Chapter 137 Battlefield


Soon enough, we met up with Tanya again.


We had to endure quite the rant from her.


Well, nothing that we didn’t expect.


Anyways, I’ll continue this later…and so on. After she finally agreed to delay her scolding, we set out again.


This was because according to Tanya, Dawson should be with Dida as well.


As we expected, Dawson had dived into the whole situation.


If that were it then it wouldn’t be such an issue. But he seemed to have seen a man emerge from the sewer, conclude that it was suspicious, and snuck in…as a result, he charged right into the stronghold of whoever was in charge of this whole thing, which was also where Dida was being held captive.


Perhaps his actions were actually quite similar to what we had anticipated.


If we could figure out where Dida was being imprisoned, there would be no more proof that we were cooperating with whoever was behind all of this. It would be quite the lucky break. Plus, it would be useful in showing that we were innocent.


Dawson wanted to rescue Dida, but was attacked from behind and unceremoniously defeated.


Right now the two of them were snoozing together quite peacefully…that was the situation.


He really did go the extra mile, I thought. Because Dawson had taken the extra effort to go in through that side, the underground door had been locked permanently.


Now we couldn’t carry out a rescue mission from there. The only option was moving in and attacking upfront.


I was set up in a hotel nearby. In the end because of how uneasy I was, I came with the others.


By the way, the only one who didn’t come to the east on this trip was Ryle. He was in charge of watching over the guards.


It seemed that he caught someone who was related to the plot quickly enough.


The relevant evidence was all handed over to Tanya to deal with. This was what they were doing when I was infiltrating the main office.


After we’d finished all our preparations, Ryle was the one who carried out the punishment in public…which was basically just a breakdown of what the rules were, what the guard should be, and so on, a lecture to all the others.


With a final encouraging ending, he then ordered the guard to come here…more or less just to buy time.


From now on the members of the Boltique family were going to start acting out, and it would be troublesome if we bumped into that.


They were in charge of cleaning up after everything ended as well.


All that aside, we finally arrived at our destination.


It was a place near the sea, thick with the scent of salt.


There were many storage buildings, and our destination was also a warehouse.


We were there right when the Boltique family was having their own facedown, members standing against each other. In the middle was Glaus and Emilio.


“Please excuse me.”


Saying this, Dean ran in the opposite direction.


For a moment, I watched him fade into the darkness…but soon enough my consciousness came back to the two in the middle.


“…Emilio, you really have balls.”


“Shut up! Glaus, you’ve always been soft! I can do things bigger and better.”


“Hah…when you climbed to the top with such despicable methods, I could see right through you. But don’t worry about it. If any of you have ever spat on our faces and disrespected us, we’ll deal with you all equally. Let’s go!”


His wild cry set off a series of full-bodied shouts all throughout the building.


Following that, the sound of men charging each other rang out.


It was completely different from what Dean or Ryle or Dida had showed me.


Crude. That was a good word to describe the violence here.


“How is it going, Dean?” asked Tanya.


“The underground passage goes to a door above ground, and the back door has been blocked off by the Boltiques. They won’t be able to escape.”


“They’ve prepared to do what has to be done…In that case, I’m heading out.”


Tanya entered the fray.


She slipped between people without any issue.


Finally, she reached the room deep within.


There were more foes than friends there, but she continued on. For Tanya it was business as usual.


Before long, Dida walked out of the room alone.


From a distance, it was easy to see that his face was swollen.


If I were closer, then I’d probably be able to see even more wounds.


In his current state, he didn’t hesitate, charging right into the brawl.


“Y-you! What are you doing?”


Although I knew he wouldn’t be able to hear my voice, I still couldn’t help but shout at him.


Disregarding my concerns, Dida charged out.


He was like the eye of a tornado. The men around him flew across the room, one after another.


His strength really lived up to its reputation. That was all I could think to myself in the moment of awe.


Caught between the Boltique family and Dida, the amount of men dwindled.


And then, when he reached the center of the room…


Dida found a sword.



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