Chapter 145 Inside Story Part 1


“…Ah, seems like Van and Dawson both weren’t of much use.”


I chuckled.


“You didn’t have much expectations for them in the first place, right? At the most you hoped for a runaway success.”


In response to Divan, I nodded.


“Yes. This time I was just trying to cause a bit of a scuffle…for her.”


The plan was going on quite well.


This incident was just a way to pass the time.


Imagining how flustered she must be was entertainment enough for me.


“How fearful you are. Because of your gams, the whole family was demoted, the family guardian imprisoned, and an exchange of power occurred within the family.”


“Hey, I’m quite kind-hearted. Ultimately those people were just interfering with the pope. It was only a question of sooner or later. I only gave them a final chance to come back from the dead before everything came down on them. Plus, in terms of the time that they failed they were just a pawn abandoned by Ellia’s party, and were of no significance to the larger picture.”


Divan was the one to laugh this time.


“What a pity about Van and Dawson. I had expectations for them…I guess that the boy isn’t as capable as he seems.”


I had prepared a better way for Van to exit the scene, but the woman had everything guarded too well, so I could only give up.


And the dissatisfaction from that had caused all of this.


“Oh? How strict. I thought that you would be just like your mother.”


“Don’t mention my mother. How many times do I have to say it before you understand?”


“…I’m sorry, excuse me. I just think that you should thank her. Only because of her have you been able to grow to your current state.”


“Hmph…what is that, a new joke?”


“No, those are my genuine thoughts. Only with that kind of bad example could you become who you are today.”


I thought a bit about what Divan had said.


It was true, Mother was a good instructor…if you only looked at her from the opposing side.


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