Chapter 132 Confirming the investigation


“Tanya, please investigate this person. Perhaps they have something to do with this incident.”


“Understood. I’ll look into it as soon as possible.”


“Thanks. How’s everything going on Dean’s side?”


(Dean?) “Other than the people that you pointed out, there are two others of note. In addition, there are several notes that seem not to be directly related to this incident. I’ve filed those away in a separate report for later. Why do you think this person is suspicious, milady?”


After I told her what happened at the office, Tanya’s eyes went wide.


“Something like that…”


“Most of the evidence we’ve gleaned is one-sided. But there’s not reason to waste the clues that we already have.”


“True. My reports haven’t even touched on this person…I’ll figure out how these three are related.”


“That’s on you, then.”




“Other than that, did you find anything else out from the investigation today?”


“This incident didn’t have anything to do with the Boltique family. Or perhaps I should say…it does relate to them, but they’re not behind it.”


“…What does that mean?”


“Compared to the impression I got from the family, this whole incident feels different to me. Plus, I looked into the person that Dean witnessed yesterday who claimed he was part of the family…”


“And he wasn’t part of the family?”


“Yes. Not only that, he’s a member of one of their enemy organizations.”


“I see.”


“But among the people he was in contact with, some of them belonged to the Boltique family. One of them was the second in power in the family, Emilio. So we can’t say that the family is completely free from suspicion.”


“Is the Boltique family controlling this whole thing from the shadows, or is this Emilio acting on his own…?”


“I believe that the latter is more likely. Some members of the Boltique family are also looking into the matter.”


“I see…Tanya, have you heard anything from Dida?”




She rarely hesitated while speaking like this. I urged her to keep speaking.


“We have no idea what he’s doing, or where he is. From what I’ve heard in the past, he might be part of the organization that is behind this whole thing. That’s why he came here…”




“Milady. Do you wish to employ guards?”


In response to Tanya’s question, I shook my head.


“No. According to Ryle’s report, we can’t trust the guards here. If we summoned the guards from the capital…”


“Then things would blow up?”


“Exactly. If we catch Dida, then all we have to do is put on a show for bystanders. But if we can’t catch them, and have to chase them? Or what if we imprison him individually but don’t harm him? It will only look like we’re working with them. If a situation like that were witnessed by a significant number of guards…we wouldn’t be able to protect him anymore.”


“What I said was out of place. I’m sorry.”


“No. As you said, we must move quickly.”


“Milady, may I depart shortly?”


“Of course.”


“I want to go to Ryle. If we decide that guards are necessary, I might not return. That’s why I want to be the one to deliver the message.”


Originally I thought she was going to say more about Dida. In that moment, I was shocked.


But her demands couldn’t be denied.


“For something like that, of course you can leave.”


Dean: “Leave her protection to me.”


Tanya originally seemed to be a bit unsettled by the idea of me staying there alone. But after Dean spoke, she left, relieved.


It seemed like somehow her trust in Dean had increased.


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