Chapter 140 Crime and punishment


With the help of the guards, we caught the masterminds behind this whole incident.


Before they even arrived, the culprits were already restrained and unable to move.


The female residents…it was Tanya’s report. But it seemed like the ones who did this was the Boltique family.


It was probably in an effort to resolve this incident’s aftermath that they came along to investigate for themselves and handled the issue accordingly.


Other than that, the duke’s family had sensed something wrong and carried out their own secret investigation. The guards that had been caught were rescued then


In short, the rumors that this incident was related to the duke’s family were completely baseless.


Although there would be damage control afterwards, it was great that they ended up resolving everything in one fell swoop.


And then it was time to honor my promise to the man in the middle of all this, Dida. But after a first talk, all we managed to do was decide that we would talk in three days.


That was because as an involved party Dida had to go write a testimony, and visit the hospital to see if there was anything physically wrong with him.


“…I’m sorry.”


That was the first thing he said. Although it was a bit rude of me, I was stunned into silence.


This wasn’t in Dida’s character script.


Jokes aside…


“What are you apologizing for?” I asked him.


“Everything. If it wasn’t for me, this whole thing wouldn’t have happened at all. Because a lowly servant like me was trapped by my own mistake, your options for action were reduced. In the end, whether it was acting out like that or the whole thing with Terry, you ended up having to resolve them. None of my actions were befitting of a personal guard like me. So even if I am exiled, I have no complaints.”


His sincere response made me smile.


“Dida, the only thing that you should be apologizing for this time is that you made me worry about you.”


My response made Dida’s eyes go wide.




“If you weren’t here? I know your past, but even knowing that I’ve kept you by my side. If you weren’t here, then my only trustworthy, excellent guard would be Ryle. In that case I wouldn’t be able to freely leave home, and my policies wouldn’t be as far ahead as they are. Lowly, that’s the word you used…I thought that you left to investigate to give yourself a shot of adrenaline. You’ve always been so decisive in your action. It seems like I’m the one who has failed in judgements. And the whole thing with Terry…I was the one who chose to involve myself, so you have no need to apologize.”


“But…I still can’t forgive myself.”


Dida’s response was completely serious. I sighed and smiled at him.


“Haven’t you already accepted your punishment? Dida.”


I asked him.


“You trusted him? Terry. And Glaus guessed the details of your capture…didn’t he?”


What I said next made Dida’s eyes go even wider.


“Being betrayed by someone you trust…I know that pain. Even though there’s a difference to the specific degree, I think that the pain you suffer inside is probably the same.”


Between me and him, who had suffered more.


I didn’t plan on bringing up a stupid question like that.


There was no meaning to it.


I wasn’t him, and he wasn’t me.


What kind of attitude you had toward the person who betrayed you…it can’t be expressed in words.


To Dida,Terry was important.


I wanted to talk more about Terry, but the dejected smile that Dida had made me shoot down the idea. This is what I learned from visiting others.


How deeply he was hurting…I didn’t understand.


Compared to what I suffered, perhaps he was suffering even more.


So the fact that I thought I could understand him might have made him feel unhappy.


But I’ve experienced both of those types of pain.


And knowing that…I think that he didn’t even need to suffer any more pain that he already was.


“If you still can’t forgive yourself…then place higher demands on yourself when working. If you still want to leave after that, I won’t stop you.”


Ryle was already being admired by the knights’ order and the military association. After this incident, Glaus would be looking out for Dida too.


He had plenty of places to work if he wanted.

That was an expression of his talent.


“No…I only want to work for you.”


“Thank you. The fact that you have that intention is enough.”


Dida lowered his head.


I couldn’t see his expression, so I spoke up again.


“I’m just happy that you’re safe. The idea that I’d never be able to hear your bright voice again…I keep thinking bad thoughts like that. Just rest today. I hope that I’ll be able to see you tomorrow just as I have in the past.”


“All right.”


Seeing the smile appear on his face, I breathed a sigh of relief.


After Dida left, Tanya set several reports down before me.


“Has Priest Ralph responded?”


“Yes. His response is here.”


Tanya retrieved the envelope, and I took it from her.


“I’ll just look at this letter and these documents for now then…Tanya, you should relax more.”




“You have a lot to say still, don’t you? You’ve been worried about Dida. I can tell.”


Tanya frowned at this.


“It’s nothing, I…”


Her voice sounded stiff. In the end, she couldn’t come up with an appropriate response.


What a stubborn one. I handed a file to her.


The contents were Ryle’s reports on his investigation of the eastern guard.


If I were coming back to my work, this was something I needed to know right now.


“Can you give this to Dida?”


“…If I don’t…”


Tanya took the document unwillingly and left the room.


Watching her leave, my gaze landed on Priest Ralph’s letter.


“Ah, as alert as ever. What a quick response. It’s high time for us to start moving out too.”


Muttering this, I folded up the envelope.




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