Chapter 136 Adventures 3


“…I admit defeat. I didn’t know what kind of woman I expected you to bring, but…what a good one, Dean.”


“Isn’t she?”


Dean stood up a bit straighter in agreement.


This lot needed to at least try to be more dignified.


“No matter what kind of fancy words you use on people like us…well, we’re ultimately just thugs. But we had our rules too, and we know that there’s a line you don’t cross. In other words, if we don’t meet your expectations, we’re not fit to be called the Boltiques.”


“Does that mean you’ll help us? Lend me your power.”


“Yes. As a matter of fact, I’d say that you’re doing us a favor.”


The deal…was done.


I didn’t show it on my face, but I was quite relieved by how smoothly the whole thing had gone.


Gaining Glaus as an asset was quite the accomplishment.


Even so, things were far from over.


“Then let’s get started. Let me see all of your bases.”


Glaus nodded.


“Come here, we’ll show you.”


A man standing near the wall walked toward the map nearby and pointed out each location one by one.


“…And then there’s here.”


“Why here?”


“This place is connected with an underpass that’s under construction at the moment. With the help of officials, we could make use of it. We who are with the Boltiques use the place for temporary storage, as well as for when we need to move around.”


“…I see.”


“By the way, the stronghold that Tanya pinpointed for the mastermind behind all this is right next to here. Here.”


I pointed to a place on the map. Dean nodded.


“What will we do? Should we just go directly?”


“Yes…before that, let’s go to the local police station to pick up Tanya.”


“Yes, milady.”


“I’ll tell you the location…so are you moving out too?”


“Yes. We have to take this into our own hands. Is that okay with you?”


“It is. You need to show your faces in public. Unlike my family’s correlation with this whole thing, some of the rumors about you are true. Also, make saving a man named Dida with brown hair. I can’t explain to you why you must do this, but it’s highly important.”




“Also, no half-assing it. If you do anything along the lines of protecting your own companions for their wrongdoing, I’ll call out the guards.”


“Haha! That sounds perfect. All right, everyone, let’s get ready for this!”


In response to Glaus’s calls, all the other men in the room seemed to feel motivated.


“Well then, please allow us to leave and rest.”


“Go ahead. When all of this is over, come here again! We’ll welcome you with all our hospitality.”


“That sounds perfect. I look forward to that day.”


With that, we returned to the streets as quickly as we could.



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