Botsuraku Youtei

Volume 4 Chapter 12

The royal capital! The royal castle! Viva capital!


Somehow or the other, I was actually getting quite excited about the trip to the capital.

Being relieved from the year-end exam played a big role.

It was cheerful inside the carriage.


While slurping the grape wine I got on the way, I was enjoying the scenery from inside the carriage.

I feel like I am getting used to trips.


“You look like you’re having quite the fun” said Iris, who was also on the carriage.

From the looks of it, she seems to be in a good mood as well. Although she refused the grape wine.


“Yep. It kinda felt like a drag before but, after we actually set out, I have started to feel more excited.”

Yep, I am pretty excited!


“I think I also feel kinda the same. Which reminds me, your year-end exam results were pretty good, weren’t they?”


Well, being complimented by Iris, who stood third, feels a bit awkward…


“Really? Thanks. But yours were even more amazing.”


“Well, since I am always studying, I guess. But I ended up thinking ‘When does he actually study?’, you know. Even towards Prince Arc and Rail-san too.”


Certainly, when do they actually study?

I guess they are what you call ‘high-spec people’. That’s irritating. Ah, so irritating.


Speaking of those two, they had already set out for capital on a different carriage.

They were going quite early because of the prince’s orders.

He probably needs to make some arrangements as Iris is going. Like hiding his erotic books, or hiding his erotic likes or hiding his erotic shop points.


You’re doing quite a lot of hiding there, aren’t you, prince?!


“The prince and the others were in quite the hurry, weren’t they? I wonder why they were in such a rush.”


“Well, there are things men need to do, you see. Don’t go too deep into this, okay?”


“Is that so? I will bear that in mind.”



I do not know what kind of person Iris thought the prince to be but I am sorry if I accidentally embedded an odd image of you in Iris, prince!


“Once we reach there, what shall we do?”


“I think I want to do some work.”


The prince already gave his consent to hire Iris. She was quite happy when she heard about it.

She was happily skipping about saying ‘Incidental income~! Yay!’.

Even though she just murmured ‘Whew, I am glad.’ after hearing about her results.

That’s a 180 degree difference in values with Eliza who was floating in the air after winning against Iris on the test.

That cheerful Eliza….. I think that is not a bad sign. At the very least, I like this side of her more.


“I-is that so? But it’s not like your work will start immediately so I think we might have some time to kill.”


“No, if we have more time then…… Ah, I know! Let’s do that.”


“Which is what?”


“That, you know, that. Hunting monsters!”


You really just want to work, don’t you?! Or rather, it is the only thing you want to do!

It’s the royal capital, you know?! And we are on a vacation! – well, at least that is what I think of it.

And you say monster hunting?! That is dangerous, you know!

We might get injured, you know!?

It hurts when I bleed, you know!


“And why such a thing…?”


“When I am riding a carriage like this with you, I just end up remembering that refreshing feeling when we first met.”


The refreshing feeling when we first met?

Am I being complimented? I am being complimented, aren’t I?!


“That large amount of money I got when I saved you and the merchant. Ahh, that is an unforgettable memory….”



So you were talking about the refreshing feeling you got from earning?!



“Well, I guess that certainly is a good deal…”


“Yep, that helps the people and I can also make the best use of the things I learnt in school. Moreover, the pay is good too!”


“Where people gather, monsters gather too. And so wasn’t there a special job for monster hunting in the capital or something?”


“Yes! And also, you don’t need any prerequisites. Someone like me can also participate. I’ve been thinking for quite a while now, that that is the only good part of the capital.”


“Only that?! All the bumpkins around the country yearn for the capital though!”


“Really? I guess they would want to hunt the monsters, huh? It is a good source of income after all.”


No, you are wrong!

They yearn for the glorious image of the capital!!


“I see everyone wants to come to the capital. Then, all the more, I, who have been given this opportunity, shall make the most of it!”


“As expected of you, Iris. Really, you are very strong.”

Making her ears twitch, she looked outside with a side glance.

Wow, you can make your ears move by themselves. I was shown a very special skill.


I don’t know why she was moving her ears but, most of the time Iris averts her gaze to the side are the times when she has a request.

At these times, I need to just shut up and wait for her to speak.

It is probably not that big of a request anyway. But Iris ends up thinking of stuff too seriously so it’s worth following up on her there.


“You see, I am embarrassed of this but, I calculate stuff a lot.”




“Even monster hunting, you know, I wouldn’t do it if I were alone. I am scared when I think about the risk and what not. But, now, you know? You’re here too so…”


“Alright! Let’s go!”


“Eh, eehh?!”


It seems Iris did rely on me.

Reconfirming that in itself is good enough.

When I am having trouble in the future, I will be counting on you!



“Well, you are first-class in both magic and sword skills after all so, we could hunt safely if we are together. Sorry, you can refuse if you don’t want to.”


“The first-class magic and sword user Kururi shall accompany you!”


“He is saying it himself! Eh! Is this something you say yourself?!”


Who cares if there are tons of monsters!

Who cares if it’s dangerous!

It will be a nice present for the royal castle!


“Iris, do you know the detailed way to do it?”


“Yes, of course. Except to hunt the monsters for which there are wanted posters, basically you go as a mob.”


“Oh, so there are mobs.”


“Yep, mobs use their numbers to their advantage and do the job. And that being the case, it is much more safer. If you want to earn some quick money, then the mob is the way to go.”


You were expecting this, weren’t you? You have been planning this in your head for quite a while, haven’t you?

I mean, look at how smoothly she is going on about it.


“Then, let’s do that. Also, let’s delay our entry to the castle by a day. Our actions might be limited in the castle. Especially, monster hunting sounds like just the stuff the higher ups would get angry about.”


“Yep, let’s do that. I wonder if the carriage will reach the capital by night?”


“Yep, probably around that time. We might also reach faster. Well, it will probably be some time between evening and night.”


“Then let’s go to an inn tonight.”


“I guess we will have to. Alright then, let’s go to the best inn we can find! Fufuu, I got money, if anything.” I am the newly-rich feudal lord’s son after all!

Let’s have a bonfire with all the notes!

Sorry, I actually cannot really afford to do that. It would be too wasteful.



“I knew you would say that! But nope! We will be staying at a cheap inn today. And I will pay for it.”




“First! I will be having you accompany me tomorrow for my convenience so, I will pay. Actually, I have been saving up little by little.”


“Oho. Continue, continue.”


“Second! If we stay at a luxurious inn, it will be putting cart the before the horse! If I let you do that, we will probably be spending more than we earn tomorrow. If that’s the case, entering the castle quick would be better, right?”


“I guess that makes sense.”


“Third! This is all for my convenience but, I have caused you a ton of trouble till now too so let me pay this time!”




“That is all! I am open to objections.”


“None! Then it’s settled!”


As expected, Iris also looks to be in really good condition.

I will be making her owe me more and more like this!


Closing her eyes once, taking a deep breath, and then opening her eyes again, Iris looked at me and said,


“Thanks. Then keep me company a little longer.”


“Don’t say little, say in the future as well!”


Mainly for my sake.






“Well then, your bed is that one, okay?”


“Yes?! Eh, ehhh?!”


I was perplexed. Of course, I would be perplexed.

Why you ask?! Well that much is obvious!


By the time we reached the capital, it was already midnight so we decided on picking an inn at once.

Iris chose the inn and did all the paperwork by herself.

When she said ‘Let’s go’, I forgot that I had not received the key to my room.


Before I realized, I was guided into the room by Iris.

…….. Into the same room.

Two of us, in one room, spending the night.


Me, at the back and Iris, at the front of the room.

‘Ahh, good thing I am in the back, cause I am really scared of earthquakes!’- of course, I wasn’t thinking of something as trivial as that.



Are you okay with this?! Are you really okay with this, Iris-san?!

You, you might be the future princess, you know!

In the same room with someone of unknown origin….. well, I guess you know my origin.

No, but, are you okay with this?!


We had slept close by before but, under the same roof, in a single room?!

Is this okay?!


“Umm, I see we’re in the same room.”


“Yep, as expected different rooms would cost a lot. Sorry~”


“No, it’s not like I want you to apologize or anything. Really. But, is it okay? You know, you know, you know, you know?”


“I am fine but, are you not? If you really aren’t then we could change rooms.”


Iris said with a really sad face.

I didn’t mean to make her sad.

But, ultimately, it looks like it would make her sad.


“It-it’s not like I am against it or anything! Go-good job!”


“Really? Good job, huh? I guess I did a good job, ehehe.”


“Ahahaha… say, are you hungry?”


“Yep, I am starving.”


“Then, let’s go have something.”


We had a dispute about who will pay for it. I won the dispute. We’re in the capital after all, let’s have something good.

So I looked for a plain but good looking restaurant.

That was our compromise plan.


In the end, we just entered a diner which had scent around it. The diner was pretty nice; It was a bit expensive but, I won the dispute again.

And for the taste, it was delicious. Yep, very delicious.

But I couldn’t somewhat focus on eating.


I couldn’t help but feel anxious about sleeping in the same room after this.

It’s not the ‘cherry-like anxiousness’.


‘Cherry-like anxiousness’ is the anxiousness behind which you feel great happiness; It is actually the best kind of happy anxiousness in the world, kind of. Maybe.


But the one I was feeling now was certainly not that.


What will I do if something happens?

I will probably have to duel with the prince or something.

And apologize to Eliza, I guess?

Hmm, apology? Feels kinda different. Our relationship isn’t even like that.

But since I did feel like apologizing because of that, do I actually have that wish?


I don’t know! But what I do know is that, I have to be in my senses tonight!


“You have a really good appetite, sir! We have a lot of garlic bread in stock today so shall I serve it? It will give you stamina!”


“I don’t need stamina!”


Darn it, these waiters! What are you trying to push on me?!

Keep your service mind to a level! But I do hope you guys prosper!


“Mmm, is that so? Ah, then, for you specially, I shall serve the dried poisonous insect insides! If you eat it after a meal, your stamina will increase!”


“Like I said, it is okay! I don’t need stamina!”


Darn it, these waiters! Burning with unnecessary service spirit!

But service spirit is important! I hope you prosper!


This is bad, when I take the conversation that way, I end up thinking of stuff.

I should drink some soup and calm down.

Mmm, this soup has a great taste.


“Ohh, that soup is made by crushing the liver of an animal to provide a distinct taste! It will give you good stamina!”


You waiters!!!

You have already done your service, I see! You shall prosper!

It is getting crowded really quick, after all!


Iris was also gulping down the soup.

Is that okay….


After eating, we decided to take a walk per my suggestion.

It was to calm myself.


“Night in the capital is pretty bright, isn’t it? This is still just the edge of the capital but it’s still so lively with all the people.”


“Yep, it really feels like a city.”


“I feel good after taking a walk. I will probably have a good sleep today.”



Good sleep?!

Ah, no.

I feel like my head’s rudder is pointing at a weird direction.


After walking a bit, Iris suggested whether we should go back or not so we decided to head back.

Step by step, the inn draws closer.


And then, we arrived in front of the inn.


“Ah, Iris. I will come in after smoking one.”


“Eh, you smoke?!”


“Ah, no, no. I will go hook up there or something, so you go ahead.”


“Ehh?! Since when?!”


“That, is not it. I will be doing some muscle training so, you can go back ahead.”


“Muscle training?! What happened? Did you want to walk a bit longer? But it’s getting late, you know.”


“…… Yes, let’s get in.. shall we?”



Tomorrow, we hunt monsters.

I need to rest my body today but my head is just filled with weird thoughts.


When I entered the room, Iris had already got into bed in her pajamas.


I will be too embarrassed to sleep without my shirt here! I guess beautiful people are like that, huh? Looking smooth even when they sweat.


It isn’t like I am curious or anything but…. or rather I am actually very curious. Eh, am I actually pretty maiden-like?


While I was getting worked up with all that in my head alone, I could hear Iris’ sleeping breath from the next bed already.

She had fallen asleep before I realized.


When I saw that peaceful face, my stupid thoughts also disappeared.

I should also sleep. It feels like we need to be up quick early too.


After that, I also fell asleep.

I received 5 punches to the stomach by Eliza in my dreams. That is probably my unconscious mind at work.



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