Chapter 139 Resolve and sincerity


“I’ll take him home.”


Hearing me say that, not just Terry, but Dida as well looked shocked.


Was it toward my entrance, or what I said?


“I am Dida’s master, Iris. I really must thank you for looking after Dida this time.”


I smiled as I spoke. For some reason, all the members of the Boltique family took a step back together.


I really didn’t get it…thinking that, I tilted my head to the side as I fixed my eyes on Terry.


“I’ve been listening. Your hatred seems to be misdirected.”




“Isn’t it true? What do you hate about Dida? His success? That’s what he gets in exchange for putting up with his master’s random requests, for his own efforts in training, for working hard ceaselessly…Or perhaps it’s a difference in talent? Dida himself can’t do anything about that.”




The intention behind my words was successful in stirring up Terry’s emotions. He tried to stand but was pushed down by Dida.


“If it’s the differences in your lives, then it’s even more misdirected. You should only hate the powerless person who saved him–me. Or maybe my family.”


In response to what I was saying, both Terry and Dida’s eyes went round.


“Even so, what would happen if you reversed the roles of you and Dida?”


My voice sounded colder than what I had envisioned.


“Because that’s what you are, right? All you know is how to envy, even to the extent that you’d get the innocent involved…you only want to vent your frustrations toward your current situation and pretend that they’re someone else’s mistakes. It’s someone else’s mistakes and you’re the protagonist of the tragedy…and so on and so forth. All you want is to maintain that delusion.”


Terry couldn’t say anything.


His eyes were wide. Even his expression didn’t change.


“I will sympathize with you. I will pity you. But I will never understand you.”


Like an empty shell, he didn’t react at all.


“…Dida, do you have anything else to say to him?”


“No. I’m satisfied.”


Saying this, he smiled.


His smile wasn’t as open and laidback as usual. Instead it had an air of helpless melancholy.


“Then arrest him.”


It must be hard for Dida…even though I thought of that, Dida shook his head and started to move.


“Everything has already come this far. No matter what I do, it won’t make a difference.”


We couldn’t spare him, couldn’t lessen his sentence.


You should understand that…I thought as I looked at him. Understanding what I was thinking, Dida still nodded.


I looked away from them.


What had to be done was done. What had to be said was said.


The only thing that remained was to greet that troublesome young man.


“I’ll never forget his name. I’ll never let myself to forget–as one of the causes of this whole incident.”


I said this softly.


I couldn’t forgive his sins, or the hatred that he projected onto Dida.


But at the same time…I felt that I couldn’t look away from him.


I had to confront his existence, and the reason that he caused all of this.


To ask for forgiveness from him was out of the question.


Even if I did, it wouldn’t mean anything. Plus, something like that, from my point of view, became impossible when I learned that he was the mastermind.


So this was just my own decision. My own selfish decision.


Selfishness and sincerity.


“So you’re Dida?”


When I stopped talking, Glaus asked Dida.


“I’m Glas. When I heard that you were caught by them, I thought you were nothing special…but you’re quite capable. How were you caught?”


Dida responded to Glaus’s question with an exasperated smile.


In response to this, Glaus started to laugh.


“You’re a good man. I’m guessing that you trusted an old friend and was deceived? As a guard of a noble lady you made the wrong decision. But I don’t hate idiots like you.”


He laughed again.


“You’re quite skilled too. Don’t waste that…if it weren’t for the fact that the lady found you first, I would take you in in a heartbeat.”


“I wouldn’t give him to you.”


My jab only made Glaus laugh louder.

“No, well…I said that, but I don’t mean it. I’m just playing with you. I’m just…well, it just means that you’re not just lucky. Perhaps you’re being taken care of by the goddess of fortune…but she’s not a patient one. If you don’t grab her hand when she offers it, she’ll disappear without a trace. You made the effort and turned opportunity into something that belonged to you. And now you’re the kind of man that even I want. So on and so forth. Although you probably don’t like to hear me talking like that either.”


Not just a lucky man.


So you shouldn’t pay attention to what Terry was saying…that’s what Glaus seemed to be hinting at. But Dida shook his head.


I couldn’t help but be impressed by what Glaus said.


Men that like each other out of respect…I guess that’s the kind of man that Glaus is, I thought to myself.


“…Dammit. I do admire the lady’s eye for men. If only you knew your own strengths. She stole what could’ve been a great warrior from us.”


“Well, that’s all on you. I for one am going to keep a strict eye on him now.”


Glaus chuckled.


“Well then, we’re going back. Emilio is one of ours anyways. Your guard are here for you too.”


“Kind-hearted citizens will spread the news to the police that the Boltique family was the one repressing trouble here. It’s almost like you guys were heroes of justice. Perhaps that’ll even spread throughout the streets of the city.”


“Don’t say that, that’s not our style…Everyone, let’s go!”


Men began to leave through the backdoor after hearing Glaus’s command.


From their neat formation, it wasn’t difficult to see his power.


“Well then, Dida. Time to go back.”




“I only had Tanya go over to secure your safety and identity. I could’ve never expected you to run out on us like that. At the moment Tanya is probably keeping Dawson from running out by keeping him unconscious. You and him stay there and wait to be rescued together. We can’t reveal that we had any kind of partnership with them, and we can’t rescue only you…you see.”


“I understand…Milady, this incident…”


“We can talk about it later. The guard are about to arrive.”


Dida very rarely called me milady. I understand that what he wanted to say must be important.


But the guards were about to arrive.


“I’ll listen with my full heart to what you have to say later.”


He turned around and walked deeper into the room.


“As you wish, my princess.”


Saying this, he smiled. Relieved, I finally left.



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