Chapter 134 Adventures part 1


After that, I left our dwellings alongside Dean.


As he suggested, I changed into an outfit that made moving around easier.


The streets looked different after the sun had set.


…And the alleyways were yet another story.


“…Let’s walk this way.”


Holding Dean’s hand, I walked.


“What…are you?”


Everyone we happened to encounter, Dean defeated.


I had heard a lot about how strong he was from Dida and Ryle. Now I saw that it was true.


So now…


“…Who are you?”


“Just someone who wants to meet Graus.”


“What the hell are you talking about? Do you seriously expect Mr. Graus to spare time for a kid like you?”


“That’s not your choice now, is it?…Whoever’s hiding over there, come out already!”


A light scoff. From the shadows of the nearby building, several men emerged.


“What a warm welcome. Does this mean you’ll let us pass? Or…”


“Yeah, right!”


That’s when the battle started. I say that, but…it was really a one-sided situation.


Although he lacked the numbers, Dean was completely calm.


He moved like Dida and Ryle when they were fighting.


The knights in the capital, the duke’s guards, all of them moved in the same sharp, quick way…but only now I found myself unable to look away.


This is what simple, quick violence looked like, I thought to myself.


It only took a few minutes. Everyone other than Dean was slumped on the ground.


“Let’s go, milady.”


Retrieving me from where I was hiding, Dean started to run again.


We arrived at a building that faced the sea.


From the outside, it didn’t look any different from other buildings.


He told me to stay in the shadows while he ran toward it.


It was only after the man guarding the door had lost consciousness that he returned, taking my hand and running.




We ran quickly but quietly upstairs.


I had already prepared myself for how many people there could be in here…and when I saw that no one was there, I was quite surprised.


Where could they be?


I gave up on that question soon enough.


It seemed like we had arrived at our destination. Dean paused before a door, then turned the door knob, pushing it open.


At the same time, a sword flew toward him out of the corner off my eye.




I bit back the shriek that was fighting to come out of my mouth.


All the while, Dean had caught the sword and pushed back, striking down the man who wielded it.


“Stop right there!”


With a thud, the man fell to the ground just as a rough voice rang out.


The sound echoed through the empty room, a sharp, imposing presence.


My gaze moved over. Several muscular men by the wall stopped what they were doing.


“Heh heh heh. What day is it today?”


The only man who was sitting said.


“…It’s been a long time, Glaus.”


Dean said to the man.


“Oh, it has. You keep causing trouble like this…enough is enough.”


The friendly atmosphere transformed within a moment. The man…Glaus, he was threatening us.

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