Chapter 100 : Dida’s dissatisfaction

“So, master, why do we have to go as well?”


Oddly enough, Ryle didn’t seem to have an issue with my attitude.


After all, I was always taken care of by my master, there wasn’t anything demanding that the mistress had to attend to, and Tanya was also by her side. So there should be no issue!


“Haha, don’t say that. I also want to leave this noisy capital as soon as possible, and go back to our land to enjoy some relaxation!”


Master was a currently serving general.


But that was also a role that had the significance of being a hero in reputation and duties.


Originally, Master was supposed to have retired years ago according to his age…it’s just that no one has emerged who is stronger than him.


As his age increased, Master’s strength has suffered, but at the same time his technique has been improved through practice.


Even now in his weakened state, he could still match Ryle. It seemed like we couldn’t treat him as an ordinary old man.


After all, there were no more than five people among the military section and knights that could actually stand up to a match against Ryle.


So you could say that Master’s strength had decreased, but you couldn’t say that his overall power had been lost.


Anyways, that was besides the point.


At the moment, Master’s job consisted of barely any actual duties. After all, there hadn’t been any large-scale wars within recent years.


Right now, his job was only to coordinate the relationship between military and knights, and to train potential replacements.


So even though he had the title of general, he should actually be quite free in terms of action.


Normally he was in his own territory. A while back he also hung out around Duke Armenia’s territory as well. Although he occasionally went to the border to observe the happenings, that was mostly just to satisfy his urges to walk around.


Generally speaking, he shouldn’t be around the palace that much.


He himself had said he hated all the complicated rules and regulations.


But recently Master was always hanging around the capital, and was often moving in and out of the palace.


The only reason I could think of was the proposal submitted to “disband the army”.


“Master, are there any movements from above?”


“Um, there’s no equipment right now. But if we’re not here, I don’t know what will happen.”


He responds with a bitter expression.


His existence is something that the various lords and officials could not overlook.


After all, he had the track record of a hero, and was extremely popular even among the common people.


As long as Master remained, he could exert pressure on all sides.


That was why he frequented the palace so often recently, to see if there was any strange turn of events that might be occurring soon.


“I don’t start wars because I like fighting, but I’m also not an idiot about these things. Without the protection of the military, who will defend the country? Yet Edward-sama seems not to notice this at all…the opportunistic nobles who were agreeing with the proposal at the meeting think that even if the country ceases to exist, they can avoid the turmoil by staying hidden in their own land. Even so, they overlook the danger of turmoil.”


“The mistress has already taken the possibility of battle into consideration, Master.”


“Is that so?”


Because of what I said, Master let out a sad chuckle.


“I’m an old bag of bones that can at least function as a bit of pressure when needed. If I turned that child’s resolution into a bunch of empty worries, then I really must work harder.”


“Is that so, if it’s for the mistress then there’s no other choice.”


“What are you saying? Your social network isn’t broad enough to become a force for exerting political pressure. You’re just here because I can let my anger out in your presence.”


“Um…Master, I’ve suddenly lost all motivation.”


“Hey, Dida. As long as we can be useful to the mistress in the end, we should do all that we can. Of course, protecting her is the most important part of our job.”


There was nothing more to do. If that was the case, I could only accompany Ryle and keep going on with Master.



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