time with him while he’s being cute.”


Perceptive! You’re really perceptive, Toto-san!


“I-I see. Well, since you are here, Iris can go to the capital in relief too.”


“Yep, have fun. Also, I don’t need souvenirs like the ones you brought last time, okay?”


Last time?!

Ah, that. Hot spring water.

I had thought it had reached the perfect point but since it led to diarrhea so….

But I still don’t want to stop challenging!


“You can look forward to the souvenirs~”


“Are you even listening to me?! I said I don’t need souvenirs like last time!”


“You can look forward to it~”


“You’re not listening to me, are you?! You’re definitely not listening!”



I found a goal for the trip.

Also got a travelling partner, Iris.


And so, that just leaves finishing up on school stuff.


I managed to catch up on my studies before the test.

My preparations for the journey are perfect, and my preparation for the test is also close to perfect.

I am looking forward to the results.


End of term test ranking:


  1. Arch Kudan
  2. Eliza Deauville
  3. Iris Palala


As expected of the strongest three.

The iron wall couldn’t be destroyed.


But still, I should have done pretty good myself.

I looked for my name with confidence.




  1. Kururi Helan
  2. Rail Rein


I did it! I am above that guy!

Above that cool-type Rail.

I finally won!

With this, I can stay in the ‘A’ class next year as well.

And I can also enter winter vacation mode feeling good.


And behind me, Eliza was being tossed into the air in celebration as she won against her arch enemy.

Seeing that high-class, graceful Eliza in the air was immensely pleasant.





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