Chapter 49


Ren Zhouyuan was led by Leonid, feeling totally confused. He felt really anxious and couldn’t stop wondering what’s wrong.

About twenty seconds ago, Leonid quickly sorted the clothes of the two. Before Ren Zhouyuan could react, he was pulled by Leonid, blushing and walking towards the door. When he saw the lady outside the door and heard Leonid calling her mother, Ren Zhouyuan reacted afterwards.


He pulled his clothes around in embarrassment, feeling both surprised and nervous. He didn’t even know how to stand properly. Although he couldn’t see himself, he could imagine how embarrassed he looked now.


Leonid introduced the two to each other. Ren Zhouyuan panicked and yelled hello to Auntie. He met Anna’s curiously looking eyes. Ren Zhouyuan’s gaze floated around and he didn’t dare to look at her in the eye. The hand that Leonid was holding also began to sweat.


Leonid felt his tension and squeezed his hand to cheer him up, then turned his head and said to Anna, “mom, why are you here, where are the others?”


Anna glanced at him speechlessly, and complained that it was because he’s too slow. After seeing two’s motion, she finally understood why they were so slow.


She was really curious about this male daughter-in-law. Leonid brought An An over to show them just now, and the whole family liked An An instantly. The kid looked so lovely and was just like a small gentleman after wearing a suit. He’s just sitting aside in front of the strangers and his nervous look made him seem even lovelier.


An An didn’t speak Russian and he was by Leonid’s side all the time. After knowing who the foreigners were, he looked at him with his eyes widely opened. It’s like he’s saying, “how come I have so many relatives in just one night?”


Previously, in order to make Anna and the others better accept Ren Zhouyuan, Leonid presented Ren Zhouyuan as an orphan who had a harsh life by taking care of An An alone. And now everyone knew how lovely An An was, they all felt sympathetic for Ren Zhouyuan.


Anna could see that Ren Zhouyuan was nervous. She smiled at him and said, “are you Ren Zhouyuan? Hello, I am Leonid’s mother. You can call me Anna.”


Ren Zhouyuan nodded and said hello.


Leonid pulled hard and wrapped Ren Zhouyuan in his arms. While pushing him forward behind him, he turned his head and said to Anna, “Okay, don’t stand here. The banquet is about to begin. I am taking him to meet other people first.”


Ren Zhouyuan was pushed away, noticing that the way he’s looking seemed inappropriate in front of Leonid’s mother, but he was not as strong as Leonid, so he could only glare at him sideways.


Anna followed the two of them, noticing their little movements. Originally, she was a little bit concerned with the fact that her son had found her a male daughter-in-law. However, her impression didn’t get worse after seeing them in person. For her, it’s more important to live one’s life well.


Ren Zhouyuan was a little flattered to see the rest of Leonid’s family, and he also got to meet his legendary brother and his family. After witnessing the interaction of the three of them, he seemed to finally understand why Leonid had been pursuing happiness as a family.


An An flew into his arms the moment he saw Ren Zhouyuan. Whether it was An An or Ren Zhouyuan, in such an unfamiliar environment, after seeing a familiar face, they all got much more relieved.


Seeing this family’s attitude towards him, Ren Zhouyuan couldn’t believe that he had gained their favor so easily, but when he saw Leonid introducing him to his family, and he even used his gaze to threaten Ron to make the environment more dynamic, he knew that it’s very difficult to gain his family’s approval.


He had no idea how much effort Leonid had paid behind his back.


It wouldn’t be true to say that he wasn’t touched. Ren Zhouyuan found himself really stupid to have suspected him all along in the past.


He began to let go of himself little by little, tried to join the conversation, and acted as an interpreter in the communication between An An and Leonid’s family. The father and son, who secretly competed, suddenly felt that happiness seemed to be that simple.

Alexi’s fat son, Anatoly, was about the same age as An An. They were supposed to be playing together. However, An An couldn’t speak Russian and Anatoly couldn’t speak Chinese either. The two were just looking at each other silently while one was holding a robot and another one was holding a toy car.


After the dinner began, Leonid took An An to greet the other guests in the venue. Ren Zhouyuan was dragged by Anna and forced to stay in the family. Fortunately, Ron was with him at that moment. Otherwise, it would really be quite embarrassing.


Ron glanced at him jokingly, and he said with a sigh, “I haven’t had such a deep experience before, but now, I am more and more impressed by you…”


Ren Zhouyuan, “…”


He suddenly remembered the “female companion” Ron and Leonid were discussing in the office. He recalled that Leonid was going to explain but was stopped, and he found out that the problem remained unsolved.


He thought about it, and when he was about to ask a question, he heard Ron looking at An An in the distance, “I realized that the female companion of Leonid had become a man and now it’s even a kid. How powerful. God knows how many women will be hurt tonight.”


Ren Zhouyuan looked at him in surprise when he heard so and was secretly cursing in his heart.


It turns out that he had been jealous of himself all along!

He suddenly felt both pissed off and ridiculous. He felt that his IQ had plummeted since he met Leonid. At that moment, he finally deeply felt the seriousness of any lack of communication. When he thought of telling Leonid so affectionately that he was jealous of that “girlfriend”, Ren Zhouyuan really wanted to kill himself.


He thought about it seriously. It’s not that he is arrogant. For some reason, he thought that he might really be jealous of himself…


Ren Zhouyuan covered his face and his ears turned red. He even thought of just going to the side and knocking a wine bottle on Leonid’s head. He wondered whether it could make him lose his memory for a while and make him forget all his words.


The dinner went on in an orderly manner. During Leonid’s return several times, the two who had just exchanged thoughts did not seem to want to separate for a moment. After the banquet was over and the family was sent to the hotel, the family of three drove home immediately.


Ren Zhouyuan resisted the urge to find Leonid, quickly took An An to wash up, and kept coaxing him to sleep.


An An watched his father quarrel with his eldest father for so many days. Today, the two of them felt obviously different. He sat on the bed, sighed and told Ren Zhouyuan maturely, “father, you can sleep with big father. I’m grown up and I can sleep on my own.”


Ren Zhouyuan was shocked by his son, wondering if he’d acted too obviously. He got angry and said that An An was just saying bullshit. After insisting in putting him to sleep, Ren Zhouyuan quietly got to the main bedroom.


Leonid leaned on the bedside to read a book. Seeing Ren Zhouyuan coming in, he put the book down, opened the quilt and patted it, beckoning him to rush over.


Ren Zhouyuan felt that they were cheating. He shook his head and drove all those messy thoughts away. He straightened his back and walked over.


They lied down, the sound of heart beating became more obvious in that quiet environment, and they obviously wanted to be closer to each other. However, they were both a little restrained and neither of them moved or spoke.


Ren Zhouyuan moved his fingers and slowly leaned to the side. After he hooked Leonid’s little finger, a certain part of his heart calmed down unexpectedly.


Leonid paused. He was a little surprised that Ren Zhouyuan would still take the initiative. He wrapped Ren Zhouyuan’s entire hand in his palm, then turned over, his other free hand hugged Ren Zhouyuan in his arms.


The closeness of the bodies made the two forget their discomfort two minutes ago, and they recalled the exciting feelings in the afternoon.


Leonid kissed Ren Zhouyuan’s eyelids and the two’s bodies were pressed against each other. They legs were also wrapping each other, as if they didn’t want to leave any space in between.

When Ren Zhouyuan thought Leonid was going to do something, he heard him speak suddenly.


Leonid said, “I held back these words for an afternoon and a night and I wanted to tell you first before starting.”


Ren Zhouyuan was taken aback for a moment, and soon thought of what Leonid was trying to say. Before he had time to explain, he really heard him say, “first of all, I never had anyone that I ‘liked’, I’ve always liked you only.”


Ren Zhouyuan buried his head on his shoulders a little awkwardly and nodded messily.


Leonid thought he was just shy and didn’t think much, and he continued, “I’ve been thinking for a long time and I kept wondering what made you think that there’s a third person between us. I thought that happened when I was on a business trip in the creators’ base.”


He explained, “What I said to Natasha that day was actually for you.” Leonid said in a low voice: “I know you value your family, so I said those words to attract your attention, but I was fooled by my trick. I am so sorry to have made you misunderstand for so long.”

He paused and continued, “also, the ‘female companion’ that you mentioned earlier was a joke from Ron. I didn’t know that you heard it. If I knew that you would misunderstand, I would have explained to you at that time.”


Ren Zhouyuan wanted to cover his mouth and make him stop talking. He just figured out those things in the afternoon. Originally, he thought that Leonid wouldn’t remember, but he had forgotten how serious Leonid was.


Leonid said, “so you have also discovered that many of our contradictions are caused by holding back and not communicating, which leads to deeper and deeper problems. These things could have been avoided, but we let it happen, and they finally became a thorn in our heart.”


Ren Zhouyuan felt the same about what he said. He was about to lift his head from Leonid’s shoulder to say something, but he held it down.


Ren Zhouyuan, “?”


Leonid coughed, his tone was the same as before, but for some reason Ren Zhouyuan could feel that he was trying to cover up his uncomfortable feelings.


He said, “therefore, in order to avoid the conflict between us, there is one thing I must solve. Your friend Fan Wenfeng, when will you solve him for me?”

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