Ren Zhouyuan pulled An An out to stand by the wall, said grumpily:” What did you promise to said?”


An An came back and held Ren Zhouyuan’s trouser, Ren Zhouyuan said a bit angry while felt funny:” Who said he will grow up and be brave, let dad see which kid is lying.”


Leonid was confused by the action of these two, he looked Ren Zhouyuan, then looked at An An, suddenly he recalled the scene of the first time he and An An first met, he was frightened by his own guess and frowned.


An An struggled in his heart for a while, couldn’t stand the stimulation of what Ren Zhouyuan said, loosened Leonid’s trousers, standing aside looked particularly clever.


Leonid looked at him, thought he did something wrong and been punished by Ren Zhouyuan, and wanted to crouch down to comfort him, but he heard An An said:” Big daddy, good morning.”


An An bowed his head as soon as said that, the two little ears turned so red as if would bleed, he thought for a while and felt very shy, regardless of Ren Zhouyuan would laugh at him, jumped back to hold Ren Zhouyuan’s leg, buried his face.


Leonid stunned after heard these words, his outstretched hand stopped in air, the whole body was motionless as if been attacked a vital point.


Ren Zhouyuan held back smile and looked at the two, raised hand to rub nose to cover the smile. He touched An An’s head, carried An An to the table, and began to peel the egg shell and poured milk for An An.


Leonid was so excited, his heart beat violently, his ears jumped and felt he heard it wrong. Maybe it wasn’t him that An An just called? But what was the “big” about, “big dad” was calling him, right?


He kept crouching there, An An peeked at him with nervous after feeling shy, thought why this big dad’s performance was different from his imagination? Ren Zhouyuna was just looking at him when he was looking at Ren Zhouyuan, hinted him go to solve this thing by himself.


An An pouted, got up the courage and shouted:” Big dad, come over for breakfast.”


Leonid seemed like been electrified, when heard An An called him “big dad” in a baby voice, this time he was certain it was indeed calling him. He straighten his back, when he stood up, he almost fell down, he stared at An An all the time when he returned to table, hoping that he could call again.


Ren Zhouyuan saw that felt helpless, he coaxed An An to call more.An An felt a little awkward at first, but felt doesn’t matter after calling many time, it was just change uncle into big dad, it was tired of calling one more word, but it was not very different.


But Leonid obviously had different idea, he always heard An An called dad, and he was always expecting when An An would call him dad. He didn’t know what magic Ren Zhouyuan made, but he knew An An won’t call him dad for no reason, the meaning behind “ dad”  was not only meaning An An admitted him, but also was proof that Ren Zhouyuan took off his guard, and closed to him step by step.


After a few days off, they returned to work finally, Leonid’s poker face had gentle smile all the day because the thing which happened in the morning.In his way from company’s gate to office he was looked by many people, when he backed to office, Ron couldn’t help complaining to Ren Zhouyuan.


“What wrong with boss today? The smile is weird!” He made a trembling expression, but after he saw Ren Zhouyuan’s face was red, the complaining turned into the teasing, “ Ah, that’s the reason!”


Ren Zhouyuan didn’t answer him, he felt he was getting lazy after taking days off, let alone he had a lot of sex, now with his lazy looking, Ron stared at him more ambiguous.


He thought for a while and said obscenely ,” Emm, I know something must happened in Japan, oh, you guys really, regardless of An An, Disneyland is such a childish place, what are you thinking all the day!”


Ren Zhouyuan didn’t gave him a good look, he wanted to ask him what did he think all the day when felt he thought many sex things.


But Ron’s words reminded him of another thing, he went to find Leonid during his lunch break to ask him how did he deal with thing about Natasha.


Leonid didn’t hide from him:” I asked someone send Natasha back to Russian in the day when we returned,” he said with wry smile :”  You don’t have to worry about her, I guess she has came to my parents and cry to them.”


” Your parents? ” Ren Zhouyuan stunned.


Leonid nodded.” Then I asked, as expected it was my brother’s bad idea .”


The first time when Leonid told his family his wife-chasing plan, all of them were very care about this, trying to figure out how to help him. Leonid also did not hide his progress from his family, especially the three people went to Disneyland, for such a big progress how could he not report to his family.


“My younger brother think that the progress was too slow, so he let Natasha to make some trouble for us, hoping our relationship could have a breakout.” Leonid said helplessly, but it can not deny that Alexander’s trick does work, although he had a quarrel with Ren Zhouyuan, but they said all of thing,


Ren Zhouyuan felt helpless, suddenly he felt that Natasha was a little pitiful, even if the two people was in different position, but once thinking s the girl’s straight-forward temperament, he felt Leonid’s family was so boring, this was too rude for a girl.


He was thinking, then Ren Zhouyuan felt something wrong, suddenly he reacted to——


“All your family has known me?!”


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