Chapter 133 Confirming the investigation part 2


“…The enemy of the Boltique family, huh…”


While mulling it over, I muttered to myself.


“Is their target me, as the rumors say? Or could it be Dida?”


“Dida seems like a more likely possibility. If they were going against you, even if they won, it would be very difficult to go from there.”


“True. But if the rumors are correct, I also…no, I see…”


“Yes. It seems like it was someone who learned about this incident and wanted to take advantage of it. Milady, you have also consolidated surveillance of Van out of concern.”


In response to what Dean said, I smiled in exasperation. I spoke up again.


“I can’t figure out what the second in power of the Boltique family is thinking. Perhaps he’s working with enemy organizations. But the fact that he’s been using the Boltique name is undeniable. It’s quite possible that the missing goods are in their territory. But whether or not they will side by me is a mystery. If they’re investigating too, however, then…”


“It means that at least they don’t want to become public enemies with the Armenia family. If possible, they want to return the missing items and then deal with the whole thing in private.”


“If only they could deal with it that quickly.”


“Perhaps even internally, they don’t know where each family member’s loyalty lies?”


“Ah. In that case, the search itself has sunk into chaos. Or perhaps they’re negotiating…”


“Yep. At a time like this, the second in power can’t slip up.”


“Dean, help me grab a map.”


To soothe my own nervousness, I inhaled deeply.


“If that’s the case, even if I don’t command the guards to show up, Dawson will still move out, and Dida will be in danger. Even though he has acted the way he has, he’s still a knight. Plus, he’s a knight with quite the sense of morality…As for the others, they’ll probably also consider the possibility of interfering in other territories and fail to actively participate. Whatever he’ll think of, he’ll be able to act on.”


The duty of a knight is no more than to protect royalty and the capital.


Even if they do have more power than that, most knights are of noble birth and have many connections. When they choose to interfere in the activities of other lands, their actions will be doubted because of how it relates to their family’s interests. That’s why they don’t often interfere.


More importantly, this is land belonging to the military.


But Dawson would probably jump right into the mix without a second thought.


If he hadn’t grown at all since he chased me out of the academy…then he would still be a courageous, tactless man.


“Here’s the map…please take a look.”


I glanced over the map that Dean gave me. As I looked, I compared it to what I had in mind, and organized the information I knew.


“Dean. Do you know where the Boltique family is based?”


“…Why do you ask?”


“I just wanted to…is that off-limits?”


I hadn’t even finished my sentence when his expression turned serious and stiff. He shrugged.


“…Not really, I shouldn’t say that. After this investigation perhaps we’ll know. Merchants have wide circles. I’ll say this: I think you know the first in power. At times like these if you’re the first in power you can’t lose control.”


“Just now…”


“…I say that, but most of it is just guesswork.”


As he said that, he laughed awkwardly.


“Yep, I somewhat know them. I say that, but of course I’m unaffiliated with all of this, so I don’t know the main members of the organization.”


“You really are full of surprises.”


I mumbled this as I turned toward him.


“Do you find me hard to trust?”


He asked, looking at me.


Not just his words, even his eyes seemed to be asking me what I was thinking.


“It’s all quite amazing. I wasn’t thinking that at all. Perhaps I’ve lost my right to be substitute leader.”


I smiled bitterly.


To meet my gaze better, he squatted down slightly to look at me as I sat there.


The distance between us became even smaller.


My heart began to beat faster.


Ah, damn it. Don’t be so undignified! I scolded myself.


“You haven’t lost those rights at all.”


“Is that so?”


“Yes. Please, use me any way you need. If it’s you, anything is okay. I swear that for you, I’d be willing to give up everything. Am I useful to you?”


“…You are. You are.”


His words carried a bit of humor, and I laughed.


“Well then, Dean. Lend me your strength.”


“I’ll do what you say, milady. What do you want from me?”


“I want to meet with the first in power of the Boltique family. If we leave now, is it possible?”


“If we’re heading toward where they’re based, then yes.”


“Take me there then, Dean. We need to go quickly…and help Dida.”


“No matter what?”


“Yes. As we speak now, danger might be closing in on Dida. Dawson might be moving out as well…is there any reason to hesitate?”


There was all that, and the fact that we could potentially close in on one of our goals: making contact with the Boltique family.


“I understand. But milady…”


“What’s the matter?”


“Consider changing into something you can move around more easily in.”



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