Chapter 146 Inside Story Part 2


My mother was born in the Towair Kingdom.


The reason for coming to this country…she was a spy coming to investigate this country, responsible for communicating what she had learned back to her own country.


As planned, she infiltrated the palace. It seemed at first that her work was going well.


And then, for some reason, she fell in love with a mere baron.


Mother was an extremely beautiful woman.


Beauty can be a weapon as well.


That doesn’t mean that a beautiful appearance was enough. What mattered was the situation in which you used it.


The average-looking infiltrated the towns and cities, but the beautiful could use their appearances to capture the upper levels of an enemy nation.


Of course, my mother didn’t just have beauty, but also other traits that people envied.


Those aside, she set a honey trap with her beauty…in other words, a seduction.


Even with all that, why would she become delusional…he was no more than a baron, and she was the one to fall in love first. It was almost too embarrassing to laugh at.


Well, thanks to that, I was born.


After that, she refused orders from Divan, even after all he’d gone through to find her.


This was seen by the servants of the baron’s main wife, who exposed her identity. After that, she seemed to have departed the baron’s home.


Even Divan admits that the whole thing was a failure.


No matter what, his goal was that I be recognized as a member of the baron’s family and become a noble fit to enter their social world.


And that’s when his plan fell apart.


Divan had failed at the most essential part.


I guess the fact that he managed to get back to the baron’s home made it passable.


Ironically enough, it was only thanks to the main wife that he was able to do so.


She seemed to have told Mother off.


“You are a blemish in this family. Just by staying here you bring trouble to your husband. Leave immediately. If you don’t, I will report you to the country.” That was more or less what she said.


In the end, Mother left without an argument. After that the other wife feared that if she reported it to the country, the baron’s family would suffer unnecessary suspicion, so she decided against it.


Even so, why did Mother leave so silently?


Using my existence as a shield, she should be able to turn around and threaten the baron’s household instead.


If her identity was exposed, they were the ones who should be afraid.


But she not only didn’t do that, but left the family so as not to cause the man trouble.


She left without much preparation or savings.


Although she gave birth to me without issue, because of how we wanted for money, life was very difficult.


Rumors spread amidst the people around us–a beautiful pregnant woman, without any belongings, had ended up there.


Although none of the adults said anything out loud, the attitudes that the people around us showed was enough to make the children understand too.


…Because of it, I had many cruel words thrown at me.


Just exclusion was nothing. I was also scolded, humiliated.


I asked Mother before why I had no father. She gave me nothing but a vague answer.


If Divan hadn’t shown up and told me everything, then I would have lived my whole life without knowing anything.


Divan taught me many things.


Such as observing others, choosing mannerisms to speak in that would obtain their goodwill, how to deal with various subcultures.


He also told me that the world was a huge place. The world of ill will that I lived in was infinitely tiny.


I hide the fact that I had met him from my mother.


Although I was ashamed to make it a secret, I also felt a thorough happiness.


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