Botsuraku Youtei

Volume 4 Chapter 13

“Hey, I don’t really know if I should be telling you this but….. I saw a really interesting dream last night, you see, and I just really want to talk about it.”


Iris said after putting on air, while we were having breakfast together.


What on earth could it be?


Seeing how she is hesitating to tell me about it, it might be a funny dream about the prince. If so, then I would love to hear it!


“Feel free to talk. And besides, I am the only one listening here.”


“Right. I guess I will tell you then. I saw a dream where Eliza-san was punching you in the stomach yesterday. Ehehe, that, that was so funny.”


Ehh?! That dream is the same one I saw though?!

Is it a dream which will come true?! Will it?! Hey?!


“Seeing that graceful, noble Eliza, punching you in the stomach. Seeing two of you like that was just, so funny. Even after waking up in the morning, that scene just stayed in my mind.”


It’s not funny for me!!

How many punches was it?! It was just five in my dream!


“Haha.. hahaha… that is funny. Do speak of your dreams next time too. I really want to hear more.”


“Really? Ah, I am glad. I thought you might get angry as I saw a dream sullying the brilliant image of you two.”


Brilliant image? There is no such thing. In fact, I would say the image you saw in your dream would be more closer to reality.


Leaving aside Iris’ weird dream, I am glad she could relax.

If she was stiff and nervous, we wouldn’t be able to hunt monsters. On the contrary, we would be the ones being hunted.


“Let’s properly have our breakfast so that we don’t get worn out while hunting.”


“You are right. After laughing it off, I kinda feel a little hungry now.”


It seems she found it quite funny. Is me being punched by Eliza that amusing?


“Let’s go to the public office after breakfast. We need to check the price for a mob.”


“I will leave all that to you then.”


“Yep, leave it to me. If the capital wants a monster hunted, the mob price rate becomes pretty good for it. If we just bring that monster’s gem as proof, we will get the reward.”


Really, she is so well-informed.


“I feel a little more at ease seeing I don’t need to think too deeply of it.”


“Yep. Leave all the arrangements to me. We will be fine if you just keep killing the monsters.”


I am happy that she has faith in me but it also feels like she is kinda overestimating….


“Iris, are our weapons only swords?”


“That’s the plan, what about it?”


“If it’s okay with you, carry a sword I made. It has gotten quite the fame so I doubt it will break easily. If we’re going to do this with only swords, I want you to use those.”


“But the swords you made are professional… for me to use it..”


“It’s fine, it’s fine. It will also be a good test for its durability so please, use it.”


“….Alright then, I will take good care of it.”


After finishing breakfast, we tidied up our luggage and entrusted it to the inn.

By paying an extra fee, we can leave it to them for a while.


After choosing swords and some stuff we might need from there, I handed one sword over to Iris.


“This?! I will use it?!”


Iris said while staring at the sword with her eyes wide open.


“I cannot. This is the kind of sword merchants hide in the back of their stores. The kind nobles keep in their residence. The kinds which come up in children’s’ fairy-tales!”


It’s not that good. Although I am happy hearing it.

I built that one similar to the one I built for Jeremy-senpai.


But as I was using the leftover ingredients for this one, when they ran out, I had to mix other various types of metal for it.

As I made it with light materials, it will be less durable compared to the one I gave Jeremy-senpai but it will 2 times more lighter.


“It’s fine. Let’s go with that today. I guarantee it won’t break throughout the day so don’t hold back your swings.”


“I can’t not hold back! Awawawa, what will I do if it breaks? I can’t pay back in my whole lifetime.”


‘It’s okay, you are the type of person who can!’ -can’t really say that, now can I?


After that, Iris felt like she carried a heavy responsibility in her heart but, when she actually drew the sword, she immediately got drawn to its charm.

She was fascinated by the light, water-like sword. Her eyes were quite wide open and she was blankly staring at it, so even I could feel it.


“This, this is definitely amazing! I am not very well-informed in this field but, even an amateur would understand! Uwaa, I want to become an adult capable of buying swords like this.”


That’s okay. If we keep on going on like that, you will be able to become an adult able to buy as many of these as you want.

You can buy it if you really like it that much. By paying later.


The one I handed over to Iris was a long, speed type sword.

And I took one which wasn’t even half as long.

Its body is fat so, its weight would be the same as Iris’ one. It’s a sword balanced in both offense and defence.


Actually, I also find the longer ones easy to use but unfortunately, I don’t have one at the moment.

I didn’t want to increase my luggage that much so this was all I brought.

I was planning on mainly using magic either way so it would have been fine anyway.


We came in front of the public office. Even though it is called the public office, most of the people who come here are monster hunters so it got the nickname of monster hunt office.

There were strong-muscled men at every one of the building’s entrances.


To be completely honest, Iris and I stuck out like a sore thumb. The difference in our bodies are huge. If you were to add both of our body sizes, it would be just about appropriate for this place.

But Iris showed no sign of caring about that.


With a confident face, she forced her way in through the strong-looking people.

After going in, she looked around and asked a bearded man, ‘Can I confirm the rate over there?’

Conversely, it was the bearded man who was surprised, replying ‘Ye-yes’.


Iris went toward a huge bulletin board where many large men were standing.

I left all the arrangements to her so I just waited near the entrance.


“Sonny, you with the red hair.”


Sonny? Me?

When I turned towards the direction the voice came from, I saw a well-built man probably in his prime time facing me.

The horizontal scar on his forehead was striking. I wonder if it’s the proof of his past endeavours.




“You’re a noble, aren’t you?”


Ah, as expected, they can understand.

Well, to be honest, the people here were kinda unclean. Calling it filthy wouldn’t be an exaggeration.

Compared to that, I was wearing clothes made with first-class material. Even in the city, the people who actually look can probably tell.

It was pretty obvious now that I think about it.

And it isn’t even like I was wearing it just to be luxurious.

It’s just that these clothes made with the best materials are long-lasting and better for trips. And this one picked was just unexpectedly better.


“I am. Do you need anything?”


“Gahahha, even your response is refined, huh? You can rest assured, I didn’t come to pick on a noble kid. I am not stupid enough to oppose the nobles, you see.”


“Then, what do you need?”


“You don’t need to be so on alert, ‘right? It’s that, seeing a noble at a place like this just looks like a special bonus to people like us.”


“Special bonus? Me?”


“Yeah, you are. I know that there are all kinds of nobles out there. But I can tell that you’re no doubt of the upper class. Hunting monsters like this is only a hobby to you, isn’t it?”


I guess it would seem like that from their perspective, huh?

I can’t do anything about it even if it looks like that.

I am glad I wasn’t punched out of nowhere.


“I will leave that to your imagination.”

“Cool, aren’t ya? Well, to be frank, you nobles mostly underestimate our job. Coming for amusement and getting hurt along the way by monsters. That pattern is exceedingly common. That’s when our special bonus comes in.”


“I see. Your motives are to save us when we are at a pinch and ask for a high charge?”


“Exactly. But it isn’t a bad deal, is it? You will still be alive. Well, I will just give you this flute. We won’t be too far so we can come real quick.”


The man who couldn’t be seen as anything except someone who is always fighting, handed over an unexpectedly clean, beautiful silver-made flute.

I guess nobles can do what they want over here as well.


There might be quite the lot of nobles who come here.

Seeing how used to he was dealing with me, I can only guess as much.

I wonder how much he actually wants from the nobles he saves…. Well, they would be paying for their own mistakes though.


“I am sorry but, it looks like I won’t be able to live up to your expectations.”


“Is that so? Well, everyone says that at first anyway. You’re carrying a pretty nice sword there so that will be enough as a reward. Negotiating during an emergency is a pain, after all.”


How shameless can one get.

Well, it’s not like I hate it. He doesn’t seem like a bad person either.


“Then, I will go now. My partner is here.”


“Oh, is that cute girl also with you? This looks like it will be a good profit.”


You’re still going on about it?


After that, the old man didn’t persistently stick with us.

They didn’t even follow us after we left the public office.


“What were you talking about with that old man just now?”


“Nothing, just that it looks like they will save us if we’re in trouble.”


“Hee~ I didn’t know such a service existed. There wasn’t anything like that written in the book though.”


“It seems to be a noble-only service. It comes with quite the payment too.”


“I see. That’s a pretty clever way to go about it.”


You can’t be learning from him!



“And so, we have someone to rescue us too as it seems, let’s go as wild as we want.”


“Yep. I also want to swing this sword as soon as possible.”


“Then, let’s go! We will earn the inn’s cost at the very least!”





It is said that monsters feed on the humans’ negative emotions and build up strength.

I don’t know if it actually is like that or not though.

There isn’t much information on how the monsters are actually born after all. There are also very few weirdos who like to research it. As there are no financial aid either, there isn’t much progress in that study.


The theory behind it is that, as there are more people in the capital, there will be more negative emotions swirling around and therefore more monsters. It’s just a theory.

And that’s how the monster hunting occupation came to be.


In the capital, there is the royal castle and the town centre where the nobles live.

As the name suggests, it is at the centre of the capital and is surrounded by walls all around.

It is a place where commoners can’t normally enter except for job-related visits.

Outside of that wall in the centre spreads out the vast capital where commoners live.


As there are a lot of people in the capital, and there are endless people coming in, the city is constantly expanding.

And so basically, there are no other walls like the one surrounding the centre.


Except just one area. At the west of the capital, in front of the forest where monsters dwell.


The capital is a city with a townscape expanding in a circle but, it is a bit different for the west side.

The city expands until the middle but, after a certain place being the boundary, suddenly the forest expands.

The border is a gigantic wall more than 5 metres tall.

The wall clearly parts the city and the forest.

However, the forest is also considered as part of the city by the populace.


From above, it would look like the capital was expanding in a circle but, the forest is also inside that circle.

And therefore, there are people who think of it as part of the city.

And over all else, its existence is indispensable for the monster hunters.


If you were wondering exactly why there was a forest in the metropolis, it is because monsters are mysteriously not born inside the city.

It is like a natural law for them to be born inside the forest.


However, there are also records of them being born inside the city if there are no forests nearby.

And thus, the forest was intentionally left there for the monsters to be born in.

It’s like a necessary evil.


So that the forest doesn’t get overrun with monsters, the monster hunting occupation was born.

In the capital, things has been properly set so that they get a worthy reward for it as well. The public office being an example, and also the book Iris had read, which was supplied by the capital’s library.

Of course, there were also hospitals and all kinds of various institutions.


In the capital, as this side also exists, there are endless people flowing in to make a living with just their strength.

Even today, such rookies were heading for the forest, crossing the wall.

The appointed time had arrived and the two-layered door installed in the gate was opened.

All the hunters ran towards the forest at once.


Among them, Iris and I were also there.

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