67 Part 1

Boundary Labyrinth

67 The Burning Demon





After descending to the ground, I asked Grace what she thought. She lightly tapped her nails into the ground as if to test it, and then she smiled.


“I think it is good. I should be able to fight.”

“…I’m glad that it is useful to you.”


Alfred said with a big yawn. After the incident, I had returned to the castle and had Alfred called out, as I had business with him.

This was possible because they didn’t know that I knew that Alfred was Prince Albert. Prince Albert was happy to do something in the name of the kingdom, and so while it was sudden, he readily agreed to cooperate.

What I had him prepare was two magic gems with runes for a magic shield carved into them. It was basic magic and something that was often used for protection.


As it was something he was familiar with, it was easy to acquire it. But as I was going to make it appear under your foot while in the air, it would have to be fixed to shoes and the runes had to be adjusted a little… This meant working into the late hours of the night.

That being said…most of the burden was still on Alfred, and so I felt quite bad. After all, I had plenty of sleep.


Now. As this only allowed you to move in a straight line in the air, it was still not enough. But I had some ideas.

Yes, it was a bit of a rush job…but Grace shouldn’t have any problem, considering her reflexes. And Lynette shouldn’t have any trouble fighting either. This was all based on seeing them perform a little mock-battle in the air earlier.


“Lord Theodore. They have arrived.”


Ashley had come to call us.

It was the perfect time too. As I stepped out of the workshop, a dragon knight walked up to me and bowed.


“I have come to pick you up.”

“Understood. I am ready.”


And so I got onto the dragon’s back and rose into the air.


“…Well, be safe. I’ll pray for your luck in battle.”


“Yes. Goodbye.”


On the ground, Alfred, Ashley and the others were smiling as they waved their hands.

So… It would be quite embarrassing if it turned out that my opponent was just an adventurer and not a demon.

We met up with four others of the Flying Dragon Unit in the air. Chester was among them.


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