Chapter 99




Van had come… what possible reason could he have had, coming to see me at this time… I could not help but ponder on this.


It could have only been related to the excommunication upheaval.


Apparently, Van’s father had been relieved of his position as Pope and condemned to  imprisonment.


I feel that he would be better served by relying on those he’s befriended up until now, instead of coming to me for help…


Yuri Noir, the Baron’s daughter…she has gained somewhat of a political voice since becoming  Edward’s betrothed.


Ed is the second son, and his maternal grandfather, Marquis Maeria was now at the height of his power.


Ah…but, Berne is immersed in the daily work he’s undertaken under father, and it would be difficult to see him; Dorsen as well, appears to be very busy ever since he joined the Knights.


But then, I too have plenty of appointments to fulfill.


Ahhh, I just want to finish this and go back to the feudal land. Surely, he wouldn’t impose on me once there.


What does he intend to say to me, face to face… the mere thought of it reeks of trouble.


“I have returned, my lady.”


As I was contemplating on such matters, Tanya had returned.


“You were quite quick then…?”


“Yes. I hurriedly sent him on his way.”


Her expression was one of composure, but there was insolence in her voice.


Tanya appeared to be quite irritated by it all. I will have to do something for her later.


“Did he say anything?”


First things first, I must learn what I can.


“Nothing. He said nothing… for I ran that man off before he could even open his mouth.”


Tanya was smiling, but her eyes were serious. If anything, she exuded such an intensely chilling air, that it sent shivers through my body.


I wanted to ask her how she got him to leave, but was now too afraid to.


…at least, Tanya wouldn’t do anything too strange, so I suppose it is alright. I want to believe it is alright.


“It’s fine then. There is really no point in stressing over him now. Tanya, please put away those papers over there.”


“Yes, my lady.”


Tanya replied, a bright smile on her face.


“…incidentally, my lady.”


“What is it, Tanya?”


“Vuld has, we’ve lost sight of him.”




As a precaution, his movements had been under surveillance since he had been driven out of Karim’s Conglomerate.


We did not want our work to be hindered out of spite as it was that time with Damme.


“…Do we have reason to believe he will attempt anything towards us?”


“He had made no contact with Marquis Rudolf…and the other nobles would not take him seriously. In the first place, he does not even have the sufficient funds left to attempt something. He must have gone into hiding in order to escape his debts…I believe that is the most likely explanation.”


“I see… I hope that is so. From now on, I want the resources spent on Vuld to be used to survey the actions of nobles that belong to the second prince’ party instead.”


“Are you certain?”


“Yes, I am certain. Each store has its own guards now, and I have Ryle and Dida close by to protect me. You must not worry about me. …I think it would be much more advantageous to look into this matter of the party of the second prince.”


“Certainly. I will do as you say.”


Tanya; she’s become quite the intelligence operative. I’ve been hiring men with that very occupation of late, and Tanya has been the one the one holding them all together.


In truth, the Armelia Duke…that is to say, father, already has such people under his employment at present.


But ever since the scandal regarding the excommunication, I have deeply felt the importance of information, and have little by little, started to gather people who could serve me personally.


Well, it is indeed difficult to find such people that you can truly trust, and so they are currently few in numbers…For this, I must rely on the connections of my father, mother, and grandfather.


“…Let us quickly finish the work here and go home.”


“Yes, my lady.”







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