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Chapter 98

Too Late


Various matters concerning the Conglomerate have now been settled.


Owing to Karim’s Conglomerate now assuming the role of transportation, it is now possible to pass through the borders with the tariffs at standard tax rates.


The reliance on Karim’s Conglomerate for transportation meant the realization of reduced costs on exorbitant escort and personnel fees for other Conglomerates as well.


And Karim’s Conglomerate would, in turn, gain a profit.


A true win-win relationship for everyone.


In truth, negotiations with the Feudal Lord of the fief, who had imposed the tariff increase, have not been going well.


Interferences from the second Queen have likely had a hand in that.


The tax rate is typically left to each Feudal Lord’s discretion, even if I should make a request for the tax rate to be lowered, due to the excommunication being a false charge, the matter would be over as soon as the reply was, “How fortunate for you. However, I am raising the tax rates of all of my fiefs. That is the policy we’ve set”.


I can’t help but sense a motive behind the simultaneous raising of tax rates around Armelia fiefs alone.


But making an appeal would only go as far as the second Queen, who was ready and waiting.


There is no doubt that she would just crush it.


Even if father is the Prime Minister, he does not have the authority to command the other Lords.


The King alone has that authority. But the King is confined to his bed from his illness.


Well…even so, it does not change the fact that Feudal Lord’s are granted the right to make their own decisions regarding tax rates.


At least during times of peace, a King would seldom exercise his right, and encroach on a Feudal Lord’s decisions.


I suppose this is what it means to be blocked from all sides.


…at least I accomplished my purpose, perhaps I’ll just return now. Sebastian may be a capable man, but the workload must be reaching a tremendous amount by this time.


Ah…however. If Dean is there, he may be managing it.


I sorted out the documents, thinking on these matters.


“Tanya. I’m considering a return to the fief.”


“I think that would be for the best. I shall adjust your schedule at once.”


Well…there will be many things to take care of and people to address first, I’m sure I will need to remain a number of days, still.

“Thank you.”


Ahh, how I’ve missed those lands.


This hadn’t been like the one to two years absences that I’ve had during my student years, but it still feels as if I have been away for a very long time.


I supposed it shows just how crowded the past few days have been.


“My lady, a letter from Mimoza has arrived.”


I received the envelope from Tanya and broke the seal with a paper knife and viewed its contents.


I feel that my ability to read quickly has greatly improved.


After reading through it once, I close it and return it to the envelope.


“…it seems quite serious.”


The contents of the letter was a response to the apology regarding Damme.


It was a reply very typical of Mimoza, that I should not give it much thought, and that she would be very saddened if I stopped inviting her out of consideration.


However, from there on, it somehow started to drift into talk of marriage.


There seem to be… she seems to be having a difficult time in finding an engagement partner.


It is not surprising, Mimoza’s family are of the neutral party…that would likely make them very cautious.


But I also sensed in Mimoza, an anxiety over using that as an excuse to continue on this leisurely pace.


For children of the aristocracy, the ties you hold with your spouse’s family are very important, and it is important to ascertain what factions they belong to, or which they intend to be affiliated with.


You begin to understand how vitally serious the family status of your partner is.


However, time continues to roll by at a steady pace even as you stop to consider.


…the age of marriage among the nobility is notably younger in comparison to Japan.


But of course, the social background and values, everything is different, so that is something to be expected.


With Iris’s memories illuminating my own, I can understand Mimoza’s sentiment of impatience to a degree.


But only to ‘a degree’, and not ‘fully’.


I am not even married myself…I no longer hold onto dreams of marriage.


I write a reply to the effect that it would be best for her to calmly wait and not worry too much.


It is so important to make sure of not just the person, but the family… the weight these lines carry when written by me; I smiled in self-mockery.

“…by the way, I wonder how Ryle and Dida are faring.”


Ryle and Dida had been taken away by grandfather, yesterday and today respectively.


They are supposed to be my personal guards, but…well, I suppose it is fine, as I’ve built up a heap of documents concerning Kyle’s Conglomerate, and have no plans to leave the house.


“I am sure those two will be fine, being away for a couple of days. They have spent years training under general Gazelle after all.”


“…That is true.”


As I was speaking to Tanya, we heard the sound of knocking on the door.


Tanya went to open it and see who it was.


As she continued speaking with the servant, Tanya’s expression grew more and more severe.


“…send him away, immediately.”




The servant winced at the ice in her voice and the force of the words but stood his ground.


“Very well. I will go then.”


She said as if there was no point in speaking further.


But the servant’s expression changed to that of relief at Tanya’s reply.


Perhaps an indication that the visitor was…of a certain level of importance.




“Excuse me. I will go out and deal with this.”


Looking at Tanya, I understood that she did not want me to know… Whatever the matter was, she meant to handle it in private.


“Wait a moment. Tanya, who has come to visit?”


“My lady, you have no need to concern yourself with this. I will take care of everything.”




As I called her name once again, she looked at me, a troubled expression on her face.


“It is Van Lutasha that’s come to see you, my lady.”




In spite of myself, I felt an uneasiness from hearing his name.


“It would be better if you did not recklessly contact him, so long as Ryle and Dida are not with you. We cannot predict what he is thinking, what he might do. …Besides, his visiting without any prior announcement is beyond insulting.”


She is right. In any case, there is nothing at all I wish to discuss with him.

Why must I to listen to what he has to say when he did not do the same for me, when I once needed him.


“…You are right. Thank you, Tanya. Send him away.”







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