Chapter 138 Passing each other




That booming voice echoing through the room came to my ears as well.


Dida’s expression turned into something rare…not flippancy, but a terrifying look of seriousness.


A man responded to Dida’s voice.


“…The leader of the masterminds, huh.”


What Dida said in a quiet voice shocked me.


I couldn’t have expected that the leader of the organization behind this knew Dida.


The moment Terry saw Dida, his expression turned to one of shock. But soon enough, the corners of his mouth rose, and he left where he was standing to approach Dida.


Even seeing it from an outsider’s perspective, it was clear enough that the Boltique family had the upper hand.


In the middle of it all, Terry and Dida confronted each other.


“What, you’re out? Sorry to ask this of you, but couldn’t you just stay put for a bit longer? I guess it doesn’t matter. No matter what, this is all about to end soon. For you and for me.”


“…You’re right. Let me end it.”


Saying this, Dida pulled his sword out.


His heavy tone was also different from usual.


The way he drew his sword and the aura he was giving off combined almost gave the feeling that he was about to carry out some sacred ceremony.


“Are you about to point that at me?”


“…Yes. Even if you were my companion, none of that matters anymore. By becoming enemies with milady, you must be punished.”


The moment Dida said this, Terry burst into rowdy laughter.


“Are you trying to play the role of a knight? Even you’ve become so high and mighty…it’s really great that a noble lady chose to adopt and feed you.”


In that moment, Dida moved.


To Dida, who had received the training he had, a man like Terry wasn’t even worth of being his opponent.


Within an instant he stroke him down. Even when he fell to the floor he kept attacking.

He didn’t even give him a chance to fight back.


“…I have one last question for you.”


Dida’s voice seemed squeezed out of his teeth.


The Boltique family had already won its victory. Aside from them, Dida and Terry were the only outsiders present.


They also seemed absorbed by the conversation between Dida and Terry, their eyes focusing on them.


“Why would you do something like this?”


“Why?…Hah. What do you want to do with that knowledge?”


“Nothing. I just want to know before you’re arrested.”


Hearing this, Terry burst into laughter again.


“Hahaha…arrest, huh. You really think you’re something impressive! You’re no different from me–a little boy from the slums!”


At the end of his sentence, Terry was roaring.


The despair in his voice was palpable.


“Why are you the only one who can walk as a human on this earth? Why are you the only one who walks on the path of luxury? Aren’t you the same as me?”


“Is that the reason…”


“Oh, yes! I wanted to climb up in this underworld too. But my most important reason was you, Dida!”


Terry’s words made Dida frown immediately.


“Why are you the only one who went somewhere bright…”


When saying this, Terry seemed as if he were about to cry.




Dida called his name, but Terry just started laughing again.


“So for all I care, you can go to hell! Fall deeper and deeper and deeper! If someone like me who’s done all that I have claims to be your companion, what would your owner say?”


Ah, I seem to have been called out.


Dida looked toward me. He looked very confused…I responded with a happy smile.


And then I started walking toward him.


Dean followed behind me.


After seeing that it was me, everyone in the Boltique family stepped aside.

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