Chapter 40 Changing the call


Ren ZhouYuan lay in the bed all day, it was that Leonid picked up An An. The kid ran to see him as soon as got home, Ren Zhouyuan didn’t know what did Leonid said to An An, An An looked at him with pitiful eyes, rubbing his waist and said continuously “Dad doesn’t hurt. ”


Life seemed like returning to as common as before, Leonid still learned Chinese with An An, An An also always complained to Ren Zhouyuan about how stupid uncle was, it was almost the same scene as before, but he still perceived a little different.


It seemed even An An felt the change of the two adults, that night, when Ren Zhouyuan was putting him to sleep, An An hugged him and asked,” Daddy, are you make up with uncle?”


Ren Zhouyuan stunned when heard what he said, then said with an outright lie:” Uncle and Daddy didn’t quarrel.”



An An curled his lips, his expression seemed to said “Don’t lie to me.” Ren Zhouyuan felt very funny, pinched his nose and said he was a little munchkin.


An An twisted ass and leaned over him, holding his arm and said :” Daddy you don’t have to be afraid of uncle, An An will stand on your side!Uncle is so stupid, if he made you angry, An An won’t teach him Chinese!”


Ren Zhouyuan kissed him and was amused by his child language. He reflected on his own behavior, An An was so sensitive and knew many things, he always wanted to run a good family, but a tiny thing of his own would affect An An, made him always been worried, even didn’t said as much as before.


Leonid was An An another father, whether they could be together or not in the end, it was an indisputable fact. Looking at these two tried to please him in many different ways, Ren Zhouyuan felt very guilty, he thought secretly maybe it was time to tell An An the true?


He thought for a while, organized words in his mind, then pinched An An’s little face to let him looked at him.


Ren Zhouyuan said :” An An, father wants to tell you one thing.”


“What is it?” An An looked at him.


Ren Zhouyuan coughed a bit, induced him:” An An, have you ever thought why you and daddy will move there and live with uncle?”


Hearing this, An An’s smiling expression stopped suddenly, and then wrinkled up his nose made a grimace. He pouted, his eyes was very bright in the dim light, ” Dad always treats me like as kid.”


Ren Zhouyuan was amused by him, but still forced himself not laugh out of voice, his expression was tangled ,” Oh? Then An An tell me the reason.”


An An gave him a cross look, very funny, said proudly:” I don’t want to say.” He got into Ren Zhouyuan’s arm and said spoiled:” Daddy you say! An An knows nothing!”


Now it was obviously that this child had already known Leonid was his another father. Perhaps when they first met, An An had guessed through Leonid’s behaviors, let alone they looked very like, although An An resisted the fact that he was half-breed, but he was so clever, it was easy for him to hit it after saw Leonid’s face.


Originally Ren Zhouyuan was worried that when he told Leonid was An An’s father if he would dislike, but it turned out recently let the father-son contacted with each other more brought great benefits, he thought for a while, pinching An An’s ear ans said:” An An, do you remember I’ve told things about ‘another father’? Have you ever thought what ‘another father’ would look like?”


Don’t know whether it was because shyness or because been pinched by Ren Zhouyuan, An An’s ear turned red, furry hair rubbed Ren Zhouyuan, muttered:” I don’t know.”


Ren Zhouyuan rubbed his head and said ,” Do you like if the big uncle become your father?”


Once heard that, An An covered his ear and held head, screamed excited, screaming while kicking,and said:” oh,daddy, you stop!”


He recognized that he was shy.


He couldn’t help out of laughing, thought that his son’s reaction was so cute. He pulled his messy clothes, let him calm down, the two people face to face, Ren Zhouyuan looked at An An’s eyes and said :” If that big uncle was you another father, An An would like to accept him?”


An An’s face turned red and bulged, whispered, no one knew what he was saying.


RenZhou Yuan poked his face, asking him speak well, after a while, his bun face vented, pouted and looked around, hesitated for a while, until then Ren Zhouyuan heard what he was saying clearly:” If he always be nice to you, then An An can accept him unwillingly.”


Ren Zhouyuan’s heart got warm, he hugged An An, and kissed his forehead a few times.


Others always say that children are too naive to understand many things, but in his opinion, his An An was the most sensible child in this world! He hated foreigner so much before, but he could accept Leonid jus for him, he still remembered when this father-son met first time, An An cried out of breath. Now, looked back, An An had took off his introversion and unsocial shell, turned into an outgoing and lovely child.


But no matter how he changes, the heart that loves him still unchanged.


The next morning, when Ren Zhouyuan and An An walked into the living room, Leonid had already made breakfast and waiting for them. An An hid behind Ren Zhouyuan, occasionally out of the head, Leonid saw that for a long time but still couldn’t understand what he was doing, then asked Ren Zhouyuan with his eyes.

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