Boundary Labyrinth and the Foreign Magician


Chapter 67 part 4 (final)



“Grace! Everyone! You guys go take care of Zalbash!”



The knights sounded confused. They seemed unsure whether they could leave this to me.


“He’s going to the sea! He must be still somewhere in the harbor! If you go now, you might be able to catch him before he gets a chance to make his report!”



Jerio’s voice sounded as if he was impressed. He was thinking hard about something even though we were still exchanging blows.

He had said that he had sent Zalbash out to make a report. It made me think that Zalbash was some kind of errand boy, so Jerio would be of higher rank than him. Therefore, it would be better to leave Zalbash to Grace and the others.


“What makes you think that!?”


As he laughed, Jerio’s eyes suddenly began to shine. I had a bad feeling about it, so I thrust myself away in mid-air, and sure enough, an explosion took place in the same spot I had been floating a moment ago.

It was his demonic eye.

His attack had been too direct, too aggressive. Most demonic eyes would resort to petrification or mesmerizing spells.


As I moved away following an irregular path, many more explosions followed. It wasn’t exactly like rapid-fire, but it still seemed to be quite easy to use.

There was a slight delay between the time his eyes began to shine and the actual explosion. So, for the time being, it wasn’t too difficult to dodge them.

Since he wasn’t exactly predicting where I would be to trigger his explosions there, I had to wonder. Did he need to focus on his target in order to use his spell, or was he missing on purpose for some reason?


“Because Lynette also has a base in the harbor! When it comes to sending reports by sea, a harbor would be the least noticeable place to do so!”


There was no direct means of communication over long distances. If someone wanted to exchange information in secret, it would be best to use a familiar like a carrier pigeon. If you can prepare it, that is.

If the demons could use birds as familiars, then there would be no need for them to leave the inn. And since the land was surrounded by an outer wall, there is no exit other than the city gate. So the sea would be their only option.



“I’ll defeat this guy. Don’t worry. Go check the harbor.”



Grace kicked the air and flew towards the harbor, followed by the knights. Jerio didn’t move. He seemed to be enjoying himself, continuously attacking me with those explosions and watching me dodge them.

I was having fun too, so we were on the same boat.


He seemed to have no intention to pursue Grace and the knights, which was the best I could ask for. I cast the Rank 3 Light Magic spell, Mirage Body.


“Impressive, boy!”


This was what could be called a “cloning” technique. But it had no actual substance, and it was merely an illusion created by projecting a virtual image from somewhere close by. But it was enough to serve as a measure against his demonic eye.

I broke into a dash, quickly getting in close quarters, and my dragon wand once again collided with his miasma sword.

Even Ouroboros seemed to groan happily.


“My name is Zevion! Zevion of the Fever! Boy! You will tell me your name!”

“I’m Theodore!”


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