Boundary Labyrinth And The Foreign Magician Teaser

Chapter 67 part 3

The innkeeper might have been worried that the prisoners would rampage and wreck up the place, but that wouldn’t be a problem. It wouldn’t be that weird even if the demons would tear that place to the ground, but we’d have to get some magic ready.


Standing in front of the door, Grace and I stared and nodded at each other.


“Let’s go.”


A twist of a key and a short pause later, we stepped into the room.




She sounded impressed.

In a room that wasn’t too big, a man was sitting by a window sill and looking at us.

He was a red-eyed, fiery-looking man. I’ve definitely seen this guy together with Jasper.

Was he Jerio or Zalbash?


“Boy… We’ve met before, haven’t we? When I heard that you were a demon slayer, I couldn’t believe my ears…”


The red-eyed man smiled and calmly turned away from the window sill.

This reaction… It felt as if he was expecting me to come charging at him.


“Where’s the other one?”

“You mean Zalbash? He’s on his way to report on the seal.”


“Never mind about that. Anyway, it was about time you sniffed me out. I was able to do my own report, so there’s no use fighting the fact that you’ve found me.”


Jerio shrugged and laughed. He wasn’t trying to hide anything. His smile deepened as miasma began to rise from his whole body.


“Basically, you don’t have to keep putting on a good show anymore. Do you understand, boy?”

“I do.”


I had no intention to hold back before any demons either. I didn’t even need to look at his attitude. I would greet him using the magic I had prepared beforehand.

Rank 7 Wind Magic, Resonance Mine. It was a spell that caused destruction from inside an object by deploying multiple directional vibrating bullets at the same time and colliding with a shock wave at specified coordinates. In other words, if one point of the exploding coordinates hits you directly, being a demon wouldn’t be enough to save you.


Naturally, the plan was to aim for his head in order to kill him instantly.

However– the moment the vibrating bullet unfolded into space, I saw Jerio baring his teeth and laughing. By crossing his arms in front of his face and turning his head back, he narrowly escaped from the coordinates of destruction.


Jerio’s body was blown backwards as a result of the fierce explosion. The excess shock wave from the Resonance Mine and the collision of Jerio’s body broke the wall of the inn, and his body was sent flying out of the second floor into the air.


Without hesitation, I used my magic to follow him through the hole in the wall.

Had this guy given up?

Wiping the blood that dripped from his forehead with his arm, Jerio seemed to be smiling even more while floating in the air.


“What’s wrong? Did you miss? I’ve seen that spell before… Yes. Was it something you could charge up that quickly? Wonderful… Wonderful, wonderful! I like you, boy!”


Dark-red miasma concentrated on his right arm and stretched out like a sword. I rushed in without hesitation.

Ouroboros and the miasma sword collided with each other, and their grinding against each other caused sparks to fly.

At the same time, the skin on Jerio’s whole body changed into some kind of iron armor. That was Jerio’s true form. He looked like some kind of humanoid black dragon. Only his fiery red-eyes remained the same as before.


As they dashed left and right in mid-air, Ouroboros and the miasma sword collided with each other at a dizzying pace. Under the morning sun, the sparks created by magical power and miasma scattered like cherry blossom petals.


“This is… a demon…?”


The voice of a dumbfounded knight.

It was a high-speed battle in mid-air. It was too dangerous to let Grace get involved in this.


It wasn’t my choice. He was forcing me into this position.

This guy… This guy’s miasma was far too dangerous.

If I were to get myself cut through by that thing… I would consider myself lucky if it burned me to a crisp in an instant. That’s because it wouldn’t be the miasma corroding through my body, but rather, the intense heat of his sword would cause me to catch fire. Was that a skill or a trait of his?


What’s more, perhaps no normal sword would be able to collide with his sword. There would be no other option to match that sword other than with skills or to counter it with a magical weapon like I was doing.

In other words, I was the only one who could fight him.

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