67 Part 2

Mercedia and Mildred rode the land dragons, and so they were part of the evacuation team this time. Apparently, Mildred could also ride flying dragons—but as her role involved commanding all of the knights, she could not be in the frontlines.

However, she was clearly not happy about this. I had the impression that she would join the fight with a great ferocity if we turned out to be even a little disappointing.


There were some who were not knights that rode the dragons as well. There was the shrine maiden. I suppose the blessing of the goddess would be used to fight the miasma.

While I could use circulation to deal with it, it would usually be necessary when fighting a demon.


As the shrine maiden started to pray, each person was covered in bright, golden light.

And like that, we continued to fly toward the port near the west district.


“It’s that inn.”


We descended towards the cheap, wooden building that Chester pointed at. It would be Grace and me who actually stepped foot into the inn. There was no point if you couldn’t fight the demon while not astride that dragon—besides, we had already seen our opponent once before.


And so we got off of the dragon and went inside of the inn. The first floor was a tavern. That was typical. If you went up the stairs, you would find rows of guest rooms.

The innkeeper appeared to be making preparations for breakfast. He seemed stunned at the sight of us for an instant, but then he looked at us with annoyance.


“What? What do you want?”


After all, both of us were covered in the glowing light from the shrine maiden’s blessing. It was no wonder he was puzzled.


“Excuse me. Would you happen to have a pair by the names of Jerio and Zalbash staying here?”

“…I can’t answer such questions.”


…Well, this guy was quite serious about his job.


“It’s possible that these two are involved in a serious crime. I’m sure you will understand if you take a look outside.”


In any case, I wasn’t lying. The innkeeper looked out of the window with a look of suspicion.


“Look up.”


“Poke your head out of the window and look up.”


And so he did as he was told. Then he looked at us with an expression of shock.

The Flying Dragon Unit was patrolling right above his inn.


“Would you rather talk with them?”

“No, I understand. …Yes. Those two did indeed stop here…”


The innkeeper said with a sigh. Then he told us which room it was and gave us the key.


“It would really help if you didn’t make too much of scene here.”

“That depends on them. As it may be dangerous, you should wait by the counter.”


I said this honestly, and the innkeeper’s face became grave.

No. Really. I didn’t want anyone to die, but I couldn’t guarantee it.

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