Chapter 50


Ren Zhouyuan felt a little funny out of some reason. He didn’t know what hatred or grudge this father and son had with Fan Wenfeng. One was like this and the other was the same. He thought that Fan Wenfeng was interested in him.


For Ren Zhouyuan, Fan Wenfeng was like a brother with whom he could tell anything to, but Ren Zhouyuan didn’t have many friends, and he even had very few friends to whom he could tell anything to. Therefore, these two people who had an extremely narrow mind became jealous of this only friend.


Ren Zhouyuan also didn’t know what to do to change their mind, so he directly dated Fan Wenfeng out, called Leonid and planned to make everything clear face to face.


Leonid naturally wanted to meet this “good friend”. He thought that he didn’t seem powerful enough alone, so he brought An An along. It’s such a warm scene to see the three together.


The group made an appointment at a coffee shop near Vichy. When they arrived, Fan Wenfeng was already there. Seeing Leonid walking in with Ren Zhouyuan and An An in his arms, Fan Wenfeng frowned and got up to greet them.


Ren Zhouyuan gave a brief introduction to the two of them. Leonid and Fan Wenfeng shook hands. The two secretly competed and there’s almost fire in their eyes.


After they sat down, Fan Wenfeng soon chatted with Ren Zhouyuan as they’d do so before, and he’d occasionally chat with An An. It was a friendly environment but they looked as if they took Leonid as completely transparent.


But Leonid was not in a hurry. He and Ren Zhouyuan sat aside, An An sat between them and Fan Wenfeng sat face to face with them. With such a simple division of positions, he felt that whatever Fan Wenfeng did was useless.


Ren Zhouyuan clearly felt the two people’s turmoil, and he worked hard to find a topic for the two of them, hoping that they could talk more, but no matter what he did, the hostile environment between them was too obvious and even An An could notice it. He kept staring at the 3 adults.


Leonid was his most important partner, and Fan Wenfeng was also his best friend. To Ren Zhouyuan, both of them were just like family members and he didn’t want them to be so hostile to each other. He could only try his best to soothen the relationship.


He had been looking for words to say. However, one of them didn’t like talking and the other one couldn’t look at anyone besides Ren Zhouyuan. No matter how Ren tried, he couldn’t really improve the situation.

Before he came, he didn’t expect it to be in such a situation. After working hard for a long time, there was still no progress. He became tired and thought of just saying that he’d go to the toilet and just let the two fight.


When Ren Zhouyuan started thinking about it, he felt like going to pee. He was trying hard to hold it as he’s really worried that they’d start fighting once he left. However, he had drunken a lot of water just now as he was too nervous, so the more he thought about it, the more he wanted to go to the toilet, and he could just warn Leonid with his gaze before rushing to the toilet.


Seeing Ren Zhouyuan leaving, An An kept up, as he didn’t want to stay there to be with the two horrible adults. That’s why Ren Zhouyuan’s plan to let An An soothe the environment completely failed.


As soon as they left, the two people immediately stopped pretending to smile. They no longer tried to hide their feelings of disgust towards each other.


Leonid has always disliked Fan Wenfeng since in the past. That day, it was finally his chance to express it and he wouldn’t miss it obviously. He said first, “tell me, what do you want from Ren Zhouyuan? We’re all guys so let’s be more direct.”


Fan Wenfeng didn’t expect that Leonid would be so straightforward. He raised his eyebrows and looked at him sarcastically, “it’s me who want to ask, how long do you want to deceive Ren Zhou? Is it fun to play with the father and son like this?”


Leonid frowned and looked at him. “What do you mean?”

Fan Wenfeng sneered, “I don’t know why you would hold Xiao Yuan without letting him go, is it because he’s an orphan? Or you want to stand for him since he has no friends? He’s a sensitive person with low level of confidence. If you just want to play around, I’m asking you stop. And if you really hurt him, I’ll surely teach you a lesson!”


Leonid was a little surprised when he heard this. He seemed to have misunderstood Fan Wenfeng before. But he didn’t dare to relax easily. After all, he’s quite close with Ren Zhouyuan, and Fan Wenfeng was definitely one of the people that could influence his relationship with Ren Zhouyuan.


Seeing that Leonid didn’t speak, Fan Wenfeng’s facial expression looked even weirder.


He was the only child in the family with no siblings. Since a long time ago, he had wanted a brother, and he’d taken Ren Zhouyuan as his brother after knowing him.


When he first saw Ren Zhouyuan and saw how mulnutritious he and An An looked, he had tried to learn Ren Zhouyuan’s past. And after learning that he’s a young guy trying to earn a living to bring An An up, he became more sympathetic.


It happened that the two had a relationship at work, and Fan Wenfeng was attempting to help Ren Zhouyuan a bit, lessening his load in life. However, after seeing how excited Ren Zhouyuan looked when he received his first salary and suggesting to pay for dinner, Fan Wenfeng grew more affectionate towards him. Since that moment, he had vowed to take good care of Ren Zhouyuan and An An and take them as family.


It has been a few years since it happened. Ren Zhouyuan said that Fan Wenfeng was his best friend, and Fan Wenfeng had the same thought. He really liked this pair of father and son and wanted them to lead a better life. Life was also rewarding them with what they deserved. However, the appearance of Leonid messed everything up. His existence also meant that Ren Zhouyuan was returning to his old life.


How would Fan Wenfeng see this happen? He honestly believed that Leonid couldn’t provide a better life for Ren Zhouyuan. And if he really succeeded in it, how would Ren Zhouyuan have to go through all those things?


Therefore, he wasn’t okay with Ren Zhouyuan accepting Leonid. And although he seemed happier and he now had a happy family, it’s just façade in Fan Wenfeng’s eyes. When Leonid lost interest, Ren Zhouyuan would feel devastated about all the happiness that he once had.


Ren Zhouyuan was blinded in happiness, and Fan Wenfeng really worried about him. He saw how Ren Zhouyuan had rescued himself and he really didn’t want to see him back in the hole again.


Fan Wenfeng said a few more sarcastic words to convince Leonid to let Ren Zhouyuan go. He said that it’s better to do so before their relationship got too deep.

The more Leonid listened to it, the more he was sure of how he thought. And his attitude towards Fan Wenfeng started to change again.


So, this person’s probably standing on the side of his mother-in-law?


He originally thought that Fan Wenfeng was having a crush on Ren Zhouyuan, but Ren Zhouyuan was really slow, so he wouldn’t have guessed so. No matter how close a friend is, he’d never act like Fan Wenfeng, and Leonid was becoming more sure of what he thought.


When he first saw Fan Wenfeng that day, Leonid also felt Fan Wenfeng’s hostility towards him, which further proved his speculation. He was determined to get rid of this enemy in love, so that Fan Wenfeng would have zero chance.


However, after Ren Zhou stayed away and when he started to listen to what Fan Wenfeng said, Fan didn’t sound jealous at all. On the contrary, he was thinking for Ren Zhouyuan all the time, even like a family member.


After seeing it clearly, Leonid dropped a little of his defense, decreased his hostility and attempted to learn Fan Wenfeng again.


Ren Zhouyuan hurried back anxiously. When he went back, he saw two of them looking out the window and drinking coffee. They didn’t look as if they were going to fight at all. Ren Zhouyuan breathed a sigh of relief and was at the same time curious of what had happened.

Later, they sat for a while and the atmosphere got better than before. Fan Wenfeng was no longer ignoring Leonid. Although he’s still not very friendly, Ren Zhouyuan found it a big improvement already.


After saying bye to Fan Wenfeng, Ren Zhouyuan couldn’t help but grabbed Leonid and asked him what happened when he left, and what they had said.


Leonid glanced at Ren Zhouyuan, sighed and did not answer his question, the unpredictable look made Ren Zhouyuan even more anxious.


Leonid probably found his way quite interesting and he was enjoying how Ren Zhouyuan was clinging to him.


When Leonid was about to kiss Ren Zhouyuan, he saw that Ren Zhouyuan was closing his mouth and looking unhappy.


He squeezed Ren Zhouyuan’s face jokingly, made his mouth look like that of an octopus and kissed it.


Leonid asked, “why are you not happy?”


Ren Zhouyuan snorted softly, meaning that Leonid should have known.


Leonid smiled, sighed helplessly and said into Ren Zhouyuan’s ears,


“I can’t be jealous of my mother-in-law, can I?”

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