Chapter 131 Infiltration and investigation (Part 2)


The next day, Dean and I infiltrated the local office.


As a matter of fact, the officials-in-training of the capital had been helping out with official duties. But because the main streets were the one that students flocked to, those were the only ones that they were assigned to when working.


In the situation that there weren’t enough officials, we wanted students to realize that they could work in the capital as well as at various offices throughout the territory in the future, and so that they could gain work experience early on.


So we decided to infiltrate as students.


Of course we’d arranged this beforehand with the people at the academy.


To spare their concern that we were taking valuable opportunities away from students, I promised that as I was dealing with this, I’d do my very best.


My getup today was also completely different from yesterday’s.


Today I wore glasses, and had dyed my hair so dark blue that it was almost black.


Because there were quite a few people on the streets with black hair, I didn’t look out of place.


Every hair color was represented here. It looked like quite the fantasy world.


Honestly in a seaside city like this, there were quite a few foreigners who hung around for the sake of trade. Because of that, there was a great diversity of appearances and traits.


Me and Dean once again entered the doors of the office.


Perhaps because of the legwork we’d done ahead of time, we got in just by flashing our student IDs.


Because you couldn’t just pick random jobs here and there, Dean and I split up.


There wasn’t much we could do about that.


Even so, because I was usually the one issuing orders, it was quite refreshing to be receiving commands to deal with little tasks, something I hadn’t experienced since I was a newbie at jobs in my past life.


We were either delivering files or doing simple calculations.


None of it was very important, so we ended up being quite idle much of the time.


But now I could be Alice and poke around, hearing the rumors and chats of employees that I could never normally listen in on. That at least made me pretty happy.


“Miss Alice, you don’t have to finish things up to that extent.”


“No. I can’t be of huge help to you, but I’ve learned so much here. This level of work from me is only what I should do, nothing more.”


After responding to the employee who had spoken to me, I started work again.


Even though that work was just handling the recycling.


It was trash, but also so much more than that. Some of the contents included files that needed to be burned.


According to stipulations, files needed to be burned thoroughly every single day.


After organizing them, I walked toward the furnace.


Before I threw them out, I glanced over them.




I said this to myself, smiling inwardly.


There were files that hadn’t been completely dealt with, plus the descriptions of residents.


That’s exactly what I was looking for.


As to who threw it out–that was easily solved by figuring out whose trash can it was we were handling, or who asked us to burn the files in the first place.


Now we’d obtained what we had come here for. More importantly, we had finished up a thorough look at the location itself. Our time here had been spent well.


After work, Dean and I met up. After reporting everything and expressing thanks, we returned to our residence.




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